How to start/stop profiling at specific macro time?

Discussion created by ols6000@sbcglobal.net on Jun 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2010 by leiy
For a long-running app, I need to profile from 20 min to 35 min after app is started.

I have a very large app that I'm trying to optimize. It executes in phases, and I can see that one phase takes longest. Therefore, I want to profile just that phase.

The phase of interest begins about 20 min after the app is started. How do I tell CodeAnalyst to begin collecting data at this time? Since the phase of interest lasts for a few hours, I can manually signal or start CodeAnalyst at the desired time if necessary. I could also modify the app to set a memory location or perform some action at the appropriate time.

Last, I need a way to stop data collection after, say, 15 min.

The test system is a dual-processor, each a 4-core Xeon, running under WinXP64.

How can I profile for the period as I have described?