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    Using ACML 32 bit with Visual Studio

      Want to build HPL with ACML on Windows 32 bit platform


      I want to build High Performance Linpack (HPL) with ACML Library on Win32 platform through Visual Studio 2008.

      I am able to do the similar work with acml4.4.0-win64.exe on Win64 platform. But unable to do the same on Win32 application.

      The other 32 bit version are using ifort and pgi32 compiler which doesn't support Visual Studio.

      Please provide the suggestions.

      Thanks in Advance.

        • Using ACML 32 bit with Visual Studio

          Haven't built HPL for Win32 so I can't offer specific advice.

          If I were to try it, first I would want to build just HPL with the netlib BLAS library.  Since the BLAS are written in Fortran, a compiler is needed.  Ifort32 is compatible with Visual Studio and that shouldn't be the difficult part. 

          The hard part will be finding or building a Visual Studio solution file that will build HPL.  And building with MPI will make this even more challenging.

          The Win64 HPL builds I am familiar with use command line tools from Visual Studio and these might be a good starting point.

          If you don't have ifort, you should be able to use the ACML ifort for win32 library.  First build the ACML examples (which use Visual Studio command line tools) to get a feel for how the library and required fortran runtimes are included on the compile/link comand lines.  Then these command options can be included in the HPL build commands.