Need help on ATI 5870 Specs?

Discussion created by rotor on May 11, 2010
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58xx vs. 48xx

Hi folks,

So I am planning to buy an ATI 5870 for my work on OpenCL and I may need your help, collaborative minds. Strangely enough I could not find any official tech detail specification of this card from ATI/AMD. I am considering specs like how much constant cache, L2 cache, Shared memory, private memory it have per core. Is that any improvement compared to 48xx series interms of resource per core or just similar? Can you direct me to a source of architecture detail specs documents for this card as well as other cards? In generally where does ATI put them?

Additionally, I read some reviews and they said that if you play with a vector size of 4 you cannot have full 32 bits operation. E.x. Toms Hardware said: "Now the four cores are capable of performing a multiplication or addition per cycle, but only on 24-bit integers"--> so what is the truth? If Toms is right so how the 5870 handle operation on datatype of int4?

Last but not least, is that much more difference in terms of architecture between 5870 and 4890 card? I am spending a huge amount of $ so just want to be sure I pick a right one


Thank you very much,