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    Crash installing v2.97

      After "Registering components", installer reboots system without any warning, and CodeAnalyst doesn't work

      I dowloaded CodeAnalyst_Public_2.97.803.0531.exe and ran it. It told me I had a previous version of CodeAnalyst installed, and did I want to proceed. I clicked Yes, and the install proceeded, until there was a pause of several minutes after "1 seconds left". The last thing I saw was "Registering components"; then both monitors went blank, and the system rebooted.

      After the reboot, I got a message "The system has recovered from a serious error", The error signature is


      BCCode : 1000007e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : 804FC873 BCP3 : B8503A28

      BCP4 : B8503724 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

      If I now start CodeAnalyst, I get the same error "Failed to load driver." The version in Help/About shows as 2.97.803.531.

      After this, I went to do a clean install, and under Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs CodeAnalyst does not appear.

      Also, when I start an app from the VS IDE, I got the message MSDIA80.DLL cannot be loaded. I fixed that by RegSvr32 MSDIA80.DLL from the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\. I notice that CodeAnalyst also has a copy of this file in its \bin directory.

      What do I need to do to get v2.97 installed correctly? This is WinXp and VS2005.

        • Crash installing v2.97

          2.97 should not have crashed during the install.  Did you have Visual Studio open or CodeAnalyst running during the profile?

          Have you tried to install 2.97 again?  If you're still experiencing issues, I can tell you how to strip CodeAnalyst from your system manually, to allow for a clean install.

          Thanks for using CodeAnalyst.

            • Crash installing v2.97

              Do you have antivirus running when you try to profile? If so, try without.

              I've identified a conflict with a couple of vendors (avast & bitdefender so far) which prevents the profiler from running. (and no, adding codeanalyst to exceptions doesn't fix it, not even disabling realtime protection works - have to disable _all_ antivir core services too before CA will run properly)

              I reported this in the last post of thread http://forums.amd.com/devforum/messageview.cfm?catid=218&threadid=104265&enterthread=y but haven't received any replies to that.


                • Crash installing v2.97

                  Hi JariP,

                  I apologize for missing the initial report.  It could be that the antivirus takes exception to the way we connect to the hardware interrupts.  I read that you "hate guessing games with pointless error messages", but would you be willing to post the error message(s) that the anti-virus engines gave you?


                    • Crash installing v2.97

                      Hi Frank,

                      I'm sorry for getting back to this so late. I completely missed your reply.

                      You misunderstood. Antivir is not complaining anything, only CA is saying: "the device driver failed to start profiling, please try again".

                      That's the pointless error message which does not help diagnosing anything.

                      I already spent much time pinpointing exactly what is conflicting, but since I do not have sources or debug versions of either software, there's not much more I can do myself.


                  • Crash installing v2.97

                    Frank -

                    Sorry for the late reply. I have just reinstalled v2.97, and it seems to be working OK. I don't remember if I had anything else running at the time of the failed install.

                  • Crash installing v2.97
                    Did you have Visual Studio open or CodeAnalyst running during the profile?