OpenCL code that compiles on linux, doesn't run on windows

Discussion created by osaad on Jul 19, 2010
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Correct code not working on windows even though samples do

Hi, i've been writing some OpenCL code lately on linux (ubuntu 10.4, ati catalyst 10.4 and ati sdk v2.1) and its working great on linux.


When i wanted to run my code on windows, i got program build errors complaining about

"this declaration has no storage class or type specifier"

and then "global variable must be declared in addrSapce constant"

even having a void kernel doesn't do, hell i commented the code and it still gave same errors lol!


weird enough that samples r working just fine. when i copied my code into the samples projects, it gave same errors.


i'm using windows 7 32-bit, ati stream sdk v2.1 and v10.6 drivers (cause i couldn't find the 10.4 for windows anywhere, which is sad since 10.6 doesn't have a guarantee to support OpenCL, way to go amd lol! )


i cut all the kernels out and left just this one, i still got same errors, here it is



__kernel void set_float( __global float* buff , float v) { buff[get_global_id(0)]=v; }