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    Max memory allocation doesnt increase, even with env variables



      i need to use at least 500 megabytes of memory in my kernel. got a 4650 with 1024MB here and even with

      export GPU_INITIAL_HEAP_SIZE=512
      export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_SIZE=512
      export GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE=512

      CLInfo reports:

      Max memory allocation:             268435456

      Global memory size:                 1073741824

      a test case shows that using opencl with the cpu device allocates ~500mb of memory, so i should work on the GPU as well. my program just exits with ERROR: clCreateBuffer(-61), regardless if i set all env variables to 700 or more megabytes.

      any help would be appreciated.

      PS: ubuntu 10.04 32bit, catalyst 10.04, stream sdk 2.1