ClGetDeviceIDs() function return DEVICE_NOT_FOUND for GPU

Discussion created by harsha_hs on May 28, 2010
for GPU the DLL fails at ClGetDeviceIDs(). Where as the openCL samples runs on GPU without a

My system configuration is StreamSDK 2.1,Catalyst 10, HD 4870/HD 5870. The OpenCL samples works perfectly on both GPU and CPU.

I have prepared a DLL which gets inserted to the Vista Audio stack. When an Audio file is played these DLL gets loded and process the Audio data. I want to the process this audio data through OpenCL either on CPU or GPU.

This DLL process audio data through OpenCL on CPU sucessfully, how ever for GPU it fails at ClGetDeviceIDs()/clCreateDeviceCOntextFromType(). Where as the openCL samples runs on GPU without any issues on the same platform.

What all the scenarios/possiblities wherhe I could get DEVICE_NOT_FOUND errors for GPU device?