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    Crash on profiling start

      When trying to profile a .NET 4 C# app, immediate crash occurs

      I just downloaded the latest version, CodeAnalyst_Public_2.97.803.0531, of CodeAnalyst, installed it on my Windows 7 64bit machine,  AMD64 x2 CPU, 4GB RAM, clicked 'yes' on "integrate into VS2005..2010".

      I have the fully functional trial version of VS2010 premium installed, which I have my C# .NET 4 project in. (and VC++ 2008 express)

      No matter whether I use it inside VS or separately outside on the sole .exe file of my app, a short while after hitting the start button of CodeAnalyst, I get a windows message that the app is no longer working... If I choose to debug in VS2010, it doesnt show much, but an application excecution exception or something like that (I unfortunately immediately uninstalled CA after reading that other users coudn't run any programs in VS anymore until uninstalling CA, although that was for earlier versions. So I don't have the exact exception name at hand, but it didn't say much).

      If that matters, my target was x86, not just "AnyCPU". The app uses OpenGL (4 contexts, classical quad view in a mapeditor), via the OpenGL .NET binding called OpenTK / Tao compat. namespace.

      If you need any more information, I'll gladly provide it.

        • Update - Crash on profiling start

          I tried it in my vista 32bit laptop - well it's a Intel dual core machine, but as I read, AMD CA runs on intel as long as only time-based profiling is used, right?

          It crashed just the same way as on my lovely AMD64 x2,just at startup.

          once I have some spare time again, I will try out a simpler application and see what it does, and update you here.

            • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

              Ok so I just made a quick test with a very simple program,

              it does not crash! the profiling worked.

              So, now I'm really lost ;-) My more complex program runs very well both in debug and release mode so far. I have no clue what the problem could be there. Just when I try tp profile with AMD CA, it crashes "instantly", not even showing the main window.

                • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

                  Does you Vista 32bit laptop have trival version of VS 2010?

                  When CodeAnalyst runs standalone, does it crash? 


                    • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

                      yes, the vista laptop also has the VS2010 trial,

                      and it does crash when the CodeAnalyst is run stand-alone, too,

                      with the bigger program to analyze

                        • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

                          Did you setup environment for your app correctly in CodeAnalyst?

                          Try the following operations.

                          1) Write a .bat which will handle the environment setup and run your app.

                          2) Use the batch as the target application in the CodeAnalyst to profile


                            • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

                              I'm experiencing the same problem. A large .net 4 app which references other .Net assemblies, and C++ COM dlls falls over almost immediately when run using CodeAnalyst standalone. I've not tried using the VS plugin.

                              It doesn't require any particular environment variables to be set up. This is on Win7 64bit, intel CPU (Xeon W3520, 4-core 2.6GHz), using version 3.0.902.635.

                              When the app falls over I see the 'App has stopped working' Win7 dialog. If i click 'Debug the program' I see that the exception thrown is of type System.ExecutionEngineException.

                              Any ideas?

                                • Update #2 - Crash on profiling start

                                  Hello, I am having a similar problem, though not exactly the same.  I have upgraded to 3.0.903.639.  If I try to start a profile from within Visual Studio 2005, it crashes immediately.  The whole Visual Studio crashes.  This happens with even the simplest of projects.  However, I can run a successful profile from the standalone CodeAnalyst.  (I can't view the results of the profile though, there is a "module cannot be found" error, but that could be unrelated).

                                  If it makes any difference, I also have the free "Refactor" tools from DevExpress installed on my Visual Studio 2005.  I'm on Windows XP Pro 64-bit.