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    x86 Open64 Compiler Suite - compilation from source

      I want to port to 64 bit like many others. GNU glibc and GCC don't support porting and don't want, too. The only way is now to use a GCC friendly 64 bit compiler with its own libraries. And what compiler could be better as the one from my processor manufacture. To compile the x86 Open64 Compiler Suite from source is the only way that works for me. Now I did get several misses on making that package: - compilation works pretty till gfortran is needed (from x86_open64-4.2.4/osprey/arith). - there is no way to give gfortran, also editing the osprey/linux/make/gcommondefs file doesn't make it better. GCC-Version 4.3.1, i686-pc-linux-gnu GNU bash, version 3.2.33(17)-release (i686-pc-linux-gnu) GNU Make 3.81 - Several just compiled binary files are not copied to directories the make process wants them for access. I think they should be copied to directories like they are used in the binary package, too. Mybe it is done if the make process doesn't break. I even don't know if the make process breaks. There is only that warning: -------------------------------------------- Warning: arith is not build! Can not find the /bin/gfortran -------------------------------------------- Warning: The Fortran Front End is not build! Can not find the /bin/gfortran Please get the binary of open64 and add option BUILD_COMPILER=OSP to build the F95 Front End. -or- modify the FC in osprey/linux/make/gcommondefs to an ifort/openf90/pathf90 compatible Fortran 90 Compiler. --------------------------------------------
        • x86 Open64 Compiler Suite - compilation from source

          Just to be clear, you are attempting to build 64 bit version of Open64 binaries using the sources, right? As you may know, we are building and testing open64 as a 32 bit binary; 64 bit build hasn’t been on the radar and haven’t had the time yet. So there could have issues, as you are seeing.

          I would appreciate if you could throw more light on the need for 64 bit build of Open64 or why 32 bit Open64 binaries will not help you?

          Thank you for initiating and helping the community on this account.  We will certainly help and facilitate your experiments. I will add this to the priority list  to work on and get back to you soon.



            • x86 Open64 Compiler Suite - compilation from source
              I need the 32 bit build of x86 Open64 Compiler Suite to compile glibc-64. And that it is, what GCC and glibc don't support. With GCC-32 only 32 bit compilation is supported. With GCC-64 32 bit and 64 bit compilation is supported if you have cross lib(-32) support installed. You see the miss of GCC and glibc. You can not port from a 32 bit GNU linux system to a 64 bit GNU linux system by source compilation. The only way is to use other compilers that can be build to support 64 bit builds on a 32 bit platform. The problem is that GCC and glibc are different projects. glibc should be a part of the GCC project or they should work together. Nevertheless a 64 bit C-library is needed by the 64 bit kernel to run. The kernel is ready for 64 bit builds on 32 bit platforms.