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Discussion created by ShaderMacher on May 11, 2010
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Instancing problem with 5850 card

We experienced triangle flickering when using Instancing on DX9 with 5850 card (manufacturer: Diamond), this bug seems to disappear in previous generation ( FirePro m7740 and 48xx Radeon ) and completely disappear on any nVidia card.

The bug could be simply reproduced, just run any application which uses DX9 instancing and force each frame locking of enough large memory 1mb and more.

Foe example Run nvidia instancing demo, and increase rocks number above 12000...

To download this instancing sample just follow the link:

I tried to solve this by part by part locking of the Instance VB and I played with variety of sizes of the locking region [128K - 1mb]... no reasonable  results. One additional note: the bug seems to be hardened when "D3DLOCK_DISCARD" is used during the lock...

Any advice will be appreciated. We write  DX9 -DX11 generic renderer and We bought several ati 5xxx card to enable dx11 but We can't deprecate dx9...

P.S. This problem was checked only on Win7 64bit. The driver version is 10.4. In previous driver versions it was an option to enable/disable instancing from the control panel of catalyst. So is there some different option to make it working by control panel?

Please help!!!