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    The Vertical lines probelm


      Before I start explaining my probelm

      Here is what I have

      Asus P5Q mtherboard

      ATI Radeon HD4850

      I run windows 7 32 Bits

      Now about my probelm : My PC crashes and stops responding and the monitor shows colored Vertical lines , this happens while I am playing games , there is no specific time or place in game where it happens

      it just happens randomly and I have to shutdown my pc from the power button.

      I was having this probelm last year and I solved it by changing the fan with a new and big one.

      I stopped playing for a while.

      Then I started playing again this june

      I played Splinter Cell Conviction without any problem

      Then I installed Split Second Velocity and there it was Vertical lines with diffrent colors (sometimes green and brown or brown and white or....)

      and then I played Battlefield Bad Company 2 with no problems

      Then It occured in Need For Speed Shift and now it is happening with Prince Of Persia the forgotten sands.

      now I'm confused what is causing it

      I found out that graphic card overheating is not the probelm (46°c Idle and 69~70°c at gaming)


      PS: Please do not suggest me to buy/replace or change the graphic card

      PS:2: Sorry for making my post too long and English is not my first language so I'm sorry for any mistakes