ADL_Display_LUTColor_Get not documented/exposed in ADL SDK 3.0

Discussion created by antorsae on Jul 1, 2010


I understand the latest Catalyst allows setting gamma LUTs for individual displays even in a Eyefinity configuration.  


Previously the following API call:



int ADL_Controller_Color_Get(int iAdapterIndex,
  int iControllerIndex,
  ADLGamma * lpGammaCurrent,
  ADLGamma * lpGammaDefault,
  ADLGamma * lpGammaMin,
  ADLGamma * lpGammaMax 


however it is now deprecated and the newer function which (I suppose) allows per-display LUT access (ADL_Display_LUTColor_Get) is not documented/exposed.

Is this function available elsewhere?

If not, would an update to the ADL SDK fix this?

Thank you in advance.