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    OpenGL-OpenCL multigpu device id match




      Imagine I want to render to a texture using OpenGL... and then use that texture in OpenCL. Imagine also there are 3 GPUs present.

      To avoid excesive PCI-express use, I should create one OpenGL+OpenCL context for each card... so I could render to texture and use that texture in OpenCL without having to use the PCI-express.


      The questions are:


      1.  Is there any ATI's equivalent to the NVIDIA's WGL_NV_gpu_affinity extension?


      2. How can I be sure that the OpenGL GPU matches the OpenCL one? It's important that the same GPU that renders the texture could use it in OpenCL without using the PCI-express... so the OpenGL context and the OpenCL's one must be attached to the same GPU and not to different ones in differnet PCI slots! Have the GPUs some kind of GUID I could use, pls?