mandelbrot fractal with brook+

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Simple mandelbrot fractal generator using brook+ and glut on a 3870

I have created a very simple fractal generator using brook+, because i am stuck with hd 3870. However the results were surprising as 3870 turned out to be 5-20 times faster than my dual core cpu (intel 6400)  depending the resolution settings etc. Note that 3870 used an unoptimized kernel and that the cpu used 2 threads.

You can download my program here:

(If anyone wants to help me to optimize the kernel i would be gratefull as i am new to gpgpu)

In order to build it and use it, you will need glut32.dll on system32 folder, visual c++ ati stream sdk v1.4 of cource and  some other opengl libraries installed in your microsoft sdk folder.

It supports real time panning and zooming even with 3870.

Use + and - for zooming, the arrows for panning and < and > to change the iterations.

If anyone wants to see the source or the executable let me know

You can use the code if you want, don't ask for permision