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    GPU Utilization


      Hi ,

      How can i find what is my Gpu utilization  and also how can i find the time for which the kernel runs

      I need this to make sure i am use the processing power of the gpu so need to try some combinations .




        • GPU Utilization

          On Linux, you could simply do:

          frank@quant:~$ aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-getclocks

          Adapter 0 - ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
                                      Core (MHz)    Memory (MHz)
                     Current Clocks :    725           1000
                       Current Peak :    725           1000
            Configurable Peak Range : [550-775]     [900-1125]
                           GPU load :    80%

          While running. If you want to do the profiling in code there are CAL extensions for that as well, and you can also simply use gettimeofday() and measure the time it takes for your kernel to complete.

          You can see how I have done it in some crypto breaking code here:


          Read the tick() function, especially the commented out parts. (Code is using a homebrewed CAL wrapper, but it should be easier to understand this way)