CPMD does not compile with open64

Discussion created by yoyoyoman on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by santosh.zanjurne
CPMD does not compile with open64 PARAMETER ( UIMAG=DCMPLX(0.D0,1.D0))


I tried to compile the quantum molecular software CPMD with open64 and got the error:

openf95-1456 openf90: SETCNST, File = cnst.inc, Line = 24, Column=37
  Only elemental intrinsics of type integer or character are allowed in an initialization expression.

when encountering the statement

       PARAMETER ( UIMAG=DCMPLX(0.D0,1.D0) )

this statement compiles without problems with e.g. gfortran. Unfortunately gfortran is not really an alternative for other reasons. Has anyone a hint or advice?