nVidia let me down!

Discussion created by Rush314 on Jul 20, 2010
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ATI Are you here fo your geeks?

Been slowely working on a 64 bit hobby OS...

On a Phenom II 965BE CPU and a (yes brace yourselves ) geforce gfx card.

A couple months ago nvidia got all paranoid and stopped with any and all

technical hardware programming related support. when someone asks about

for example mode-set registers or get-available-modes registers they now

refer everyone to vesa.


ATI? are you there?  do you love your geeks?

Do any of you bare-metal-geeks have any luck from ATI land? I mean has

ATI or any one here ever helped with register addresses ?

this may seem like a wierd post. but i just want a happy place to do some video card programming at the low levels. I'm sure there is someone here just like myself!