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    Open64 for Windows?


      I just saw (and voted in) the poll for preferred improvements to Open64.  People are voting over-whelmingly for Windows support.  This would be great as this is what I have been looking for.  I am writing a compiler for a new parallel programming language that is similar to C/C++.  Source code is written in Unicode.  I would like to use Open64 as a back-end.  It would be nice if Unicode symbols were supported in the tools.  The compiler is a two-stage process (parser and code generator) where the code generator will most likely generate x86 assembly code including SSE extensions (and perhaps GPU Stream code).  This means that the Open64 tools should support the Stream SDK.  Does the current Linux version of Open64 support the GPU SDK?  

        • Open64 for Windows?

          Appreciate your interest for Open64.

          On windows port, at this point in time we do not have plans for a windows port for x86 Open64, but will certainly convey the request for internal discussion and decisions.

          On other queries around GPU and stream SDK,  let me discuss internally and get back to you.

            • Open64 for Windows?

              I too really wish AMD Open64 supported Windows. Currently the only decent free alternative seems to be to use Visual Studio Express (does that work properly with Stream SDK? Since I'm as student I have free access to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, so I've never tried).

              If Open64 was supported on Windows, and was officially supported with Stream SDK, there would be a very welcome alternative to using Visual Studio. Indeed there are pretty few free C++ compilers available as far as I can see. MinGW does not support 64-bit, though MinGW-w64 seems to work ok.

              I really hope you decide to bring support to Windows, I know I'd like to use it.