ATI stream sdk 2.1 + Catalyst 10.5 > Bad idea or completely OK?

Discussion created by BobJoEe on May 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2010 by davibu

10.5 is not a tested driver of SDK 2.1. Will new SDK will be released soon?

If not, is there absolutely no issue of installing SDK 2.1 on 10.5?

And, can I just update driver without uninstalling and reinstalling SDK 2.1?

Please someone in AMD confirm this.

And why not release drivers with SDK integrated? It will be more convienient and more easly increases install count of OpenCL.

So, the SDK might be still considered as beta by AMD...

OK, recently AMD graphics driver team has made very good progess to cover their deficiencies at least in latest several months, please delicately be more conscious to user experiences.

BTW, I think AMD driver/download web site to be more well orgnized.