OpenCL memory allocation and multi-GPU host

Discussion created by Raistmer on Jun 6, 2010
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Will buffers allocated on all GPUs?

Another case of failure:
Host with 2 GPUs of different type.
HD5770 and some HD4xxx GPU (RV770).
Again, when single instance of app launched - there is no error.
VBut when 2 instances launched second one (that will use device 1 instead of device 0) fails with ERROR: clCreateBuffer(cpu_pinned_buf):-4 .
That is, not enough memory.

Does it mean that any memory buffer app allocates created on all GPUs although app uses only one (command queue was created only for 1 GPU either GPU0 or GPU1 ).
What another reason can lead to insufficient GPU memory in this case?

OR device selection doesn't work in SDK 2.1 and always first device will be used ??