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    [questions]pixel Lighting has errors


      Hi, all guys.I'm a newbies on RM and shaders. These days I am reading a book called <Shaders for Game Programming and Artists>.But When I tried to remade his examples in chapter10 which is related with pixel lighting, I could not get the right result from his code.(I mean I create a new project and copy his code,but failed ,I will post the pictures url later)

      here is  error picture's url:


      this is the right one.....


      And I have edit stream mapping, added NORMAL and TEXCOORD.And there is one clue, the writer used RenderMonkey 1.71 and I use Rm 1.82(current version).

       I am appericated if anyone can help me a hand~~



      float4x4 matViewProjection; float4x4 matViewInverse; float4x4 matView; float4 Light_Ambient; float4 Light1_Position; float4 Light1_Attenuation; float4 view_position; struct VS_OUTPUT { float4 Pos: POSITION; float2 TexCoord: TEXCOORD0; float3 Normal: TEXCOORD1; float4 LightDir: TEXCOORD2; float3 HalfVect: TEXCOORD3; }; VS_OUTPUT vs_main(float4 inPos: POSITION, float3 inNormal: NORMAL,float2 inTxr: TEXCOORD0) { VS_OUTPUT Out; // Compute the projected position and send out the texture coordinates Out.Pos = mul(matViewProjection, inPos); Out.TexCoord = inTxr; // Determine the distance from the light to the vertex and the direction float4 LightDir; LightDir.xyz = Light1_Position - inPos; float Dist = length(LightDir.xyz); LightDir.xyz = LightDir.xyz / Dist; // Compute the per-vertex distance based attenuation LightDir.w = clamp(0,1, 1 / ( Light1_Attenuation.x + Light1_Attenuation.y * Dist + Light1_Attenuation.z * Dist * Dist )); // Determine the eye vector and the half vector float3 EyeVector = -normalize(mul(matViewInverse,float4(0,0,10,1))+inPos); Out.HalfVect = normalize(LightDir-EyeVector); // Output normal and light direction Out.Normal = inNormal; Out.LightDir = LightDir; return Out; } float4 Light1_Color; float4 Light_Point(float3 Normal, float3 HalfVect, float4 LightDir, float4 LightColor) { // Compute both specular and diffuse factors float SpecularAttn = pow( clamp(0, 1,dot(Normal, HalfVect)),32); float DiffuseAttn = clamp(0, 1,dot(Normal, LightDir)); // Compute final lighting return LightColor * LightDir.w * (SpecularAttn+DiffuseAttn); } float4 ps_main(float3 inNormal:TEXCOORD1, float4 LightDir:TEXCOORD2, float3 HalfVect:TEXCOORD3) : COLOR { // Output the lighting color return Light_Point(inNormal,HalfVect,LightDir,Light1_Color); }

        • [questions]pixel Lighting has errors

          Sorry for the delayed response.

          Did you start with one of the default effects, and then change the vertex and pixel shaders? If so, please let me know which one.

          From the error image, it looks like a screen aligned quad is being drawn instead of the teapot. Try editing the Model node to load a different model in RM, does that affect the output?