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    CAL & .NET

      Succesfully combining cal and .net

      I dont know if this has been already posted or if it is mentioned in any guide (as it is easy to figure out and usefull) but i fount a very easy way to use ati cal in a .net application.


      1) open hellocal project located in  ...\ATI CAL 1.4.0_beta\samples\app\hellocal\

      2)In visual c++ go to add->new item... and select windows form .

      3)name the file form1

      4)in the form1.cpp created type the posted code

      5) run the function run() from the main() located in hellocal.cpp

       You should now have a nice application with user interface and with gpu acceleration

      #include "form1.h" using namespace hellocal; void run(void) { Application::EnableVisualStyles(); Application::SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault(false); Application::Run(gcnew form1()); }