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Discussion created by KoVogeler on Apr 22, 2010
Where to send problem descriptions

I've sent the problem description on the 64-bit issue with glDrawPixels and
glTexSubImage2D to devrel @ amd.com and 6 days later to support @ amd.com

Attached the zipped code of the sample application and additional information. We are registered customers and devrel @ amd.com was our latest contact channel.

However, the latter address wouldn't produce replies for the past 7 days and the message to support@amd.com is just one day old. So there is still hope that we get an answer. However we know: Even if AMD localizes this issue in the drivers it will certainly take 3-6 month until having the solution on  the market. Is that so?

Generally: If a customer invests 3 days (as we did) in order to reduce the problem description to the tough minimum and to report it even with a small MS-Developer Studio sample application, our assumption would be, that the friendly support official on the other side would be kind enough to redirect this issue into the proper channels. In the end, the problem is not always sitting in front of the computer screen... and profound hints at a functional driver bug shouldn't get lost at the support for formal reasons.

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