How to calculate theoretically possible GFLOPS

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I'm interessted in how theoretically possible GFLOPS are calculated concerning ATI cards?

Lets consider an HD5850 with 1440 Streaming Processing Units, a clock speed of 725 MHz. I guess these data must be sufficient to calculate GFLOPS.

According to AMD the HD5850 has:

2.09 TeraFLOPS in single sre. and 418 GigaFLOPS in double pre.

Concerning a Mulit-Core CPU it is rather simple to calculate GFLOPS. Just multiply clock_rate with cores * 4 (SSE) = double pre. - single pre = * 2.

So a 3.0 GHz dual-core CPU is capable of

3 * 2 * 4 = 36 GFLOPS (dp) and 72 GFLOPS (sp)


I read that 5 SPUs build one 5D-Shader Unit, resulting in 288 5D Shader Units on an HD5850.

Can anyone explain this to me?

What does 5D Shader-Unit mean?

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