OpenCL Tutorial: learning from basics to case studies

Discussion created by douglas125 on Apr 30, 2010
I'd like to share the CMSoft OpenCL tutorial I have been working on and ask for help from experienced OpenCL programmers

Hi all.

I would like to share the openCL tutorial I have been working on, which covers from the very basics to real life cases where OpenCL can be used.

You can find it here. It's C# using a Template and also Cloo.

I'd also kindly ask the more experienced parallel processing and OpenCL programmers to help me by checking the technical accuracy of the tutorial if and when they have time to spare.

I am doing this because I feel that we are currently short of OpenCL source code and examples or even pre-made tools like FFT or linear algebra packages.

I hope CMSoft tutorial can help the OpenCL community and I look forward to opinions towards enhancing the quality of the codes.