[Compute Shader - DX11] Getting WDDM TDR timeout during execution

Discussion created by Nasenbaer on May 17, 2010
Windows resets the graphics driver during compute shader execution


I have a problem with my DX11 compute shader. After I call

_d3dContext->Dispatch(x, y, z);
IDXGISwapChain* chain = DXUTGetDXGISwapChain();

the full system seems to halt because the graphics adapter has to execute the compute shader (only the mouse cursor is moving during this time). Another problem it that the execution can take over 2 seconds and then the WDDM TDR timeout cause windows to reset the graphics driver ( ).

What do I have to do to avoid these problems? I know that there is a Windows registry settings to increase the timeout or completly deactivate this behaviour but it is not the solution. :)