Finally, at long last, my 9270 is recognized!!

Discussion created by bruck on Apr 23, 2010
CAL does NOT support the 5870 in sdk 2.01, and nothing could find my 9270. Problem SOLVED.

And how did I achieve this?

By switching slots!  Instead of having my 5870 in the low-order slot (and the 9270 in the high) I swapped them.  (Given the sizes of these mothers, that ain't easy.)  The 9270 and the 5870 are BOTH RECOGNIZED!!  The best I could do the other way was to get an "Unknown" graphics board for the 9270.

Guys, your drivers leave a LOT to be desired when they can't find your premiere graphics card because of its POSITION.

System:  i7 920 oc'd to 3.07GHz, 12GB RAM, Radeon 5870/Firestream 9270 graphics cards, SuSE Linux 11.2 kernel, installed ati-stream-sdk-v2.01, ati-driver-installer-10-3.  I even got my acmlg1.0 working!!

-- Ron Bruck