Cannot profile release version of our DLL

Discussion created by griffin2000 on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2010 by freshcrop

I get this error whenever I try and profile our release DLL (the actual path of the DLL is c:\my_dll_path\release):

The specified module('\\my_dll_path\release\mydll.dll') connot be found. No module information can be shown.

It only occurs is only for the released version of the DLL.  Debug works fine.  I have verified release version is being compiled with /DEBUG and /Zi, and the PDB is getting generated alongside the DLL (which is in the indicated folder).  And I can debug it inside of visual studio fine.  This is with Visual Studio 2008, on Vista 64-bit. I am using latest version of CodeAnalyst (CodeAnalyst_Public_2.95.792.0504.exe).

Any ideas ?   Thanks