Rendermonkey - GLSL renderable texture issue

Discussion created by harenochiguu on May 19, 2010
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Hi. I am a GLSL learner. I try to use one pass to render the scene to a renderable texture and then read the rendered texture in another pass. However, during shader programming using Rendermonkey, I have found its GLSL shader fail to support those texture formats you can choose from, such as: A32B32G32R32F or R3G3B2. In fact, I feel no matter which texture format you have selected, Rendermonkey will automatically change it into the A8R8G8B8 format.

I have also tested the HLSL shader. It works well. By choosing different renderable texture format, the impact can be seem from the screen immediately. 

An comparison is: load the "ScreenSpace Effects.rfx" project in GL2 (GLSL) or Dx9 (HLSL) directory, set the "OldTV effect" as active effect. Then double click the renderable texture: "Image". If you have loaded the HLSL project, by choosing different texture formats (R16F), the screen color may change. However, in the GLSL counterpart, no matter which format you choose. Nothing changes.

Can someone tell me if this is caused by my own configuration or driver problem or this is an issue inherent in Rendermonkey? And how can I make the GLSL shader just work as the HLSL one? I need to use the A32B32G32R32F format texture to contain higher precision information. Thank you very much!