proper device number query

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Jul 6, 2010
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My question would be, what is the proper way of querying the number of devices in an OpenCL program. I found that the sample CLInfo cpp application returns the correct number, however a simple c program returns a lot more devices and dies with seg fault even if queryied for attributes, not to mention using.

The following two code samples show the cpp and an old c sample way of querying device number. I would like to stick with the c way, since I'd like to keep my code portable and NVIDIA don't have cl.hpp (as far as I know), therefore I'd like to stick with cl.h.

For some lucky reason the working devices are at the beginning of the devices array in the c code, so if I know how many GPUs are in the machine, I can use all of them, but I'd rather want to write a code that can find out for itself. All ideas are appreciated.


cl::vector<cl::Device> devices; (*p).getDevices(CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL, &devices); std::cout << "Number of devices:\t\t\t\t " << devices.size() << std::endl; for (cl::vector<cl::Device>::iterator i = devices.begin(); i != devices.end(); ++i) { ... } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cl_device_id* devices; size_t devicenumber; clGetContextInfo(context, CL_CONTEXT_DEVICES, 0, NULL, &devicenumber); devices = (cl_device_id*)malloc(devicenumber); clGetContextInfo(context, CL_CONTEXT_DEVICES, devicenumber, devices, NULL); checkErr( devicenumber != 0 ? CL_SUCCESS : -1, "devicenumber <= 0");