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    Big Problem With ATI X300 Video Driver!!

      Excel 2007

      We have a big problem in our organization with a function that we are trying to work with.
      there is a function in excel that called - Pivot Table.
      when we are trying to drag data into the tables in the bottom of the sheet.. Immediately the computer is crashing & a blue screen appears with an error of some ATI dll.
      when i'm booting with VGA mode it works perfect.
      after a few tests i'm sure that is a driver problem.
      i tryied to install the latest driver & it didn't work either.. try to install the oldest & didn't work too.
      i noticed that its happening with all Nvidia video cards too.
      we don't know what to do, it's really frustrating.

      i have attached a screenshot of the function:


      did you Encountered this issue?
      how can u help me with that please?!