Problem wih Managed DirectX Programs with AMD HD 5970

Discussion created by grchandra on Jul 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2010 by louisa.engles

I am a graphics developer at Pentagram Research Centre, India. I've been working on 3D medical imaging using Managed DirectX and C#.NET for quite sometime. I was working on Voxel Rendering of the MRI slices. The voxels are made of cubes with each 8 vertices in each cube. I worked previously on a nvidia 768mb graphics card and I was able to display upto 60 slices. Anything more than 60 slices would give out of memory exception. Then I upgraded my machine with this HD 5970 card. But the results only got worsned as I was able to display only upto 27 slices. I was terribly dissappointed as we spent nearly $1000 on this HD 5970 card and other acessories, like motherboard and PSU. I am shocked to see that this card having a memory of 2gb, is not able to work as expected. Please provide a possible solution at the earliest.