Status of 256MB maximum memory size?

Discussion created by broxvall on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by omkaranathan
Currently only 256MB of memory can be used on all cards?


I've recently noticed that not all GPU memory can be used from OpenCL on my 5870, regardless of it they are allocated in one or multiple chunks.

From browsing some older threads from 2009 I saw a comment that this is likely due to a limitation from the underying CAL which restricts us to 256MB sized chunks. And that all memory cannot be used, even if multiple buffer objects have been allocated.

Could someone in the know confirm that this is still supposed to hold in the latest drivers? What are the plans for future releases, does this feature have a priority to be fixed (ie. is it worth waiting a few months?) or is it belived to take longer before all memory can be used?

Are there any tricks of circumventing this? (i've managed to allocate slighty more memory - but not much - by using multiple buffer objects)

Many thanks for any information on this=)