AtiFireGl V7700 versus Ati Radeon HD5770

Discussion created by Velendor on Jul 14, 2010
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Dear developers, I was faced with a very big problem. Already more than 2 months of learning about professional graphics cards, because I work in programs such as Inventor, Solidworks. As a result, stopped on the choice of video card Ati FireGl V7700, bought it in America, here today received.

Prior to the arrival of this card I used the card Ati Radeon HD5770 Powercolor 512mb. And he worked in CAD applications with long delays. Today, I plugged a new graphics card V7700 and I was very unpleasantly surprised that in general neouschitil no difference in working with CAD applications. It was all - 1 frame per second and left.
It is Windows 7x64 bit c updates, drivers downloaded from your site the latest version.

My system is AMD athlon 2 x4 635, 8Gb memory. Asus motherborda AMD chipset
Please explain why you make such video - "Professional" if they do not differ from the game that cost 4-5 times cheaper.

Maybe the problem or your drivers or Windows 7.
Ask me no more from anyone, because we have no one uses ATI, something which can stand Quadro.
By studying the information on video cards tests and so forth, I realized that for the good work I need to buy a professional graphics card, and stopped at your brand because it pleases me, as a result spent the money and got nothing in return, get it only deception, I want to know who will put me back my money.