Funny bug with OpenGL 4 and Catalyst 10.5

Discussion created by hypercube on May 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by markg85
Vertex Control and Tessellation Shaders require a nonexistent extension


I own a HD 5770 and just installed Catalyst 10.5 and I've been playing around with OpenGL 4.0 and Tessellation. Up to now, I was using 10.3 Beta Drivers with OpenGL 4.0 support. Now when I try to run my test program that worked under 10.3 Beta, I get the following error:

"Domain shader failed to compile with the following errors:

ERROR: 0:3: error(#61) Required extension isn't found, extension 'GL_EXT_tessellation_shader' is not supported

WARNING: 0:38: warining(#365) gl_PrimitiveID used from extension GL_ARB_tessellation_shader. [...]"

I get the warning serveral times, also for gl_TessCoord, and I have the same problem with Vertex Control Shaders. Everest also tells me that GL_EXT_tessellation_shader isn't supported anymore. To me, this problem looks like tessellation shaders still require this older name of the same extension which has been changed.

Am I making any obvious mistakes or is this really a bug? And does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance.