Vertex attribute binding in GLSL

Discussion created by salehqt on Jul 19, 2010
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call to glVertexAttribPointer always fails

Call to glVertexAttribPointer always fails. after looking up in some other forums, I thought it might be the problem with binding attributes to shader variables. I checked attribute locations in shader program and it correctly maps in_Position to 0 index slot. EnableVertexAttribArray on index slot 0 does not give any error but glVertexAttribPointer fails with GL_INVALID_OPERATION. 

It happens to all my OpenGL programs which make use of shaders. Even ones which does not directly use VertexAttribPointer and use old-style VertexPointer call.

Same scenario happens with freeglut sample program, smooth_opengl3, in both Windows and Linux.


GPU: Radeon HD5830 

OS: Ubuntu 64-bit 10.04 & Windows 7 32-bit

Driver: Catalyst 10.6