HD5970 GPU memory organisation

Discussion created by Raistmer on Jun 11, 2010
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Does memory shared between 2 chips? Why second device could be slower?

AFAIK HD5970 has 2 separate GPU chips on card. Do these chips share common GPU memory pool?

I recived such report from one of testers, it runs app on 2 HD5970 GPUs:

The progress on the 4 tasks is thus much slower for two tasks (device 1 and 3)
At 46 minutes on card 1, gpu 0 is 9% done, and gpu 1 is 2,5% done.
At 41 minutes on card 2, gpu 0 is 8% done, and gpu 1 is 2,1% done.

What another possible reason for such behavior besides shared GPU memory?