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    CAL++ version of pyrit

      There is available CAL++ version of pyrit.


      It's about 5% faster than OpenCL version on 4xxx cards.
      On 5xxx it uses bitalign instruction and is ~40% faster than cpyrit-opencl.

      Also it works on all ATI cards and only requires driver to run (no SDK).

      I have a favour to ask. Maybe someone with 5870 card could post here benchmark results ( pyrit benchmark ).

      Original pyrit project is located at http://code.google.com/p/pyrit/

        • CAL++ version of pyrit


           On My machine ubuntu Lucid 64 bit with 5850, it gave me cal::error. Other calpp examples ran fine though.



            • CAL++ version of pyrit

              One more thing. If you have pyrit-opencl version installed you need to remove it first. The files are usually located in '/usr/local/lib/python2.6/distpackages/' and '/usr/local/lib/python2.6/distpackages/cpyrit/'. Remove everything with opencl in name

                • CAL++ version of pyrit


                   Unfortunately CAL++ core died during bencchmark. Attached is IL amd ISA code generated


                  Edit: Generated code does not fit a single window. I do not know what to do.

                  Pyrit 0.3.1-dev (svn r242) (C) 2008-2010 Lukas Lueg http://pyrit.googlecode.com This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+ il_ps_2_0 dcl_input_position_interp(linear_noperspective) vWinCoord0.xy__ dcl_resource_id(0)_type(2d,unnorm)_fmtx(float)_fmty(float)_fmtz(float)_fmtw(float) dcl_resource_id(1)_type(2d,unnorm)_fmtx(float)_fmty(float)_fmtz(float)_fmtw(float) dcl_resource_id(2)_type(2d,unnorm)_fmtx(float)_fmty(float)_fmtz(float)_fmtw(float) dcl_resource_id(3)_type(2d,unnorm)_fmtx(float)_fmty(float)_fmtz(float)_fmtw(float) dcl_resource_id(4)_type(2d,unnorm)_fmtx(float)_fmty(float)_fmtz(float)_fmtw(float) dcl_literal l0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l9, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l4, 0x5, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l6, 0x1e, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l10, 0x2a0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l2, 0x1000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l5, 0x5a827999, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l8, 0x5a827c39, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l12, 0x6ed9eba1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l11, 0x80000000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l13, 0x8f1bbcdc, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l14, 0xca62c1d6, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l7, 0xda827999, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l3, 0xffffffff, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 dcl_literal l1, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff mov r39.xy,vWinCoord0.xy sample_resource(0)_sampler(0) r40,r39.xy mov r32,r40 sample_resource(1)_sampler(1) r43,r39.xy mov r33,r43 sample_resource(2)_sampler(2) r46,r39.xy mov r34,r46 sample_resource(3)_sampler(3) r49,r39.xy mov r35,r49 mov r55.x,r33.x mov r59.x,r32.w mov r63.x,r32.z mov r67.x,r32.y mov r71.x,r32.x mov r22.x,r71.x mov r72.x,r22.x mov r23.x,r67.x mov r73.x,r23.x mov r24.x,r63.x mov r74.x,r24.x mov r25.x,r59.x mov r75.x,r25.x mov r26.x,r55.x mov r76.x,r26.x mov r80.x,r34.y mov r84.x,r34.x mov r88.x,r33.w mov r92.x,r33.z mov r96.x,r33.y mov r27.x,r96.x mov r97.x,r27.x mov r28.x,r92.x mov r98.x,r28.x mov r29.x,r88.x mov r99.x,r29.x mov r30.x,r84.x mov r100.x,r30.x mov r31.x,r80.x mov r101.x,r31.x mov r105.x,r35.z mov r109.x,r35.y mov r113.x,r35.x mov r117.x,r34.w mov r121.x,r34.z mov r2.x,r121.x mov r122.x,r2.x mov r3.x,r117.x mov r123.x,r3.x mov r4.x,r113.x mov r124.x,r4.x mov r5.x,r109.x mov r125.x,r5.x mov r6.x,r105.x mov r126.x,r6.x mov r12.x,r2.x mov r127.x,r12.x mov r13.x,r3.x mov r128.x,r13.x mov r14.x,r4.x mov r129.x,r14.x mov r15.x,r5.x mov r130.x,r15.x mov r16.x,r6.x mov r131.x,r16.x mov r132.x,l2.x mov r37.x,r132.x mov r134.x,r37.x whileloop mov r135.x,l3.x iadd r137.x,r37.x,r135.x mov r37.x,r137.x break_logicalz r37.x mov r512.x,r2.x mov r513.x,r512.x mov r511.x,r3.x mov r514.x,r511.x mov r510.x,r4.x mov r515.x,r510.x mov r509.x,r5.x mov r516.x,r509.x mov r508.x,r6.x mov r517.x,r508.x mov r418.x,r22.x mov r518.x,r418.x mov r417.x,r23.x mov r519.x,r417.x mov r416.x,r24.x mov r520.x,r416.x mov r415.x,r25.x mov r521.x,r415.x bitalign r523.x___,r418.x,r418.x,l4.x mov r528.x,r523.x mov r529.x,l5.x iadd r531.x,r512.x,r26.x iadd r536.x,r531.x,r529.x iadd r541.x,r536.x,r528.x mov r507.x,r541.x ixor r547.x,r415.x,r416.x iand r552.x,r547.x,r417.x ixor r557.x,r552.x,r415.x iadd r563.x,r507.x,r557.x mov r414.x,r563.x bitalign r571.x___,r417.x,r417.x,l6.x mov r576.x,r571.x mov r413.x,r576.x mov r577.x,r413.x mov r594.x,l5.x iadd r596.x,r511.x,r415.x iadd r601.x,r596.x,r594.x ixor r578.x,r413.x,r416.x iand r583.x,r578.x,r418.x ixor r588.x,r583.x,r416.x iadd r606.x,r601.x,r588.x mov r506.x,r606.x bitalign r615.x___,r414.x,r414.x,l4.x mov r620.x,r615.x iadd r621.x,r506.x,r620.x mov r412.x,r621.x bitalign r627.x___,r418.x,r418.x,l6.x mov r632.x,r627.x mov r411.x,r632.x mov r633.x,r411.x mov r650.x,l5.x iadd r652.x,r510.x,r416.x iadd r657.x,r652.x,r650.x ixor r634.x,r411.x,r413.x iand r639.x,r414.x,r634.x ixor r644.x,r639.x,r413.x iadd r662.x,r657.x,r644.x mov r505.x,r662.x bitalign r671.x___,r412.x,r412.x,l4.x mov r676.x,r671.x iadd r677.x,r505.x,r676.x mov r410.x,r677.x bitalign r683.x___,r414.x,r414.x,l6.x mov r688.x,r683.x mov r409.x,r688.x mov r689.x,r409.x mov r706.x,l5.x iadd r708.x,r509.x,r706.x iadd r713.x,r708.x,r413.x ixor r690.x,r409.x,r411.x iand r695.x,r690.x,r412.x ixor r700.x,r695.x,r411.x iadd r718.x,r713.x,r700.x mov r504.x,r718.x bitalign r727.x___,r410.x,r410.x,l4.x mov r732.x,r727.x iadd r733.x,r504.x,r732.x mov r408.x,r733.x bitalign r739.x___,r412.x,r412.x,l6.x mov r744.x,r739.x mov r407.x,r744.x mov r745.x,r407.x mov r762.x,l5.x iadd r764.x,r508.x,r762.x iadd r769.x,r764.x,r411.x ixor r746.x,r407.x,r409.x iand r751.x,r746.x,r410.x ixor r756.x,r751.x,r409.x iadd r774.x,r769.x,r756.x mov r503.x,r774.x bitalign r783.x___,r408.x,r408.x,l4.x mov r788.x,r783.x iadd r789.x,r503.x,r788.x mov r406.x,r789.x bitalign r795.x___,r410.x,r410.x,l6.x mov r800.x,r795.x mov r405.x,r800.x mov r801.x,r405.x mov r818.x,l7.x iadd r820.x,r409.x,r818.x ixor r802.x,r405.x,r407.x iand r807.x,r802.x,r408.x ixor r812.x,r807.x,r407.x iadd r825.x,r820.x,r812.x mov r502.x,r825.x bitalign r833.x___,r406.x,r406.x,l4.x mov r838.x,r833.x iadd r839.x,r502.x,r838.x mov r404.x,r839.x bitalign r845.x___,r408.x,r408.x,l6.x mov r850.x,r845.x mov r403.x,r850.x mov r851.x,r403.x mov r868.x,l5.x iadd r870.x,r407.x,r868.x ixor r852.x,r403.x,r405.x iand r857.x,r852.x,r406.x ixor r862.x,r857.x,r405.x iadd r875.x,r870.x,r862.x mov r501.x,r875.x bitalign r883.x___,r404.x,r404.x,l4.x mov r888.x,r883.x iadd r889.x,r501.x,r888.x mov r402.x,r889.x bitalign r895.x___,r406.x,r406.x,l6.x mov r900.x,r895.x mov r401.x,r900.x mov r901.x,r401.x mov r918.x,l5.x iadd r920.x,r405.x,r918.x ixor r902.x,r401.x,r403.x iand r907.x,r902.x,r404.x ixor r912.x,r907.x,r403.x iadd r925.x,r920.x,r912.x mov r500.x,r925.x bitalign r933.x___,r402.x,r402.x,l4.x mov r938.x,r933.x iadd r939.x,r500.x,r938.x mov r400.x,r939.x bitalign r945.x___,r404.x,r404.x,l6.x mov r950.x,r945.x mov r399.x,r950.x mov r951.x,r399.x mov r968.x,l5.x iadd r970.x,r403.x,r968.x ixor r952.x,r399.x,r401.x iand r957.x,r952.x,r402.x ixor r962.x,r957.x,r401.x iadd r975.x,r970.x,r962.x mov r499.x,r975.x bitalign r983.x___,r400.x,r400.x,l4.x mov r988.x,r983.x iadd r989.x,r499.x,r988.x mov r398.x,r989.x bitalign r995.x___,r402.x,r402.x,l6.x mov r1000.x,r995.x mov r397.x,r1000.x mov r1001.x,r397.x mov r1018.x,l5.x iadd r1020.x,r401.x,r1018.x ixor r1002.x,r397.x,r399.x iand r1007.x,r1002.x,r400.x ixor r1012.x,r1007.x,r399.x iadd r1025.x,r1020.x,r1012.x mov r498.x,r1025.x bitalign r1033.x___,r398.x,r398.x,l4.x mov r1038.x,r1033.x iadd r1039.x,r498.x,r1038.x mov r396.x,r1039.x bitalign r1045.x___,r400.x,r400.x,l6.x mov r1050.x,r1045.x mov r395.x,r1050.x mov r1051.x,r395.x mov r1068.x,l5.x iadd r1070.x,r399.x,r1068.x ixor r1052.x,r395.x,r397.x iand r1057.x,r1052.x,r398.x ixor r1062.x,r1057.x,r397.x iadd r1075.x,r1070.x,r1062.x mov r497.x,r1075.x bitalign r1083.x___,r396.x,r396.x,l4.x mov r1088.x,r1083.x iadd r1089.x,r497.x,r1088.x mov r394.x,r1089.x bitalign r1095.x___,r398.x,r398.x,l6.x mov r1100.x,r1095.x mov r393.x,r1100.x mov r1101.x,r393.x mov r1118.x,l5.x iadd r1120.x,r397.x,r1118.x ixor r1102.x,r393.x,r395.x iand r1107.x,r1102.x,r396.x ixor r1112.x,r1107.x,r395.x iadd r1125.x,r1120.x,r1112.x mov r496.x,r1125.x bitalign r1133.x___,r394.x,r394.x,l4.x mov r1138.x,r1133.x iadd r1139.x,r496.x,r1138.x mov r392.x,r1139.x bitalign r1145.x___,r396.x,r396.x,l6.x mov r1150.x,r1145.x mov r391.x,r1150.x mov r1151.x,r391.x mov r1168.x,l5.x iadd r1170.x,r395.x,r1168.x ixor r1152.x,r391.x,r393.x iand r1157.x,r1152.x,r394.x ixor r1162.x,r1157.x,r393.x iadd r1175.x,r1170.x,r1162.x mov r495.x,r1175.x bitalign r1183.x___,r392.x,r392.x,l4.x mov r1188.x,r1183.x iadd r1189.x,r495.x,r1188.x mov r390.x,r1189.x bitalign r1195.x___,r394.x,r394.x,l6.x mov r1200.x,r1195.x mov r389.x,r1200.x mov r1201.x,r389.x mov r1218.x,l5.x iadd r1220.x,r393.x,r1218.x ixor r1202.x,r389.x,r391.x iand r1207.x,r1202.x,r392.x ixor r1212.x,r1207.x,r391.x iadd r1225.x,r1220.x,r1212.x mov r494.x,r1225.x bitalign r1233.x___,r390.x,r390.x,l4.x mov r1238.x,r1233.x iadd r1239.x,r494.x,r1238.x mov r388.x,r1239.x bitalign r1245.x___,r392.x,r392.x,l6.x mov r1250.x,r1245.x mov r387.x,r1250.x mov r1251.x,r387.x mov r1268.x,l5.x iadd r1270.x,r391.x,r1268.x ixor r1252.x,r387.x,r389.x iand r1257.x,r1252.x,r390.x ixor r1262.x,r1257.x,r389.x iadd r1275.x,r1270.x,r1262.x mov r493.x,r1275.x bitalign r1283.x___,r388.x,r388.x,l4.x mov r1288.x,r1283.x iadd r1289.x,r493.x,r1288.x mov r386.x,r1289.x bitalign r1295.x___,r390.x,r390.x,l6.x mov r1300.x,r1295.x mov r385.x,r1300.x mov r1301.x,r385.x mov r1318.x,l8.x iadd r1320.x,r389.x,r1318.x ixor r1302.x,r385.x,r387.x iand r1307.x,r1302.x,r388.x ixor r1312.x,r1307.x,r387.x iadd r1325.x,r1320.x,r1312.x mov r492.x,r1325.x bitalign r1333.x___,r386.x,r386.x,l4.x mov r1338.x,r1333.x iadd r1339.x,r492.x,r1338.x mov r384.x,r1339.x bitalign r1345.x___,r388.x,r388.x,l6.x mov r1350.x,r1345.x mov r383.x,r1350.x mov r1351.x,r383.x ixor r1352.x,r510.x,r512.x ixor r1352.x,r510.x,r512.x bitalign r1358.x___,r1352.x,r1352.x,l9.x mov r1363.x,r1358.x mov r491.x,r1363.x mov r1364.x,r491.x mov r1381.x,l5.x iadd r1383.x,r491.x,r1381.x iadd r1388.x,r1383.x,r387.x ixor r1365.x,r383.x,r385.x iand r1370.x,r1365.x,r386.x ixor r1375.x,r1370.x,r385.x iadd r1393.x,r1388.x,r1375.x mov r490.x,r1393.x bitalign r1402.x___,r384.x,r384.x,l4.x mov r1407.x,r1402.x iadd r1408.x,r490.x,r1407.x mov r382.x,r1408.x bitalign r1414.x___,r386.x,r386.x,l6.x mov r1419.x,r1414.x mov r381.x,r1419.x mov r1420.x,r381.x ixor r1421.x,r509.x,r511.x ixor r1421.x,r509.x,r511.x bitalign r1427.x___,r1421.x,r1421.x,l9.x mov r1432.x,r1427.x mov r380.x,r1432.x mov r1433.x,r380.x mov r1450.x,l5.x iadd r1452.x,r380.x,r1450.x iadd r1457.x,r1452.x,r385.x ixor r1434.x,r381.x,r383.x iand r1439.x,r1434.x,r384.x ixor r1444.x,r1439.x,r383.x iadd r1462.x,r1457.x,r1444.x mov r489.x,r1462.x bitalign r1471.x___,r382.x,r382.x,l4.x mov r1476.x,r1471.x iadd r1477.x,r489.x,r1476.x mov r379.x,r1477.x bitalign r1483.x___,r384.x,r384.x,l6.x mov r1488.x,r1483.x mov r378.x,r1488.x mov r1489.x,r378.x mov r1490.x,l10.x ixor r1492.x,r510.x,r508.x ixor r1497.x,r1492.x,r1490.x ixor r1492.x,r510.x,r508.x ixor r1497.x,r1492.x,r1490.x bitalign r1503.x___,r1497.x,r1497.x,l9.x mov r1510.x,r1503.x mov r377.x,r1510.x mov r1511.x,r377.x mov r1528.x,l5.x iadd r1530.x,r377.x,r1528.x iadd r1535.x,r1530.x,r383.x ixor r1512.x,r378.x,r381.x iand r1517.x,r1512.x,r382.x ixor r1522.x,r1517.x,r381.x iadd r1540.x,r1535.x,r1522.x mov r488.x,r1540.x bitalign r1549.x___,r379.x,r379.x,l4.x mov r1554.x,r1549.x iadd r1555.x,r488.x,r1554.x mov r376.x,r1555.x bitalign r1561.x___,r382.x,r382.x,l6.x mov r1566.x,r1561.x mov r375.x,r1566.x mov r1567.x,r375.x mov r1568.x,l11.x ixor r1570.x,r509.x,r1568.x ixor r1575.x,r1570.x,r491.x mov r374.x,r1575.x bitalign r1581.x___,r374.x,r374.x,l9.x mov r1586.x,r1581.x mov r373.x,r1586.x mov r1587.x,r373.x mov r1604.x,l5.x iadd r1606.x,r373.x,r1604.x iadd r1611.x,r1606.x,r381.x ixor r1588.x,r375.x,r378.x iand r1593.x,r1588.x,r379.x ixor r1598.x,r1593.x,r378.x iadd r1616.x,r1611.x,r1598.x mov r487.x,r1616.x bitalign r1625.x___,r376.x,r376.x,l4.x mov r1630.x,r1625.x iadd r1631.x,r487.x,r1630.x mov r372.x,r1631.x bitalign r1637.x___,r379.x,r379.x,l6.x mov r1642.x,r1637.x mov r371.x,r1642.x mov r1643.x,r371.x ixor r1644.x,r380.x,r508.x mov r370.x,r1644.x bitalign r1650.x___,r370.x,r370.x,l9.x mov r1655.x,r1650.x mov r369.x,r1655.x mov r1656.x,r369.x mov r1667.x,l12.x iadd r1669.x,r369.x,r1667.x iadd r1674.x,r1669.x,r378.x ixor r1657.x,r371.x,r375.x ixor r1662.x,r1657.x,r376.x iadd r1679.x,r1674.x,r1662.x mov r486.x,r1679.x bitalign r1687.x___,r372.x,r372.x,l4.x mov r1692.x,r1687.x iadd r1693.x,r486.x,r1692.x mov r368.x,r1693.x bitalign r1699.x___,r376.x,r376.x,l6.x mov r1704.x,r1699.x mov r367.x,r1704.x mov r1705.x,r367.x mov r1706.x,l11.x ixor r1708.x,r377.x,r1706.x mov r366.x,r1708.x bitalign r1714.x___,r366.x,r366.x,l9.x mov r1719.x,r1714.x mov r365.x,r1719.x mov r1720.x,r365.x mov r1731.x,l12.x iadd r1733.x,r365.x,r1731.x iadd r1738.x,r1733.x,r375.x ixor r1721.x,r367.x,r371.x ixor r1726.x,r1721.x,r372.x iadd r1743.x,r1738.x,r1726.x mov r485.x,r1743.x bitalign r1751.x___,r368.x,r368.x,l4.x mov r1756.x,r1751.x iadd r1757.x,r485.x,r1756.x mov r364.x,r1757.x bitalign r1763.x___,r372.x,r372.x,l6.x mov r1768.x,r1763.x mov r363.x,r1768.x mov r1769.x,r363.x bitalign r1771.x___,r373.x,r373.x,l9.x mov r1776.x,r1771.x mov r362.x,r1776.x mov r1777.x,r362.x mov r1788.x,l12.x iadd r1790.x,r362.x,r1788.x iadd r1795.x,r1790.x,r371.x ixor r1778.x,r363.x,r367.x ixor r1783.x,r1778.x,r368.x iadd r1800.x,r1795.x,r1783.x mov r484.x,r1800.x bitalign r1808.x___,r364.x,r364.x,l4.x mov r1813.x,r1808.x iadd r1814.x,r484.x,r1813.x mov r361.x,r1814.x bitalign r1820.x___,r368.x,r368.x,l6.x mov r1825.x,r1820.x mov r360.x,r1825.x mov r1826.x,r360.x mov r1827.x,l10.x ixor r1829.x,r369.x,r1827.x mov r483.x,r1829.x bitalign r1835.x___,r483.x,r483.x,l9.x mov r1840.x,r1835.x mov r359.x,r1840.x mov r1841.x,r359.x mov r1852.x,l12.x iadd r1854.x,r359.x,r1852.x iadd r1859.x,r1854.x,r367.x ixor r1842.x,r360.x,r363.x ixor r1847.x,r1842.x,r364.x iadd r1864.x,r1859.x,r1847.x mov r482.x,r1864.x bitalign r1872.x___,r361.x,r361.x,l4.x mov r1877.x,r1872.x iadd r1878.x,r482.x,r1877.x mov r358.x,r1878.x bitalign r1884.x___,r364.x,r364.x,l6.x mov r1889.x,r1884.x mov r357.x,r1889.x mov r1890.x,r357.x ixor r1891.x,r365.x,r491.x mov r481.x,r1891.x bitalign r1897.x___,r481.x,r481.x,l9.x mov r1902.x,r1897.x mov r356.x,r1902.x mov r1903.x,r356.x mov r1914.x,l12.x iadd r1916.x,r356.x,r1914.x iadd r1921.x,r1916.x,r363.x ixor r1904.x,r357.x,r360.x ixor r1909.x,r1904.x,r361.x iadd r1926.x,r1921.x,r1909.x mov r480.x,r1926.x bitalign r1934.x___,r358.x,r358.x,l4.x mov r1939.x,r1934.x iadd r1940.x,r480.x,r1939.x mov r355.x,r1940.x bitalign r1946.x___,r361.x,r361.x,l6.x mov r1951.x,r1946.x mov r354.x,r1951.x mov r1952.x,r354.x ixor r1953.x,r362.x,r380.x mov r479.x,r1953.x bitalign r1959.x___,r479.x,r479.x,l9.x mov r1964.x,r1959.x mov r353.x,r1964.x mov r1965.x,r353.x mov r1976.x,l12.x iadd r1978.x,r353.x,r1976.x iadd r1983.x,r1978.x,r360.x ixor r1966.x,r354.x,r357.x ixor r1971.x,r1966.x,r358.x iadd r1988.x,r1983.x,r1971.x mov r478.x,r1988.x bitalign r1996.x___,r355.x,r355.x,l4.x mov r2001.x,r1996.x iadd r2002.x,r478.x,r2001.x mov r352.x,r2002.x bitalign r2008.x___,r358.x,r358.x,l6.x mov r2013.x,r2008.x mov r351.x,r2013.x mov r2014.x,r351.x ixor r2015.x,r359.x,r377.x mov r477.x,r2015.x bitalign r2021.x___,r477.x,r477.x,l9.x mov r2026.x,r2021.x mov r350.x,r2026.x mov r2027.x,r350.x mov r2038.x,l12.x iadd r2040.x,r350.x,r2038.x iadd r2045.x,r2040.x,r357.x ixor r2028.x,r351.x,r354.x ixor r2033.x,r2028.x,r355.x iadd r2050.x,r2045.x,r2033.x mov r476.x,r2050.x bitalign r2058.x___,r352.x,r352.x,l4.x mov r2063.x,r2058.x iadd r2064.x,r476.x,r2063.x mov r349.x,r2064.x bitalign r2070.x___,r355.x,r355.x,l6.x mov r2075.x,r2070.x mov r348.x,r2075.x mov r2076.x,r348.x ixor r2077.x,r356.x,r373.x mov r475.x,r2077.x bitalign r2083.x___,r475.x,r475.x,l9.x mov r2088.x,r2083.x mov r347.x,r2088.x mov r2089.x,r347.x mov r2100.x,l12.x iadd r2102.x,r347.x,r2100.x iadd r2107.x,r2102.x,r354.x ixor r2090.x,r348.x,r351.x ixor r2095.x,r2090.x,r352.x iadd r2112.x,r2107.x,r2095.x mov r474.x,r2112.x bitalign r2120.x___,r349.x,r349.x,l4.x mov r2125.x,r2120.x iadd r2126.x,r474.x,r2125.x mov r346.x,r2126.x bitalign r2132.x___,r352.x,r352.x,l6.x mov r2137.x,r2132.x mov r345.x,r2137.x mov r2138.x,r345.x ixor r2139.x,r353.x,r369.x mov r473.x,r2139.x bitalign r2145.x___,r473.x,r473.x,l9.x mov r2150.x,r2145.x mov r344.x,r2150.x mov r2151.x,r344.x mov r2162.x,l12.x iadd r2164.x,r344.x,r2162.x iadd r2169.x,r2164.x,r351.x ixor r2152.x,r345.x,r348.x ixor r2157.x,r2152.x,r349.x iadd r2174.x,r2169.x,r2157.x mov r472.x,r2174.x bitalign r2182.x___,r346.x,r346.x,l4.x mov r2187.x,r2182.x iadd r2188.x,r472.x,r2187.x mov r343.x,r2188.x bitalign r2194.x___,r349.x,r349.x,l6.x mov r2199.x,r2194.x mov r342.x,r2199.x mov r2200.x,r342.x mov r2201.x,l10.x ixor r2203.x,r365.x,r2201.x ixor r2208.x,r2203.x,r350.x mov r471.x,r2208.x bitalign r2214.x___,r471.x,r471.x,l9.x mov r2219.x,r2214.x mov r341.x,r2219.x mov r2220.x,r341.x mov r2231.x,l12.x iadd r2233.x,r341.x,r2231.x iadd r2238.x,r2233.x,r348.x ixor r2221.x,r342.x,r345.x ixor r2226.x,r2221.x,r346.x iadd r2243.x,r2238.x,r2226.x mov r470.x,r2243.x bitalign r2251.x___,r343.x,r343.x,l4.x mov r2256.x,r2251.x iadd r2257.x,r470.x,r2256.x mov r340.x,r2257.x bitalign r2263.x___,r346.x,r346.x,l6.x mov r2268.x,r2263.x mov r339.x,r2268.x mov r2269.x,r339.x ixor r2270.x,r362.x,r491.x ixor r2275.x,r2270.x,r347.x mov r469.x,r2275.x bitalign r2281.x___,r469.x,r469.x,l9.x mov r2286.x,r2281.x mov r338.x,r2286.x mov r2287.x,r338.x mov r2298.x,l12.x iadd r2300.x,r338.x,r2298.x iadd r2305.x,r2300.x,r345.x ixor r2288.x,r339.x,r342.x ixor r2293.x,r2288.x,r343.x iadd r2310.x,r2305.x,r2293.x mov r468.x,r2310.x bitalign r2318.x___,r340.x,r340.x,l4.x mov r2323.x,r2318.x iadd r2324.x,r468.x,r2323.x mov r337.x,r2324.x bitalign r2330.x___,r343.x,r343.x,l6.x mov r2335.x,r2330.x mov r336.x,r2335.x mov r2336.x,r336.x mov r2337.x,l10.x ixor r2339.x,r380.x,r2337.x ixor r2344.x,r2339.x,r359.x ixor r2349.x,r2344.x,r344.x mov r335.x,r2349.x bitalign r2356.x___,r335.x,r335.x,l9.x mov r2361.x,r2356.x mov r334.x,r2361.x mov r2362.x,r334.x mov r2373.x,l12.x iadd r2375.x,r334.x,r2373.x iadd r2380.x,r2375.x,r342.x ixor r2363.x,r336.x,r339.x ixor r2368.x,r2363.x,r340.x iadd r2385.x,r2380.x,r2368.x mov r467.x,r2385.x bitalign r2393.x___,r337.x,r337.x,l4.x mov r2398.x,r2393.x iadd r2399.x,r467.x,r2398.x mov r333.x,r2399.x bitalign r2405.x___,r340.x,r340.x,l6.x mov r2410.x,r2405.x mov r332.x,r2410.x mov r2411.x,r332.x ixor r2412.x,r377.x,r491.x ixor r2417.x,r2412.x,r356.x ixor r2422.x,r2417.x,r341.x mov r331.x,r2422.x bitalign r2429.x___,r331.x,r331.x,l9.x mov r2434.x,r2429.x mov r330.x,r2434.x mov r2435.x,r330.x mov r2446.x,l12.x iadd r2448.x,r330.x,r2446.x iadd r2453.x,r2448.x,r339.x ixor r2436.x,r332.x,r336.x ixor r2441.x,r2436.x,r337.x iadd r2458.x,r2453.x,r2441.x mov r466.x,r2458.x bitalign r2466.x___,r333.x,r333.x,l4.x mov r2471.x,r2466.x iadd r2472.x,r466.x,r2471.x mov r329.x,r2472.x bitalign r2478.x___,r337.x,r337.x,l6.x mov r2483.x,r2478.x mov r328.x,r2483.x mov r2484.x,r328.x ixor r2485.x,r373.x,r380.x ixor r2490.x,r2485.x,r353.x ixor r2495.x,r2490.x,r338.x mov r327.x,r2495.x bitalign r2502.x___,r327.x,r327.x,l9.x mov r2507.x,r2502.x mov r326.x,r2507.x mov r2508.x,r326.x mov r2519.x,l12.x iadd r2521.x,r326.x,r2519.x iadd r2526.x,r2521.x,r336.x ixor r2509.x,r328.x,r332.x ixor r2514.x,r2509.x,r333.x iadd r2531.x,r2526.x,r2514.x mov r465.x,r2531.x bitalign r2539.x___,r329.x,r329.x,l4.x mov r2544.x,r2539.x iadd r2545.x,r465.x,r2544.x mov r325.x,r2545.x bitalign r2551.x___,r333.x,r333.x,l6.x mov r2556.x,r2551.x mov r324.x,r2556.x mov r2557.x,r324.x ixor r2558.x,r369.x,r377.x ixor r2563.x,r2558.x,r350.x ixor r2568.x,r2563.x,r334.x mov r323.x,r2568.x bitalign r2575.x___,r323.x,r323.x,l9.x mov r2580.x,r2575.x mov r322.x,r2580.x mov r2581.x,r322.x mov r2592.x,l12.x iadd r2594.x,r322.x,r2592.x iadd r2599.x,r2594.x,r332.x ixor r2582.x,r324.x,r328.x ixor r2587.x,r2582.x,r329.x iadd r2604.x,r2599.x,r2587.x mov r464.x,r2604.x bitalign r2612.x___,r325.x,r325.x,l4.x mov r2617.x,r2612.x iadd r2618.x,r464.x,r2617.x mov r321.x,r2618.x bitalign r2624.x___,r329.x,r329.x,l6.x mov r2629.x,r2624.x mov r320.x,r2629.x mov r2630.x,r320.x ixor r2631.x,r365.x,r373.x ixor r2636.x,r2631.x,r347.x ixor r2641.x,r2636.x,r330.x mov r319.x,r2641.x bitalign r2648.x___,r319.x,r319.x,l9.x mov r2653.x,r2648.x mov r318.x,r2653.x mov r2654.x,r318.x mov r2665.x,l12.x iadd r2667.x,r318.x,r2665.x iadd r2672.x,r2667.x,r328.x ixor r2655.x,r320.x,r324.x ixor r2660.x,r2655.x,r325.x iadd r2677.x,r2672.x,r2660.x mov r463.x,r2677.x bitalign r2685.x___,r321.x,r321.x,l4.x mov r2690.x,r2685.x iadd r2691.x,r463.x,r2690.x mov r317.x,r2691.x bitalign r2697.x___,r325.x,r325.x,l6.x mov r2702.x,r2697.x mov r316.x,r2702.x mov r2703.x,r316.x ixor r2704.x,r362.x,r369.x ixor r2709.x,r2704.x,r344.x ixor r2714.x,r2709.x,r326.x mov r315.x,r2714.x bitalign r2721.x___,r315.x,r315.x,l9.x mov r2726.x,r2721.x mov r314.x,r2726.x mov r2727.x,r314.x mov r2738.x,l12.x iadd r2740.x,r314.x,r2738.x iadd r2745.x,r2740.x,r324.x ixor r2728.x,r316.x,r320.x ixor r2733.x,r2728.x,r321.x iadd r2750.x,r2745.x,r2733.x mov r462.x,r2750.x bitalign r2758.x___,r317.x,r317.x,l4.x mov r2763.x,r2758.x iadd r2764.x,r462.x,r2763.x mov r313.x,r2764.x bitalign r2770.x___,r321.x,r321.x,l6.x mov r2775.x,r2770.x mov r312.x,r2775.x mov r2776.x,r312.x ixor r2777.x,r359.x,r365.x ixor r2782.x,r2777.x,r341.x ixor r2787.x,r2782.x,r322.x mov r311.x,r2787.x bitalign r2794.x___,r311.x,r311.x,l9.x mov r2799.x,r2794.x mov r310.x,r2799.x mov r2800.x,r310.x mov r2811.x,l12.x iadd r2813.x,r310.x,r2811.x iadd r2818.x,r2813.x,r320.x ixor r2801.x,r312.x,r316.x ixor r2806.x,r2801.x,r317.x iadd r2823.x,r2818.x,r2806.x mov r461.x,r2823.x bitalign r2831.x___,r313.x,r313.x,l4.x mov r2836.x,r2831.x iadd r2837.x,r461.x,r2836.x mov r309.x,r2837.x bitalign r2843.x___,r317.x,r317.x,l6.x mov r2848.x,r2843.x mov r308.x,r2848.x mov r2849.x,r308.x ixor r2850.x,r356.x,r362.x ixor r2855.x,r2850.x,r338.x ixor r2860.x,r2855.x,r318.x mov r307.x,r2860.x bitalign r2867.x___,r307.x,r307.x,l9.x mov r2872.x,r2867.x mov r306.x,r2872.x mov r2873.x,r306.x mov r2884.x,l12.x iadd r2886.x,r306.x,r2884.x iadd r2891.x,r2886.x,r316.x ixor r2874.x,r308.x,r312.x ixor r2879.x,r2874.x,r313.x iadd r2896.x,r2891.x,r2879.x mov r460.x,r2896.x bitalign r2904.x___,r309.x,r309.x,l4.x mov r2909.x,r2904.x iadd r2910.x,r460.x,r2909.x mov r305.x,r2910.x bitalign r2916.x___,r313.x,r313.x,l6.x mov r2921.x,r2916.x mov r304.x,r2921.x mov r2922.x,r304.x ixor r2923.x,r353.x,r359.x ixor r2928.x,r2923.x,r334.x ixor r2933.x,r2928.x,r314.x mov r303.x,r2933.x bitalign r2940.x___,r303.x,r303.x,l9.x mov r2945.x,r2940.x mov r302.x,r2945.x mov r2946.x,r302.x mov r2957.x,l12.x iadd r2959.x,r302.x,r2957.x iadd r2964.x,r2959.x,r312.x ixor r2947.x,r304.x,r308.x ixor r2952.x,r2947.x,r309.x iadd r2969.x,r2964.x,r2952.x mov r459.x,r2969.x bitalign r2977.x___,r305.x,r305.x,l4.x mov r2982.x,r2977.x iadd r2983.x,r459.x,r2982.x mov r301.x,r2983.x bitalign r2989.x___,r309.x,r309.x,l6.x mov r2994.x,r2989.x mov r300.x,r2994.x mov r2995.x,r300.x ixor r2996.x,r350.x,r356.x ixor r3001.x,r2996.x,r330.x ixor r3006.x,r3001.x,r310.x mov r299.x,r3006.x bitalign r3013.x___,r299.x,r299.x,l9.x mov r3018.x,r3013.x mov r298.x,r3018.x mov r3019.x,r298.x bitalign r3021.x___,r301.x,r301.x,l4.x mov r3026.x,r3021.x mov r3027.x,l13.x iadd r3029.x,r298.x,r3027.x iadd r3034.x,r3029.x,r308.x iadd r3039.x,r3034.x,r3026.x mov r458.x,r3039.x ior r3050.x,r305.x,r300.x iand r3055.x,r3050.x,r304.x iand r3045.x,r305.x,r300.x ior r3060.x,r3055.x,r3045.x iadd r3066.x,r458.x,r3060.x mov r297.x,r3066.x bitalign r3075.x___,r305.x,r305.x,l6.x mov r3080.x,r3075.x mov r296.x,r3080.x mov r3081.x,r296.x ixor r3082.x,r347.x,r353.x ixor r3087.x,r3082.x,r326.x ixor r3092.x,r3087.x,r306.x mov r295.x,r3092.x bitalign r3099.x___,r295.x,r295.x,l9.x mov r3104.x,r3099.x mov r294.x,r3104.x mov r3105.x,r294.x mov r3127.x,l13.x iadd r3129.x,r294.x,r3127.x iadd r3134.x,r3129.x,r304.x ior r3111.x,r301.x,r296.x iand r3116.x,r3111.x,r300.x iand r3106.x,r301.x,r296.x ior r3121.x,r3116.x,r3106.x iadd r3139.x,r3134.x,r3121.x mov r457.x,r3139.x bitalign r3149.x___,r297.x,r297.x,l4.x mov r3154.x,r3149.x iadd r3155.x,r457.x,r3154.x mov r293.x,r3155.x bitalign r3161.x___,r301.x,r301.x,l6.x mov r3166.x,r3161.x mov r292.x,r3166.x mov r3167.x,r292.x ixor r3168.x,r344.x,r350.x ixor r3173.x,r3168.x,r322.x ixor r3178.x,r3173.x,r302.x mov r291.x,r3178.x bitalign r3185.x___,r291.x,r291.x,l9.x mov r3190.x,r3185.x mov r290.x,r3190.x mov r3191.x,r290.x bitalign r3193.x___,r293.x,r293.x,l4.x mov r3198.x,r3193.x mov r3199.x,l13.x iadd r3201.x,r290.x,r3199.x iadd r3206.x,r3201.x,r300.x iadd r3211.x,r3206.x,r3198.x mov r456.x,r3211.x ior r3222.x,r297.x,r292.x iand r3227.x,r3222.x,r296.x iand r3217.x,r297.x,r292.x ior r3232.x,r3227.x,r3217.x iadd r3238.x,r456.x,r3232.x mov r289.x,r3238.x bitalign r3247.x___,r297.x,r297.x,l6.x mov r3252.x,r3247.x mov r288.x,r3252.x mov r3253.x,r288.x ixor r3254.x,r341.x,r347.x ixor r3259.x,r3254.x,r318.x ixor r3264.x,r3259.x,r298.x mov r287.x,r3264.x bitalign r3271.x___,r287.x,r287.x,l9.x mov r3276.x,r3271.x mov r286.x,r3276.x mov r3277.x,r286.x mov r3299.x,l13.x iadd r3301.x,r286.x,r3299.x iadd r3306.x,r3301.x,r296.x ior r3283.x,r293.x,r288.x iand r3288.x,r3283.x,r292.x iand r3278.x,r293.x,r288.x ior r3293.x,r3288.x,r3278.x iadd r3311.x,r3306.x,r3293.x mov r455.x,r3311.x bitalign r3321.x___,r289.x,r289.x,l4.x mov r3326.x,r3321.x iadd r3327.x,r455.x,r3326.x mov r285.x,r3327.x bitalign r3333.x___,r293.x,r293.x,l6.x mov r3338.x,r3333.x mov r284.x,r3338.x mov r3339.x,r284.x ixor r3340.x,r338.x,r344.x ixor r3345.x,r3340.x,r314.x ixor r3350.x,r3345.x,r294.x mov r283.x,r3350.x bitalign r3357.x___,r283.x,r283.x,l9.x mov r3362.x,r3357.x mov r282.x,r3362.x mov r3363.x,r282.x bitalign r3365.x___,r285.x,r285.x,l4.x mov r3370.x,r3365.x mov r3371.x,l13.x iadd r3373.x,r282.x,r3371.x iadd r3378.x,r3373.x,r292.x iadd r3383.x,r3378.x,r3370.x mov r454.x,r3383.x ior r3394.x,r289.x,r284.x iand r3399.x,r3394.x,r288.x iand r3389.x,r289.x,r284.x ior r3404.x,r3399.x,r3389.x iadd r3410.x,r454.x,r3404.x mov r281.x,r3410.x bitalign r3419.x___,r289.x,r289.x,l6.x mov r3424.x,r3419.x mov r280.x,r3424.x mov r3425.x,r280.x ixor r3426.x,r334.x,r341.x ixor r3431.x,r3426.x,r310.x ixor r3436.x,r3431.x,r290.x mov r279.x,r3436.x bitalign r3443.x___,r279.x,r279.x,l9.x mov r3448.x,r3443.x mov r278.x,r3448.x mov r3449.x,r278.x mov r3471.x,l13.x iadd r3473.x,r278.x,r3471.x iadd r3478.x,r3473.x,r288.x ior r3455.x,r285.x,r280.x iand r3460.x,r3455.x,r284.x iand r3450.x,r285.x,r280.x ior r3465.x,r3460.x,r3450.x iadd r3483.x,r3478.x,r3465.x mov r453.x,r3483.x bitalign r3493.x___,r281.x,r281.x,l4.x mov r3498.x,r3493.x iadd r3499.x,r453.x,r3498.x mov r277.x,r3499.x bitalign r3505.x___,r285.x,r285.x,l6.x mov r3510.x,r3505.x mov r276.x,r3510.x mov r3511.x,r276.x ixor r3512.x,r330.x,r338.x ixor r3517.x,r3512.x,r306.x ixor r3522.x,r3517.x,r286.x mov r275.x,r3522.x bitalign r3529.x___,r275.x,r275.x,l9.x mov r3534.x,r3529.x mov r274.x,r3534.x mov r3535.x,r274.x bitalign r3537.x___,r277.x,r277.x,l4.x mov r3542.x,r3537.x mov r3543.x,l13.x iadd r3545.x,r274.x,r3543.x iadd r3550.x,r3545.x,r284.x iadd r3555.x,r3550.x,r3542.x mov r452.x,r3555.x ior r3566.x,r281.x,r276.x iand r3571.x,r3566.x,r280.x iand r3561.x,r281.x,r276.x ior r3576.x,r3571.x,r3561.x iadd r3582.x,r452.x,r3576.x mov r273.x,r3582.x bitalign r3591.x___,r281.x,r281.x,l6.x mov r3596.x,r3591.x mov r272.x,r3596.x mov r3597.x,r272.x ixor r3598.x,r326.x,r334.x ixor r3603.x,r3598.x,r302.x ixor r3608.x,r3603.x,r282.x mov r271.x,r3608.x bitalign r3615.x___,r271.x,r271.x,l9.x mov r3620.x,r3615.x mov r270.x,r3620.x mov r3621.x,r270.x mov r3643.x,l13.x iadd r3645.x,r270.x,r3643.x iadd r3650.x,r3645.x,r280.x ior r3627.x,r277.x,r272.x iand r3632.x,r3627.x,r276.x iand r3622.x,r277.x,r272.x ior r3637.x,r3632.x,r3622.x iadd r3655.x,r3650.x,r3637.x mov r451.x,r3655.x bitalign r3665.x___,r273.x,r273.x,l4.x mov r3670.x,r3665.x iadd r3671.x,r451.x,r3670.x mov r269.x,r3671.x bitalign r3677.x___,r277.x,r277.x,l6.x mov r3682.x,r3677.x mov r268.x,r3682.x mov r3683.x,r268.x ixor r3684.x,r322.x,r330.x ixor r3689.x,r3684.x,r298.x ixor r3694.x,r3689.x,r278.x mov r267.x,r3694.x bitalign r3701.x___,r267.x,r267.x,l9.x mov r3706.x,r3701.x mov r266.x,r3706.x mov r3707.x,r266.x bitalign r3709.x___,r269.x,r269.x,l4.x mov r3714.x,r3709.x mov r3715.x,l13.x iadd r3717.x,r266.x,r3715.x iadd r3722.x,r3717.x,r276.x iadd r3727.x,r3722.x,r3714.x mov r450.x,r3727.x ior r3738.x,r273.x,r268.x iand r3743.x,r3738.x,r272.x iand r3733.x,r273.x,r268.x ior r3748.x,r3743.x,r3733.x iadd r3754.x,r450.x,r3748.x mov r265.x,r3754.x bitalign r3763.x___,r273.x,r273.x,l6.x mov r3768.x,r3763.x mov r264.x,r3768.x mov r3769.x,r264.x ixor r3770.x,r318.x,r326.x ixor r3775.x,r3770.x,r294.x ixor r3780.x,r3775.x,r274.x mov r263.x,r3780.x bitalign r3787.x___,r263.x,r263.x,l9.x mov r3792.x,r3787.x mov r262.x,r3792.x mov r3793.x,r262.x mov r3815.x,l13.x iadd r3817.x,r262.x,r3815.x iadd r3822.x,r3817.x,r272.x ior r3799.x,r269.x,r264.x iand r3804.x,r3799.x,r268.x iand r3794.x,r269.x,r264.x ior r3809.x,r3804.x,r3794.x iadd r3827.x,r3822.x,r3809.x mov r449.x,r3827.x bitalign r3837.x___,r265.x,r265.x,l4.x mov r3842.x,r3837.x iadd r3843.x,r449.x,r3842.x mov r261.x,r3843.x bitalign r3849.x___,r269.x,r269.x,l6.x mov r3854.x,r3849.x mov r260.x,r3854.x mov r3855.x,r260.x ixor r3856.x,r314.x,r322.x ixor r3861.x,r3856.x,r290.x ixor r3866.x,r3861.x,r270.x mov r259.x,r3866.x bitalign r3873.x___,r259.x,r259.x,l9.x mov r3878.x,r3873.x mov r258.x,r3878.x mov r3879.x,r258.x bitalign r3881.x___,r261.x,r261.x,l4.x mov r3886.x,r3881.x mov r3887.x,l13.x iadd r3889.x,r258.x,r3887.x iadd r3894.x,r3889.x,r268.x iadd r3899.x,r3894.x,r3886.x mov r448.x,r3899.x ior r3910.x,r265.x,r260.x iand r3915.x,r3910.x,r264.x iand r3905.x,r265.x,r260.x ior r3920.x,r3915.x,r3905.x iadd r3926.x,r448.x,r3920.x mov r257.x,r3926.x bitalign r3935.x___,r265.x,r265.x,l6.x mov r3940.x,r3935.x mov r256.x,r3940.x mov r3941.x,r256.x ixor r3942.x,r310.x,r318.x ixor r3947.x,r3942.x,r286.x ixor r3952.x,r3947.x,r266.x mov r255.x,r3952.x bitalign r3959.x___,r255.x,r255.x,l9.x mov r3964.x,r3959.x mov r254.x,r3964.x mov r3965.x,r254.x mov r3987.x,l13.x iadd r3989.x,r254.x,r3987.x iadd r3994.x,r3989.x,r264.x ior r3971.x,r261.x,r256.x iand r3976.x,r3971.x,r260.x iand r3966.x,r261.x,r256.x ior r3981.x,r3976.x,r3966.x iadd r3999.x,r3994.x,r3981.x mov r447.x,r3999.x bitalign r4009.x___,r257.x,r257.x,l4.x mov r4014.x,r4009.x iadd r4015.x,r447.x,r4014.x mov r253.x,r4015.x bitalign r4021.x___,r261.x,r261.x,l6.x mov r4026.x,r4021.x mov r252.x,r4026.x mov r4027.x,r252.x ixor r4028.x,r306.x,r314.x ixor r4033.x,r4028.x,r282.x ixor r4038.x,r4033.x,r262.x mov r251.x,r4038.x bitalign r4045.x___,r251.x,r251.x,l9.x mov r4050.x,r4045.x mov r250.x,r4050.x mov r4051.x,r250.x bitalign r4053.x___,r253.x,r253.x,l4.x mov r4058.x,r4053.x mov r4059.x,l13.x iadd r4061.x,r250.x,r4059.x iadd r4066.x,r4061.x,r260.x iadd r4071.x,r4066.x,r4058.x mov r446.x,r4071.x ior r4082.x,r257.x,r252.x iand r4087.x,r4082.x,r256.x iand r4077.x,r257.x,r252.x ior r4092.x,r4087.x,r4077.x iadd r4098.x,r446.x,r4092.x mov r249.x,r4098.x bitalign r4107.x___,r257.x,r257.x,l6.x mov r4112.x,r4107.x mov r248.x,r4112.x mov r4113.x,r248.x ixor r4114.x,r302.x,r310.x ixor r4119.x,r4114.x,r278.x ixor r4124.x,r4119.x,r258.x mov r247.x,r4124.x bitalign r4131.x___,r247.x,r247.x,l9.x mov r4136.x,r4131.x mov r246.x,r4136.x mov r4137.x,r246.x mov r4159.x,l13.x iadd r4161.x,r246.x,r4159.x iadd r4166.x,r4161.x,r256.x ior r4143.x,r253.x,r248.x iand r4148.x,r4143.x,r252.x iand r4138.x,r253.x,r248.x ior r4153.x,r4148.x,r4138.x iadd r4171.x,r4166.x,r4153.x mov r445.x,r4171.x bitalign r4181.x___,r249.x,r249.x,l4.x mov r4186.x,r4181.x iadd r4187.x,r445.x,r4186.x mov r245.x,r4187.x bitalign r4193.x___,r253.x,r253.x,l6.x mov r4198.x,r4193.x mov r244.x,r4198.x mov r4199.x,r244.x ixor r4200.x,r298.x,r306.x ixor r4205.x,r4200.x,r274.x ixor r4210.x,r4205.x,r254.x mov r243.x,r4210.x bitalign r4217.x___,r243.x,r243.x,l9.x mov r4222.x,r4217.x mov r242.x,r4222.x mov r4223.x,r242.x bitalign r4225.x___,r245.x,r245.x,l4.x mov r4230.x,r4225.x mov r4231.x,l13.x iadd r4233.x,r242.x,r4231.x iadd r4238.x,r4233.x,r252.x iadd r4243.x,r4238.x,r4230.x mov r444.x,r4243.x ior r4254.x,r249.x,r244.x iand r4259.x,r4254.x,r248.x iand r4249.x,r249.x,r244.x ior r4264.x,r4259.x,r4249.x iadd r4270.x,r444.x,r4264.x mov r241.x,r4270.x bitalign r4279.x___,r249.x,r249.x,l6.x mov r4284.x,r4279.x mov r240.x,r4284.x mov r4285.x,r240.x ixor r4286.x,r294.x,r302.x ixor r4291.x,r4286.x,r270.x ixor r4296.x,r4291.x,r250.x mov r239.x,r4296.x bitalign r4303.x___,r239.x,r239.x,l9.x mov r4308.x,r4303.x mov r238.x,r4308.x mov r4309.x,r238.x mov r4331.x,l13.x iadd r4333.x,r238.x,r4331.x iadd r4338.x,r4333.x,r248.x ior r4315.x

                    • CAL++ version of pyrit


                      00 TEX: ADDR(4416) CNT(4) VALID_PIX 0 SAMPLE R43, R0.xy0x, t0, s0 UNNORM(XYZW) 1 SAMPLE R38, R0.xy0x, t1, s1 UNNORM(XYZW) 2 SAMPLE R41, R0.xy0x, t2, s2 UNNORM(XYZW) 3 SAMPLE R40, R0.xy0x, t3, s3 UNNORM(XYZW) 01 ALU: ADDR(64) CNT(69) 4 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R18.x, R43.y, R43.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R43.z, R43.w z: XOR_INT ____, R43.z, R43.w w: XOR_INT ____, R38.w, R41.x t: XOR_INT T0.y, R38.w, R41.x 5 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R19.x, R38.z, R38.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T1.y, R38.z, PV4.w z: XOR_INT ____, R43.z, PV4.x VEC_120 w: AND_INT T0.w, R43.y, PV4.y t: AND_INT T2.y, R43.y, PV4.z 6 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R20.x, R43.y, R43.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R38.w, PV5.x z: AND_INT T0.z, R43.x, PV5.z w: AND_INT T1.w, R38.z, T0.y t: MOV R46.x, R40.z 7 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R21.x, R38.z, R38.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, R38.y, PV6.y w: XOR_INT ____, R43.z, PV6.x VEC_120 t: MOV R45.x, R40.y 8 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R22.x, R43.x, R43.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, R43.x, PV7.w z: XOR_INT ____, R38.w, PV7.x t: MOV R44.x, R41.w 9 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R23.x, R38.y, R38.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT R1.y, R38.y, PV8.z t: XOR_INT R24.x, R18.x, PV8.x 10 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R25.x, R43.x, R43.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x t: XOR_INT R26.x, R19.x, PV9.x 11 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R27.x, R38.y, R38.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x t: XOR_INT R28.x, R20.x, PV10.x 12 x: XOR_INT R29.x, R21.x, PV11.x t: MOV R12.x, R41.z 13 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R30.x, R43.x, R43.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R31.x, R43.w, T0.w 14 x: XOR_INT R32.x, R43.z, T0.z t: ADD_INT R33.x, R43.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 15 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R34.x, R38.y, R38.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R35.x, R41.x, T1.y 16 x: XOR_INT R36.x, R38.w, T0.y t: ADD_INT R37.x, R38.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 17 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R39.x, R43.x, R43.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R42.x, R43.w, T2.y 18 x: XOR_INT R13.x, R43.z, T3.y t: ADD_INT R14.x, R43.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 19 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.x, R38.y, R38.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R16.x, R41.x, T1.w 20 x: XOR_INT R17.x, R38.w, R1.y t: ADD_INT R43.x, R38.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 21 x: MOV R1.x, R12.x 22 x: MOV R3.x, R44.x 23 x: MOV R4.x, R40.x 24 x: MOV R5.x, R45.x 25 x: MOV R2.x, R46.x 02 LOOP_NO_AL i1 FAIL_JUMP_ADDR(22) VALID_PIX 03 ALU: ADDR(133) CNT(125) 26 x: ADD_INT ____, R43.w, R3.x w: ADD_INT ____, R38.x, R1.x VEC_021 27 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV26.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R30.x, R31.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV26.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R43.z, R4.x VEC_021 28 x: ADD_INT ____, PV27.z, PV27.y y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV27.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: ADD_INT ____, R5.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT T0.y, R3.x, R5.x 29 x: AND_INT ____, PV28.x, R24.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV28.x, PV28.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: ADD_INT T2.z, R18.x, PV28.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PV28.x, PV28.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT T1.x, R22.x, PV28.w 30 x: ADD_INT ____, PV29.y, R32.x y: XOR_INT T1.y, R22.x, PV29.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV29.w, (0xDA827999, -1.836272250e16f).x w: XOR_INT T0.w, R18.x, PV29.x VEC_201 31 x: XOR_INT ____, R1.x, R4.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, T0.y, T0.y, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV30.x VEC_201 32 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV31.w, PV31.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV31.x, PV31.x, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV31.w, PV31.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: AND_INT ____, PV31.w, T1.y t: XOR_INT T0.z, R4.x, R2.x 33 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV32.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV32.z, T0.w z: XOR_INT T1.z, R22.x, PV32.w w: XOR_INT T0.w, T1.w, PV32.x t: ADD_INT R2.z, PV32.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 34 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.y, PV33.y y: XOR_INT ____, T0.z, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, (0x80000000, -0.0f).y w: ADD_INT R2.w, T3.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).z VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R2.x, T3.y 35 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV34.x, PV34.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV34.x, PV34.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV34.x, T0.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, PV34.y, PV34.y, 1 t: XOR_INT T2.y, T0.y, PV34.z 36 x: ADD_INT ____, PV35.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.w, PV35.z z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV35.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: XOR_INT T1.w, T0.x, PV35.x t: ADD_INT R3.w, PV35.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 37 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, T2.y, T2.y, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.y, T0.z, T0.z, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R6.w, (0x80000000, -0.0f).x w: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV36.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R7.w, T3.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 38 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV37.w, PV37.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV37.w, PV37.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV37.w, T1.w w: ADD_INT R4.w, PV37.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).z t: ADD_INT R5.x, PV37.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).w 39 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T2.x, PV38.y y: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV38.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV38.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, PV38.x, T1.y t: XOR_INT R4.y, R6.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 40 x: ADD_INT T1.x, T3.z, PV39.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.y, R7.x, R7.x, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV39.w VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R12.w, T0.z, T0.z, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R8.w, T0.y, R6.w 41 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV40.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV40.z, PV40.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV40.z, T0.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV40.z, PV40.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: ADD_INT R7.y, PV40.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 42 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV41.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV41.z z: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV41.w VEC_120 w: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV41.y t: XOR_INT R5.w, T0.y, R12.w 43 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV42.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PV42.z, PV42.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV42.z, PV42.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV42.z, PV42.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R5.y, T3.y, R9.y 44 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV43.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV43.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV43.x, PV43.w w: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV43.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R8.y, R12.w, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 45 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV44.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PV44.z, PV44.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV44.z, PV44.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV44.z, PV44.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R3.z, T0.y, R9.y 46 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV45.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV45.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV45.x, PV45.w w: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, PV45.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R9.w, T3.y, R7.x 47 x: ADD_INT R1.x, T2.z, PV46.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.y, PV46.z, PV46.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT R1.z, PV46.z, PV46.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PV46.z, PV46.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R10.w, R6.w, R6.y 04 ALU: ADDR(258) CNT(124) 48 x: ADD_INT T3.x, R3.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, R1.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, R1.w VEC_021 w: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, R3.y VEC_201 t: XOR_INT R1.w, R7.x, R12.w 49 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV48.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV48.z, PV48.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV48.z, PV48.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV48.z, PV48.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R11.w, R6.y, R9.y 50 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV49.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PV49.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV49.x, PV49.w w: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, PV49.y VEC_120 t: ADD_INT R11.y, R34.x, R35.x 51 x: ADD_INT ____, R3.x, PV50.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV50.z, PV50.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV50.z, PV50.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV50.z, PV50.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 52 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV51.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, PV51.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV51.x, PV51.w w: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV51.y VEC_120 53 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV52.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV52.z, PV52.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV52.z, PV52.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV52.z, PV52.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 54 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV53.y, (0x5A827C39, 1.836416561e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV53.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV53.x, PV53.w w: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV53.y VEC_120 55 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV54.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV54.z, PV54.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV54.z, PV54.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV54.z, PV54.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 56 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV55.y, R2.z y: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV55.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV55.x, PV55.w w: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV55.y VEC_120 57 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV56.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV56.z, PV56.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV56.z, PV56.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV56.z, PV56.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 58 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV57.y, R2.w y: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV57.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV57.x, PV57.w w: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV57.y VEC_120 59 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV58.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV58.z, PV58.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV58.z, PV58.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV58.z, PV58.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 60 x: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV59.y y: XOR_INT ____, T1.y, PV59.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV59.x, PV59.w w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV59.y, R3.w 61 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV60.y y: AND_INT ____, PV60.z, PV60.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, PV60.z, PV60.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV60.z, PV60.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 62 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T3.y, PV61.y y: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV61.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV61.x, PV61.w w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV61.z, R4.w 63 x: AND_INT ____, PV62.z, PV62.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV62.z, PV62.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, R4.y, R4.y, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.w, PV62.z, PV62.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 64 x: ADD_INT ____, PV63.y, T0.x y: XOR_INT T0.y, T2.z, PV63.w z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV63.w, R5.x VEC_021 w: XOR_INT T1.w, T0.y, PV63.x t: ADD_INT R4.w, PV63.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 65 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, R5.y, R5.y, 1 y: XOR_INT T3.y, R6.w, R7.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.z, R5.w, R5.w, 1 VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV64.x t: XOR_INT R1.z, R7.z, R7.w 66 x: AND_INT ____, PV65.w, T0.y y: ADD_INT R5.y, PV65.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV65.w, PV65.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV65.w, PV65.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: ADD_INT R7.w, PV65.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 67 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T0.w, PV66.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV66.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R6.z, PV66.w, R6.x w: XOR_INT T1.w, T2.z, PV66.x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.x, R8.z 68 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV67.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, PS67, PS67, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, T3.y, T3.y, 1 w: XOR_INT R8.w, R6.y, R5.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R4.z, R8.z, R8.w 69 x: AND_INT ____, PV68.x, T3.x y: ADD_INT R6.y, PV68.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV68.x, PV68.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, PV68.x, PV68.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: ADD_INT R2.w, PV68.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 70 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV69.w, R7.y VEC_021 y: ADD_INT ____, PV69.z, T1.w z: XOR_INT R2.z, T2.w, PV69.w w: XOR_INT R5.w, T0.w, PV69.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, R8.y 71 x: ADD_INT R6.x, T3.w, PV70.y y: XOR_INT R7.y, R4.y, R3.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.z, R8.w, R8.w, 1 VEC_201 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PS70, PS70, 1 t: XOR_INT R3.z, R5.x, R9.w 05 ALU: ADDR(382) CNT(123) 72 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, R6.x, R6.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T3.y, R6.x, R2.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, R6.x, R6.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT T1.w, R10.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT T3.z, R8.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 73 x: XOR_INT T3.x, R6.w, PV72.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV72.z, R5.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV72.x, R4.w VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, R7.y, R7.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R10.z, R1.z 74 x: ADD_INT ____, R3.w, PV73.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PS73, PS73, 1 z: XOR_INT T2.z, R8.w, R4.z VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV73.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x t: XOR_INT T0.y, PV73.w, R3.z 75 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV74.x, PV74.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV74.x, PV74.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: ADD_INT R3.z, PV74.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV74.x, T3.x t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, R10.w 76 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV75.y y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV75.y, R5.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.z, T2.z, T2.z, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV75.x, T3.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, PS75 77 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, T0.y, T0.y, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.y, PS76, PS76, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R5.z, PV76.w w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV76.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x t: XOR_INT T2.z, R4.y, R1.w 78 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV77.z, T1.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV77.z, PV77.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV77.z, PV77.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV77.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R5.w, PV77.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 79 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.y, PV78.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV78.z, T3.w VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV78.y, R7.w VEC_102 w: XOR_INT ____, R4.z, T2.z t: XOR_INT ____, R10.z, R11.w 80 x: ADD_INT ____, R6.z, PV79.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.y, PV79.w, PV79.w, 1 z: XOR_INT T2.z, R6.x, PS79 w: XOR_INT ____, R12.w, R7.z VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T3.w, R9.y, R8.z 81 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV80.x, T1.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV80.x, PV80.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV80.x, PV80.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R7.w, PV80.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PV80.w 82 x: ADD_INT ____, PV81.y, T3.x y: ADD_INT R9.y, PV81.z, R6.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.z, T2.z, T2.z, 1 w: XOR_INT T0.w, T0.y, PV81.z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, PS81 83 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV82.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PS82, PS82, 1 z: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, T3.w w: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV82.x t: XOR_INT T3.w, R7.z, R5.x 84 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV83.w, PV83.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV83.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y z: XOR_INT T2.z, PV83.w, T0.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV83.w, PV83.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, PV83.z 85 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV84.x, R2.w VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T0.y, T1.z, PV84.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV84.w, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PS84, PS84, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, T3.w 86 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R6.z, PS85 y: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV85.z VEC_120 z: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, R4.y w: ADD_INT R6.w, PV85.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x t: XOR_INT T1.y, R4.y, R8.w 87 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV86.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV86.y, PV86.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV86.y, PV86.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, R9.z t: XOR_INT T0.x, R6.x, PV86.z 88 x: ADD_INT ____, PV87.y, T2.z y: ADD_INT R5.y, PV87.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.z, T1.x, T1.x, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, T3.x, PV87.z VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R4.z, PV87.w 89 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV88.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PS88 z: XOR_INT T2.z, R11.w, T0.x w: ADD_INT ____, T3.y, PV88.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, R10.z 90 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, PV89.w, PV89.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PV89.y, PV89.y, 1 z: XOR_INT R9.z, PV89.w, T1.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV89.w, PV89.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, PS89 91 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV90.x, T3.z y: XOR_INT R4.y, T0.z, PV90.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV90.w, T2.x w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV90.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, PS90 92 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, PS91, PS91, 1 y: ADD_INT R6.y, R5.z, PV91.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.z, T2.z, T2.z, 1 VEC_120 w: XOR_INT R2.w, R3.y, T1.y t: XOR_INT R12.w, R10.z, R4.w 06 ALU: ADDR(505) CNT(123) 93 x: XOR_INT T2.x, R6.y, R4.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, R6.y, R6.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, R6.y, R6.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R13.w, R5.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: ADD_INT R10.z, R2.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z 94 x: ADD_INT ____, PV93.y, R9.z y: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, R2.w VEC_021 z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV93.z, R3.w VEC_102 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R5.x, PV93.z t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, R12.w 95 x: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, R7.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, R5.z, PS94 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, PV94.y, PV94.y, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R9.y, PV94.x t: XOR_INT T3.w, R4.w, R4.z 96 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV95.w, PV95.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R9.y, PV95.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: XOR_INT T0.z, PV95.w, T1.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV95.w, PV95.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PV95.x 97 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T2.z, PV96.x y: ADD_INT T0.y, PV96.x, R3.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV96.w, T2.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, T1.y, T1.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, PS96 98 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, PS97, PS97, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV97.z z: ADD_INT R3.z, PV97.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, T3.w t: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.y, R6.x 99 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV98.y, PV98.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV98.y, PV98.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: ADD_INT R1.z, PV98.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV98.y, T2.x t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PV98.w 100 x: ADD_INT ____, PV99.y, T0.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, T0.x, PV99.x z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV99.x, R1.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PS99, PS99, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, T1.y 101 x: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PS100 y: XOR_INT ____, R4.z, R8.y VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R2.z, PV100.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R5.y, PV100.x t: XOR_INT T3.y, R6.x, R3.y 102 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV101.w, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV101.w, PV101.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV101.w, PV101.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PV101.x, PV101.x, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, PV101.y 103 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T2.x, PV102.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV102.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV102.y, R10.w VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV102.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, PS102 104 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV103.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PS103, PS103, 1 z: XOR_INT ____, R5.z, T3.y w: XOR_INT T3.w, R8.y, R6.z t: XOR_INT T1.w, R6.z, R11.w 105 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV104.x, T2.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV104.x, PV104.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV104.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV104.x, PV104.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, PV104.z 106 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV105.y, R5.w VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV105.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV105.w, T0.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, PS105, PS105, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, T3.w 107 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV106.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV106.z z: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PS106 w: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, R2.y t: XOR_INT T3.z, R4.w, T1.w 108 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV107.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV107.y, PV107.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.z, PV107.z, PV107.z, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV107.y, PV107.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PV107.w 109 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV108.y, R7.w y: XOR_INT T3.y, T3.y, PV108.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV108.w, T2.x w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV108.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, PS108 110 x: XOR_INT T2.x, R5.w, T3.z y: ADD_INT ____, T0.y, PV109.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PS109, PS109, 1 w: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, R8.z VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R11.w, R10.y 111 x: XOR_INT R4.x, PV110.y, T3.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.y, PV110.y, PV110.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R12.z, PV110.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV110.y, PV110.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, PV110.w 112 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV111.y, R3.x y: XOR_INT R2.y, T1.y, PV111.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV111.w, T0.x VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, T2.x, T2.x, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, PS111 113 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, PS112, PS112, 1 y: ADD_INT R3.y, T0.z, PV112.z z: ADD_INT R8.z, PV112.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT R11.w, R1.w, T1.w t: XOR_INT R5.y, R8.z, R5.z 07 ALU: ADDR(628) CNT(123) 114 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R3.y, R2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, R3.y, R3.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R13.z, R8.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R3.y, R3.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, R11.w 115 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV114.y, R1.y VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T1.y, R8.y, PV114.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV114.w, R4.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PS114, PS114, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, R5.y 116 x: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, R2.x y: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV115.z z: ADD_INT R14.z, PV115.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PS115 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R5.z, R9.z 117 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV116.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV116.y, PV116.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.z, PV116.w, PV116.w, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV116.y, PV116.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, PV116.x 118 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV117.y, R6.w y: XOR_INT T3.y, T3.y, PV117.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV117.w, T0.x w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV117.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, PS117 119 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, PS118, PS118, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, PV118.z z: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, T0.y w: XOR_INT T1.w, R2.x, R4.w VEC_210 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R9.z, R5.x 120 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV119.y, T3.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV119.y, PV119.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R15.z, PV119.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV119.y, PV119.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, PV119.z 121 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV120.y, R1.x y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV120.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV120.w, T2.x VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, PS120, PS120, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, T1.w 122 x: ADD_INT R11.x, PV121.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV121.z z: XOR_INT ____, R4.z, PS121 w: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, T0.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R4.w, R1.w 123 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV122.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV122.y, PV122.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, PV122.z, PV122.z, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV122.y, PV122.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT T3.w, R2.x, PV122.w 124 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV123.y, R9.w VEC_102 y: XOR_INT T3.y, T3.y, PV123.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV123.w, T0.x w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV123.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, T1.w 125 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R6.w, PS124 y: ADD_INT ____, R3.x, PV124.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.z, T3.w, T3.w, 1 VEC_120 w: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, R8.w VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R7.y, R6.z 126 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV125.y, T3.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV125.y, PV125.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R16.z, PV125.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV125.y, PV125.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, PV125.w 127 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV126.y, R13.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV126.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV126.w, T2.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.w, T0.x, T0.x, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PS126 128 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, PS127, PS127, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV127.z z: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, R7.y w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV127.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T3.w, R8.w, R5.w 129 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.x, PV128.y, PV128.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, PV128.y, T1.y z: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, PV128.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV128.y, PV128.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R8.w, PV128.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 130 x: XOR_INT ____, R5.z, PV129.z y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV129.x, R10.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV129.w, T3.x w: XOR_INT ____, R4.z, T3.w VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, T1.w 131 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.x, PV130.x, PV130.x, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV130.z z: XOR_INT T0.z, R13.w, PV130.w w: XOR_INT T3.w, R6.x, PS130 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R5.w, R7.z 132 x: OR_INT ____, PV131.y, R3.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PV131.y, PV131.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T3.z, PV131.y, R3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV131.y, PV131.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R4.w, PV131.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 133 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV132.y, R9.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.y, T0.z, T0.z, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV132.w, T1.y VEC_021 w: AND_INT ____, T3.y, PV132.x t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, T1.w 134 x: OR_INT R1.x, PV133.w, T3.z y: ADD_INT R9.y, R1.x, PV133.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.z, T3.w, T3.w, 1 w: ADD_INT R12.w, PV133.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT R7.y, R10.x, PS133 08 ALU: ADDR(751) CNT(121) 135 x: OR_INT ____, R9.y, R10.y y: AND_INT T1.y, R9.y, R10.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, R9.y, R9.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R9.y, R9.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R14.w, R10.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 136 x: ADD_INT ____, PV135.w, R1.x y: ADD_INT T0.y, PV135.z, R3.z z: AND_INT ____, R3.x, PV135.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, R7.y, R7.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, R7.w 137 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV136.z, T1.y y: ADD_INT R2.y, PV136.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PS136 w: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV136.x t: XOR_INT T3.w, R7.z, R8.x 138 x: OR_INT ____, PV137.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV137.w, PV137.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T3.z, PV137.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV137.w, PV137.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, PV137.z 139 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV138.y, R1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PS138, PS138, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV138.w, T3.x w: AND_INT ____, R10.y, PV138.x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.z, T3.w 140 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV139.w, T3.z y: ADD_INT ____, R5.x, PV139.z z: XOR_INT T3.z, R10.z, PS139 w: ADD_INT R15.w, PV139.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, R11.w 141 x: OR_INT ____, PV140.y, T3.y y: AND_INT T1.y, PV140.y, T3.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, PV140.y, PV140.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV140.y, PV140.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R13.w, PS140 142 x: ADD_INT ____, PV141.w, T3.x y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV141.z, R2.z z: AND_INT ____, T0.z, PV141.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, T3.z, T3.z, 1 VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, PS141 143 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV142.z, T1.y y: ADD_INT R3.y, PV142.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.z, PS142, PS142, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R1.y, PV142.x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, R4.z 144 x: OR_INT ____, PV143.w, T2.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV143.w, PV143.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV143.w, T2.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV143.w, PV143.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, PS143 145 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV144.y, R10.w y: ADD_INT R4.y, R2.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: ADD_INT ____, PV144.w, T3.x w: AND_INT ____, T3.y, PV144.x t: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, PS144 146 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV145.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV145.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, PS145, PS145, 1 w: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, R2.x t: XOR_INT T3.w, R4.z, R6.w 147 x: OR_INT ____, PV146.y, T1.y y: AND_INT T3.y, PV146.y, T1.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV146.y, PV146.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV146.y, PV146.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R10.x, PV146.w 148 x: ADD_INT ____, PV147.w, T3.x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV147.z, R11.z z: AND_INT ____, T2.z, PV147.x w: ADD_INT R11.w, R1.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PS147 149 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV148.z, T3.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.y, PS148, PS148, 1 z: XOR_INT T2.z, R8.y, T3.w w: ADD_INT ____, T0.y, PV148.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T3.w, R2.x, R9.z 150 x: OR_INT ____, PV149.w, T3.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PV149.w, PV149.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV149.w, T3.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV149.w, PV149.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R10.w, PV149.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 151 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV150.y, R9.x y: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, T2.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV150.w, T3.x VEC_021 w: AND_INT ____, T1.y, PV150.x t: XOR_INT ____, R10.z, T3.w 152 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV151.w, T0.z VEC_021 y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV151.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PV151.y, PV151.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T3.w, R1.z, PS151 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R6.w, R5.z 153 x: OR_INT ____, PV152.y, R1.y y: AND_INT T1.y, PV152.y, R1.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.z, PV152.y, PV152.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV152.y, PV152.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R16.w, PV152.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 154 x: ADD_INT ____, PV153.w, T1.x y: ADD_INT R5.y, PV153.z, R2.w VEC_021 z: AND_INT ____, T3.z, PV153.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, T3.w, T3.w, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, R13.w 155 x: OR_INT R9.x, PV154.z, T1.y y: ADD_INT R10.y, PV154.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: XOR_INT R9.z, R5.w, T1.w w: ADD_INT R2.w, T2.y, PV154.x t: XOR_INT R11.z, R10.y, PS154 09 ALU: ADDR(872) CNT(122) 156 x: OR_INT ____, R2.w, R4.z VEC_021 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, R2.w, R2.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T3.z, R2.w, R4.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R2.w, R2.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, R9.z 157 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV156.y, R12.z VEC_102 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PS156, PS156, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV156.w, R9.x w: AND_INT ____, R1.y, PV156.x t: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.z, R11.z 158 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV157.w, T3.z y: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV157.z z: XOR_INT ____, R5.z, R6.x VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV157.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T1.w, R13.w, R10.x 159 x: OR_INT ____, PV158.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T2.y, PV158.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, PV158.y, PV158.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV158.y, PV158.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PV158.z 160 x: ADD_INT ____, PV159.w, T1.x y: ADD_INT T1.y, PV159.z, R8.z z: AND_INT ____, R4.z, PV159.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, T1.y, T1.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, PS159 161 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV160.z, T2.y y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV160.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PS160, PS160, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R7.y, PV160.x t: XOR_INT T3.z, R2.z, T1.w 162 x: OR_INT ____, PV161.w, T2.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV161.w, PV161.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV161.w, T2.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV161.w, PV161.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R6.w, PV161.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 163 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV162.y, R13.z y: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, T3.z VEC_021 z: ADD_INT ____, PV162.w, T1.x w: AND_INT ____, T0.y, PV162.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, R8.y 164 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV163.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV163.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV163.y, PV163.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R10.x, R10.z VEC_102 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R1.z, PS163 165 x: OR_INT ____, PV164.y, T2.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV164.y, T2.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, PV164.y, PV164.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV164.y, PV164.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R7.w, PV164.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 166 x: ADD_INT ____, PV165.w, T1.x y: ADD_INT R9.y, PV165.z, R14.z VEC_021 z: AND_INT ____, T2.z, PV165.x w: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, T1.w t: XOR_INT T3.y, T3.w, T0.z 167 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV166.z, T0.y y: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, R5.w z: XOR_INT T0.z, T1.z, PV166.w w: ADD_INT ____, R5.y, PV166.x VEC_201 168 x: OR_INT ____, PV167.w, R1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV167.w, PV167.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV167.w, R1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV167.w, PV167.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, PV167.y 169 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV168.y, R3.w y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, T3.y, T3.y, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV168.w, T1.x w: AND_INT ____, T2.y, PV168.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T2.y, T3.z, PS168 170 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV169.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV169.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, T0.z, T0.z, 1 w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV169.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 171 x: OR_INT ____, PV170.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T3.y, PV170.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV170.y, PV170.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV170.y, PV170.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R5.w, PV170.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 172 x: ADD_INT ____, PV171.w, T3.x y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV171.z, R15.z z: AND_INT ____, R1.z, PV171.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, T2.y, T2.y, 1 173 x: OR_INT T3.x, PV172.z, T3.y y: ADD_INT R6.y, PV172.w, R33.x w: ADD_INT ____, T1.y, PV172.x 174 x: OR_INT ____, PV173.w, T1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, PV173.w, PV173.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV173.w, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV173.w, PV173.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 175 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV174.y, R11.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV174.w, T3.x VEC_021 w: AND_INT ____, T0.y, PV174.x 176 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV175.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV175.z 177 x: OR_INT ____, PV176.y, R5.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV176.y, R5.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, PV176.y, PV176.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV176.y, PV176.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 178 x: ADD_INT ____, PV177.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV177.z, R9.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.z, PV177.x 179 x: OR_INT R11.x, PV178.z, T0.y w: ADD_INT ____, R9.y, PV178.x 180 x: OR_INT R2.x, PV179.w, R15.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.y, PV179.w, PV179.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT R1.z, PV179.w, R15.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.w, PV179.w, PV179.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 10 ALU: ADDR(994) CNT(123) 181 x: ADD_INT T3.x, R9.y, R16.z z: ADD_INT ____, R9.w, R11.x w: AND_INT ____, R5.y, R2.x VEC_120 182 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV181.w, R1.z y: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV181.z 183 x: OR_INT ____, PV182.y, R9.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV182.y, R9.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV182.y, PV182.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV182.y, PV182.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 184 x: ADD_INT ____, PV183.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV183.z, R1.w z: AND_INT ____, R15.z, PV183.x 185 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV184.z, T0.y w: ADD_INT ____, R8.y, PV184.x 186 x: OR_INT ____, PV185.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV185.w, PV185.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV185.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV185.w, PV185.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 187 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV186.y, R8.w z: ADD_INT ____, PV186.w, T0.x w: AND_INT ____, R9.y, PV186.x 188 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV187.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, PV187.z 189 x: OR_INT ____, PV188.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T1.y, PV188.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV188.y, PV188.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV188.y, PV188.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 190 x: ADD_INT ____, PV189.w, T0.x y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV189.z z: AND_INT ____, T0.z, PV189.x w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV189.z, R4.w 191 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV190.z, T1.y w: ADD_INT ____, R7.y, PV190.x 192 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV191.w, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV191.w, PV191.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV191.w, PV191.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 193 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV192.y, R12.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T1.z, PV192.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV192.w, T0.x 194 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV193.z 195 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV194.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV194.y, PV194.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV194.y, PV194.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 196 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV195.y, R14.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV195.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV195.w, T1.x 197 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.y, PV196.z 198 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV197.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV197.y, PV197.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV197.y, PV197.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 199 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV198.y, R2.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV198.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV198.w, T3.x 200 y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV199.z 201 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV200.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV200.y, PV200.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV200.y, PV200.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 202 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV201.y, R15.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV201.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV201.w, T1.x 203 y: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV202.z 204 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV203.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV203.y, PV203.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV203.y, PV203.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 205 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV204.y, R3.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV204.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV204.w, T2.x 206 y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV205.z 207 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV206.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV206.y, PV206.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV206.y, PV206.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 208 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV207.y, R4.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV207.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV207.w, T1.x 209 y: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, PV208.z 210 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV209.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV209.y, PV209.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV209.y, PV209.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 211 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV210.y, R11.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV210.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV210.w, T0.x 212 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV211.z 213 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV212.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV212.y, PV212.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV212.y, PV212.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 214 x: ADD_INT R11.x, PV213.y, R10.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV213.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV213.w, T1.x 215 y: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV214.z 216 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV215.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV215.y, PV215.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV215.y, PV215.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 217 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV216.y, R16.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV216.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV216.w, T3.x 218 y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV217.z 219 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV218.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV218.y, PV218.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV218.y, PV218.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 220 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV219.y, R10.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV219.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV219.w, T1.x 221 y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV220.z 222 x: XOR_INT R2.x, PV221.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, PV221.y, PV221.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV221.y, PV221.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 223 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV222.y, R13.w y: XOR_INT R10.y, T0.y, PV222.y z: ADD_INT R15.z, PV222.w, T2.x 11 ALU: ADDR(1117) CNT(121) 224 y: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, R15.z 225 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV224.y, R10.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV224.y, PV224.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV224.y, PV224.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 226 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV225.y, R1.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, R4.y, PV225.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV225.w, R2.x 227 y: ADD_INT ____, R11.x, PV226.z 228 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV227.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV227.y, PV227.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV227.y, PV227.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 229 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV228.y, R6.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV228.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV228.w, T2.x 230 y: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV229.z 231 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV230.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV230.y, PV230.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV230.y, PV230.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 232 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV231.y, R7.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV231.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV231.w, T1.x 233 y: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV232.z 234 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV233.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV233.y, PV233.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV233.y, PV233.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 235 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV234.y, R3.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV234.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV234.w, T2.x 236 y: ADD_INT ____, R9.x, PV235.z 237 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV236.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV236.y, PV236.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV236.y, PV236.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 238 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV237.y, R5.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV237.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV237.w, T1.x 239 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV238.z 240 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV239.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV239.y, PV239.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV239.y, PV239.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 241 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV240.y, R6.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV240.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV240.w, T2.x 242 y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV241.z 243 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV242.y, PV242.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, PV242.y, T1.y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV242.y, PV242.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 244 x: ADD_INT T3.x, R38.x, PV243.x y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV243.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV243.w, T3.x 245 x: ADD_INT ____, PV244.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV244.z 246 x: XOR_INT ____, PV245.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV245.y, PV245.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R16.z, R23.x, PV245.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV245.y, PV245.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 247 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV246.y y: ADD_INT T1.y, R43.w, PV246.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV246.w, T1.y w: ADD_INT T1.w, T1.x, PV246.x VEC_120 248 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV247.y, (0x80000000, -0.0f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV247.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV247.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).y 249 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV248.y, PV248.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R6.y, R19.x, PV248.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV248.y, PV248.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT ____, PV248.y, T0.x 250 x: ADD_INT T2.x, R43.z, PV249.x y: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV249.z z: ADD_INT T1.z, T2.x, PV249.w 251 x: ADD_INT ____, R43.y, PV250.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV250.y, PV250.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: ADD_INT ____, R38.w, PV250.x w: XOR_INT ____, PV250.x, T3.x 252 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV251.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV251.y, T1.z z: XOR_INT ____, PV251.x, T1.y w: ADD_INT ____, R41.x, PV251.x t: XOR_INT T1.y, PV251.w, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 253 x: XOR_INT ____, PV252.y, T2.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PV252.z, PV252.z, 1 z: ADD_INT R15.z, PV252.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R41.y, PV252.y 254 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV253.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, T1.y, T1.y, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV253.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PV253.x, PV253.x, 1 t: XOR_INT R1.z, T3.x, PV253.y 255 x: ADD_INT ____, PV254.z, R11.y y: XOR_INT ____, PV254.w, T1.x z: ADD_INT R10.z, PV254.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV254.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R10.x, PV254.y, (0x80000000, -0.0f).y 256 x: AND_INT ____, PV255.x, R26.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV255.x, PV255.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.z, PV255.y, PV255.y, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, PV255.x, PV255.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT R6.w, R1.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).z 257 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV256.y, R36.x y: XOR_INT R11.y, R23.x, PV256.w z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV256.w, (0xDA827999, -1.836272250e16f).x w: XOR_INT R5.w, R19.x, PV256.x VEC_201 t: ADD_INT R16.w, PV256.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).y 12 ALU: ADDR(1238) CNT(126) 258 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, R10.x, R10.x, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, R1.z, R1.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, R14.z, R14.z, 1 VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, R15.z, R8.x VEC_210 t: XOR_INT T0.w, R3.w, R4.y 259 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV258.w, PV258.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R11.y, PV258.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV258.w, PV258.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: AND_INT ____, PV258.w, R11.y t: ADD_INT R2.z, PV258.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y 260 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV259.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV259.z, R5.w z: XOR_INT T1.z, R23.x, PV259.w w: XOR_INT T1.w, R7.w, PV259.x t: ADD_INT R3.y, R1.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y 261 x: ADD_INT ____, R9.x, PV260.y y: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x z: XOR_INT T0.z, R1.y, R1.z VEC_120 w: XOR_INT T3.w, R3.w, R8.x t: XOR_INT T3.y, R8.x, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x 262 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV261.x, PV261.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV261.x, PV261.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV261.x, T1.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PV261.y, PV261.y, 1 t: XOR_INT T3.z, R3.w, R1.z 263 x: ADD_INT ____, PV262.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.w, PV262.z z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV262.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: XOR_INT T1.w, T1.x, PV262.x t: ADD_INT R10.w, PV262.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y 264 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, T0.z, T0.z, 1 y: XOR_INT T0.y, R4.y, R3.w VEC_021 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, T3.w, T3.w, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R6.y, PV263.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R13.z, R3.w, R6.w 265 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV264.w, PV264.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV264.w, PV264.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV264.w, T1.w w: ADD_INT R11.w, PV264.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R12.w, PV264.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 266 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T2.x, PV265.y y: XOR_INT ____, T1.x, PV265.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV265.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, PV265.x, T1.y t: XOR_INT ____, R14.z, R15.z 267 x: ADD_INT T3.x, R7.z, PV266.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, T0.y, T0.y, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R16.z, PV266.w VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, PS266, PS266, 1 t: XOR_INT R7.w, R10.y, R2.x 268 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV267.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV267.z, PV267.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV267.z, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV267.z, PV267.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: ADD_INT R4.w, PV267.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 269 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV268.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV268.z z: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV268.w VEC_120 w: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV268.y t: XOR_INT R5.x, R2.y, T3.y 270 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV269.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV269.z, PV269.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV269.z, PV269.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV269.z, PV269.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R6.y, R15.w, T3.z 271 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV270.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV270.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV270.x, PV270.w w: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV270.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R7.z, R15.z, T0.w 272 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV271.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV271.z, PV271.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV271.z, PV271.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV271.z, PV271.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, R14.z 273 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV272.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV272.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV272.x, PV272.w w: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV272.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R16.z, R2.x, PS272 274 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV273.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, PV273.z, PV273.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV273.z, PV273.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV273.z, PV273.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, R10.y 275 x: ADD_INT R11.x, PV274.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV274.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV274.x, PV274.w w: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV274.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R4.z, R2.y, PS274 276 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV275.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PV275.z, PV275.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV275.z, PV275.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV275.z, PV275.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R14.z, R8.x 277 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV276.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV276.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV276.x, PV276.w w: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, PV276.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R8.z, R15.w, PS276 278 x: ADD_INT R9.x, T0.x, PV277.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PV277.z, PV277.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT R14.z, PV277.z, PV277.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, PV277.z, PV277.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R5.w, R10.y, R1.z 13 ALU: ADDR(1364) CNT(123) 279 x: ADD_INT T0.x, R10.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, R14.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, R9.x, R6.w VEC_021 w: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, R10.y VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R8.x, R3.w 280 x: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV279.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV279.z, PV279.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV279.z, PV279.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV279.z, PV279.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R6.w, R1.z, R15.z 281 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV280.y, (0x5A827C39, 1.836416561e16f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, PV280.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV280.x, PV280.w w: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, PV280.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R3.w, R3.w, R2.x 282 x: ADD_INT ____, R11.x, PV281.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV281.z, PV281.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV281.z, PV281.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV281.z, PV281.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R14.w, R15.z, R2.y 283 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV282.y, R10.z y: XOR_INT ____, R10.y, PV282.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV282.x, PV282.w w: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV282.y VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R10.y, R2.x, R15.w 284 x: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, PV283.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV283.z, PV283.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV283.z, PV283.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV283.z, PV283.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 285 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV284.y, R4.x y: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV284.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV284.x, PV284.w w: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV284.y VEC_120 286 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV285.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV285.z, PV285.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT ____, PV285.z, PV285.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV285.z, PV285.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 287 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV286.y y: XOR_INT ____, T3.y, PV286.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV286.x, PV286.w w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV286.y, R13.w 288 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV287.y y: AND_INT ____, PV287.z, PV287.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV287.z, PV287.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV287.z, PV287.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 289 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T0.y, PV288.y y: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV288.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV288.x, PV288.w w: ADD_INT R16.w, PV288.z, R16.w 290 x: AND_INT ____, PV289.z, PV289.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV289.z, PV289.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, R7.w, R7.w, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PV289.z, PV289.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 291 x: ADD_INT ____, PV290.y, T2.x y: XOR_INT T2.y, T0.z, PV290.w z: ADD_INT R10.z, PV290.w, R11.y w: XOR_INT T0.w, T2.y, PV290.x t: ADD_INT R11.y, PV290.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 292 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.x, R5.x, R5.x, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.y, R6.y, R6.y, 1 z: XOR_INT T1.z, R15.z, R13.z w: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV291.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T3.z, R15.z, R5.w 293 x: AND_INT ____, PV292.w, T2.y y: ADD_INT R4.y, PV292.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV292.w, PV292.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV292.w, PV292.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: ADD_INT R7.w, PV292.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 294 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.w, PV293.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV293.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R2.z, PV293.w, R2.z VEC_021 w: XOR_INT T0.w, T0.z, PV293.x t: XOR_INT ____, R11.x, R7.z 295 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV294.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, T1.z, T1.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PS294, PS294, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R6.y, R16.z t: XOR_INT T0.z, R11.x, T1.w 296 x: AND_INT ____, PV295.x, T3.x y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV295.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV295.x, PV295.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, PV295.x, PV295.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: ADD_INT R8.w, PV295.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 297 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV296.w, R3.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV296.z, T0.w z: XOR_INT T1.z, T2.w, PV296.w w: XOR_INT T0.w, T3.w, PV296.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, R4.z 298 x: ADD_INT ____, R13.w, PV297.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, T1.w, T1.w, 1 VEC_201 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.z, PS297, PS297, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R7.z, R8.z t: XOR_INT R8.z, R6.y, R6.w 299 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, PV298.x, PV298.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT R3.y, PV298.x, T1.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV298.x, PV298.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R6.w, PV298.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R13.w, PV298.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 300 x: XOR_INT R5.x, R5.w, PV299.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV299.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R16.z, PV299.x, R10.w VEC_021 w: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, T3.z VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R13.z, T0.z 301 x: ADD_INT R4.x, R16.w, PV300.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.y, T1.w, T1.w, 1 VEC_201 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, PV300.w, PV300.w, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PS300, PS300, 1 t: XOR_INT R4.z, R1.y, R3.w 14 ALU: ADDR(1487) CNT(124) 302 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, R4.x, R4.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, R4.x, R4.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: ADD_INT R14.z, R9.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z w: XOR_INT T1.w, R4.x, R5.x t: ADD_INT R16.w, R1.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 303 x: XOR_INT T3.x, R6.x, PV302.y y: ADD_INT R3.y, PV302.y, R11.w z: ADD_INT R8.z, R3.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x w: ADD_INT ____, PV302.x, R3.y t: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, R8.z 304 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, PS303, PS303, 1 y: XOR_INT T0.y, R1.z, R4.z z: ADD_INT ____, R10.z, PV303.w VEC_201 w: XOR_INT T0.w, R7.y, R10.y t: XOR_INT T1.y, R15.w, R11.x 305 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV304.z, T3.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV304.z, PV304.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV304.z, PV304.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R5.w, PV304.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, R14.w 306 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T2.y, PV305.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV305.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV305.y, R12.w VEC_102 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R12.w, T0.y, T0.y, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, PS305 307 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.z, PV306.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PS306, PS306, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R6.x, T0.w w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV306.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, R15.z 308 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV307.x, T3.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV307.x, PV307.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV307.x, PV307.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV307.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R13.z, PS307 309 x: ADD_INT ____, PV308.y, T1.x y: ADD_INT T0.y, PV308.z, R7.x VEC_021 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.z, T0.z, T0.z, 1 w: XOR_INT T0.w, T3.y, PV308.z t: XOR_INT ____, R12.w, PS308 310 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.x, PS309, PS309, 1 y: ADD_INT R10.y, PV309.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, T1.y VEC_021 w: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV309.x t: XOR_INT T1.w, R15.z, R6.y 311 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV310.w, PV310.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R5.y, PV310.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: XOR_INT T0.z, PV310.w, T0.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV310.w, PV310.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PV310.z 312 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV311.x, R4.w VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T1.y, T3.z, PV311.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV311.w, T3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.w, PS311, PS311, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.z, T1.w 313 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV312.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R16.z, PV312.z z: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, PS312 VEC_201 w: XOR_INT ____, R11.x, R1.y t: XOR_INT T1.w, R6.y, R7.z 314 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV313.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV313.y, PV313.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV313.y, PV313.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, PV313.z, PV313.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, PV313.w 315 x: ADD_INT ____, PV314.y, T0.z y: ADD_INT R11.y, PV314.z, R11.y z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV314.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT T0.w, T1.x, PV314.z t: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, PS314 316 x: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, T1.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, R1.y, R7.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, PS315, PS315, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R3.y, PV315.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R7.z, R13.z 317 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV316.w, PV316.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV316.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: XOR_INT T0.z, PV316.w, T0.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV316.w, PV316.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, PV316.x 318 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV317.x, R4.y VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T1.y, T3.z, PV317.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV317.w, T3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PS317, PS317, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R12.w, T1.y 319 x: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, T1.w y: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV318.z z: ADD_INT R10.z, PV318.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, PS318 t: XOR_INT T3.y, R7.y, R9.y 320 x: XOR_INT R11.x, PV319.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV319.y, PV319.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PV319.y, PV319.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PV319.w, PV319.w, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.y, R15.z, PV319.x 321 x: ADD_INT ____, PV320.y, T0.z y: ADD_INT R4.y, PV320.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: ADD_INT R16.z, PV320.z, R7.w w: XOR_INT R7.w, T1.x, PV320.z t: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, T3.y 322 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, T1.y, T1.y, 1 y: XOR_INT R9.y, R11.w, PS321 z: XOR_INT R13.z, R13.z, R1.z w: ADD_INT R4.w, T0.y, PV321.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R7.y, R9.y, R3.w 15 ALU: ADDR(1611) CNT(124) 323 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, R4.w, R4.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R3.y, R5.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: XOR_INT T0.z, R4.w, R7.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R4.w, R4.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, R13.z 324 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R7.z, PV323.x y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV323.x, R8.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV323.w, R11.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, R9.y, R9.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, PS323 325 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV324.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV324.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, PS324, PS324, 1 w: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, R7.y t: XOR_INT T1.w, R1.z, R6.x 326 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV325.y, PV325.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV325.y, PV325.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: ADD_INT R13.z, PV325.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV325.y, T1.x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, PV325.w 327 x: ADD_INT ____, PV326.y, T0.z y: XOR_INT T0.y, T3.x, PV326.x z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV326.x, R8.w VEC_102 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PS326, PS326, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, T1.w 328 x: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PS327 y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV327.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, R12.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, R11.y, PV327.x t: XOR_INT T1.w, R6.x, R2.y 329 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV328.w, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV328.w, PV328.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV328.w, PV328.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PV328.x, PV328.x, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R15.z, PV328.z 330 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV329.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV329.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV329.y, R6.w VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R6.w, PV329.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R1.z, PS329 331 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV330.y y: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PS330, PS330, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R12.w, R2.z VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T0.w, R2.y, R4.x 332 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV331.x, T1.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV331.x, PV331.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV331.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV331.x, PV331.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PV331.y 333 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV332.y, R13.w VEC_102 y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV332.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV332.w, T3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.w, PS332, PS332, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, T1.w 334 x: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, T0.w VEC_021 y: ADD_INT ____, R16.z, PV333.z z: ADD_INT R16.z, PV333.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, PS333 t: XOR_INT T3.y, R2.z, R14.w 335 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV334.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PV334.y, PV334.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.z, PV334.w, PV334.w, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV334.y, PV334.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT T0.y, R7.z, PV334.x 336 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV335.y, R14.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV335.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV335.w, T1.x w: ADD_INT R12.w, PV335.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, T3.y 337 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, T0.y, T0.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, T2.y, PV336.z VEC_120 z: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, R15.w w: XOR_INT T0.w, R13.w, PS336 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R14.w, R15.z 338 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV337.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV337.y, PV337.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV337.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV337.y, PV337.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R1.z, PV337.z 339 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV338.y, R16.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, R2.y, PV338.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV338.w, T3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.w, T0.w, T0.w, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, PS338 340 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV339.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV339.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.z, PS339, PS339, 1 w: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, T0.y t: XOR_INT T0.w, R15.w, R11.w 341 x: XOR_INT R4.x, PV340.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PV340.y, PV340.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R12.z, PV340.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV340.y, PV340.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, PV340.w 342 x: ADD_INT R11.x, PV341.y, R8.z y: XOR_INT R2.y, T2.y, PV341.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV341.w, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.w, PS341, PS341, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, T0.w 343 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV342.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT R11.y, T1.z, PV342.z z: XOR_INT R15.z, R16.w, PS342 w: XOR_INT R11.w, R15.z, R1.w VEC_210 t: XOR_INT R15.w, R11.w, R5.x 16 ALU: ADDR(1735) CNT(123) 344 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R11.y, R2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, R11.y, R11.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, R15.z, R15.z, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R11.y, R11.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, R11.w 345 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV344.y, R5.w y: XOR_INT T2.y, R7.y, PV344.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV344.w, R4.x w: ADD_INT R5.w, PV344.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R14.z, PS344 346 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PS345, PS345, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV345.z z: XOR_INT ____, R13.w, R15.w VEC_021 w: XOR_INT T0.w, R5.x, R1.z VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T1.w, R1.z, R3.w 347 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV346.y, T2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV346.y, PV346.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R8.z, PV346.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV346.y, PV346.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, PV346.z 348 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV347.y, R10.w VEC_102 y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV347.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV347.w, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PS347, PS347, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, R4.w 349 x: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, T0.w VEC_102 y: ADD_INT ____, R6.x, PV348.z z: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, PS348 w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV348.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T0.w, R4.w, R8.w 350 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV349.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV349.y, PV349.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R15.z, PV349.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV349.y, PV349.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.x, PV349.x 351 x: ADD_INT R6.x, PV350.y, R9.w VEC_102 y: XOR_INT T2.y, T2.y, PV350.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV350.w, T3.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.w, PV350.z, PV350.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R16.w, T0.w 352 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.x, T1.y, T1.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV351.z z: XOR_INT T1.z, R1.w, PS351 w: ADD_INT R15.w, PV351.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R14.z, T1.w 353 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV352.y, T2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV352.y, PV352.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: ADD_INT R9.z, PV352.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV352.y, PV352.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT T2.y, R9.w, PS352 354 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV353.y, R10.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV353.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV353.w, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, T1.z, T1.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, R7.z 355 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.x, T2.y, T2.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R11.x, PV354.z z: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, PS354 w: ADD_INT R11.w, PV354.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T1.w, R3.w, R13.w 356 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV355.y, PV355.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T0.y, PV355.y, T0.y z: ADD_INT R3.z, PV355.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV355.y, PV355.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, PV355.z 357 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, PS356, PS356, 1 y: ADD_INT R10.y, PV356.x, R5.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV356.w, T3.x w: XOR_INT ____, R15.z, T1.w t: XOR_INT ____, R7.z, R2.z 358 x: XOR_INT T2.x, R4.w, PV357.w y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV357.z z: XOR_INT ____, R7.x, PS357 VEC_201 w: ADD_INT R7.w, PV357.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T1.w, R13.w, R8.x 359 x: OR_INT ____, PV358.y, T1.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, PV358.y, PV358.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV358.y, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV358.y, PV358.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT T2.y, R11.x, PV358.z 360 x: ADD_INT R10.x, PV359.y, R10.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, T2.x, T2.x, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV359.w, T0.y w: AND_INT ____, T1.y, PV359.x t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, T1.w 361 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV360.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV360.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, T2.y, T2.y, 1 w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV360.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT T2.y, R5.x, PS360 362 x: OR_INT ____, PV361.y, R5.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV361.y, R5.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PV361.y, PV361.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV361.y, PV361.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R17.w, PV361.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 363 x: ADD_INT ____, PV362.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV362.z, R4.z z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV362.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, T2.y, T2.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, R16.w 364 x: OR_INT R6.x, PV363.z, T0.y y: ADD_INT R11.y, PV363.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: XOR_INT R2.z, R9.w, PS363 w: ADD_INT R13.w, R6.x, PV363.x t: XOR_INT R3.w, R8.x, R14.z 17 ALU: ADDR(1858) CNT(123) 365 x: OR_INT ____, R13.w, R7.z VEC_021 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, R13.w, R13.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, R13.w, R7.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R13.w, R13.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, R2.z 366 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV365.y, R1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PS365, PS365, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV365.w, R6.x w: AND_INT ____, R5.y, PV365.x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, R3.w 367 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV366.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV366.z z: XOR_INT T1.z, R1.z, PS366 w: ADD_INT R16.w, PV366.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R16.w, R14.w 368 x: OR_INT ____, PV367.y, T2.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV367.y, T2.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV367.y, PV367.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV367.y, PV367.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PS367 369 x: ADD_INT ____, PV368.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT T1.y, PV368.z, R10.z z: AND_INT ____, R7.z, PV368.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, T1.z, T1.z, 1 VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PS368 370 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV369.z, T0.y y: ADD_INT R10.y, PV369.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PS369, PS369, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R10.y, PV369.x t: XOR_INT ____, R14.z, R15.z 371 x: OR_INT ____, PV370.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV370.w, PV370.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV370.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV370.w, PV370.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R11.x, PS370 372 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV371.y, R4.y y: ADD_INT R4.y, T3.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: ADD_INT ____, PV371.w, T0.x w: AND_INT ____, T2.y, PV371.x t: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, PS371 373 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV372.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV372.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.z, PS372, PS372, 1 w: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, R7.x t: XOR_INT T0.w, R15.z, R1.w 374 x: OR_INT ____, PV373.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T2.y, PV373.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, PV373.y, PV373.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV373.y, PV373.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, PV373.w 375 x: ADD_INT ____, PV374.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT R3.y, PV374.z, R3.y z: AND_INT ____, T0.z, PV374.x w: ADD_INT R14.w, R15.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, T1.w, PS374 376 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV375.z, T2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PS375, PS375, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R2.y, T0.w VEC_021 w: ADD_INT ____, R7.y, PV375.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T0.w, R7.x, R9.w 377 x: OR_INT ____, PV376.w, T2.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV376.w, PV376.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV376.w, T2.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV376.w, PV376.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R3.w, PV376.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 378 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV377.y, R9.x VEC_021 y: XOR_INT ____, T3.z, T0.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV377.w, T0.x VEC_102 w: AND_INT ____, T0.y, PV377.x t: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, R4.x 379 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV378.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV378.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV378.y, PV378.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T0.w, R1.z, T0.w t: XOR_INT T1.z, R8.w, PS378 380 x: OR_INT ____, PV379.y, T3.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV379.y, T3.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, PV379.y, PV379.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV379.y, PV379.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R8.w, PV379.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 381 x: ADD_INT ____, PV380.w, T1.x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV380.z, R13.z z: AND_INT ____, T2.z, PV380.x w: XOR_INT ____, R15.z, T0.w VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R9.w, R4.w 382 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV381.z, T0.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, T2.y, T1.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV381.w, PV381.w, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, T1.y, PV381.x VEC_201 383 x: OR_INT ____, PV382.w, R1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PV382.w, PV382.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV382.w, R1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV382.w, PV382.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: ADD_INT R1.w, PV382.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 384 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV383.y, R8.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, T0.y, T0.y, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV383.w, T1.x w: AND_INT ____, T3.y, PV383.x VEC_201 385 x: OR_INT R4.x, PV384.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV384.z z: XOR_INT ____, R1.y, T2.z VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV384.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 386 x: OR_INT R9.x, PV385.y, R2.y y: AND_INT R1.y, PV385.y, R2.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.z, PV385.y, PV385.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, PV385.y, PV385.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y t: XOR_INT R9.w, T0.z, PV385.z 18 ALU: ADDR(1981) CNT(123) 387 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.w, R4.x y: ADD_INT T1.y, R13.z, R6.w z: AND_INT ____, R1.z, R9.x VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R9.w, R9.w, 1 VEC_201 388 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV387.z, R1.y y: ADD_INT R3.y, PV387.w, R37.x w: ADD_INT ____, R3.y, PV387.x 389 x: OR_INT ____, PV388.w, R13.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.y, PV388.w, PV388.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV388.w, R13.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV388.w, PV388.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 390 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV389.y, R5.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV389.w, T2.x w: AND_INT ____, R2.y, PV389.x 391 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV390.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV390.z 392 x: OR_INT ____, PV391.y, T3.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV391.y, T3.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV391.y, PV391.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV391.y, PV391.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 393 x: ADD_INT ____, PV392.w, T2.x y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV392.z, R16.z z: AND_INT ____, R13.z, PV392.x 394 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV393.z, T0.y w: ADD_INT ____, R7.y, PV393.x 395 x: OR_INT ____, PV394.w, T1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV394.w, PV394.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV394.w, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV394.w, PV394.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 396 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV395.y, R12.w z: ADD_INT ____, PV395.w, T2.x w: AND_INT ____, T3.y, PV395.x 397 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV396.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, R5.x, PV396.z 398 x: OR_INT ____, PV397.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T3.y, PV397.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV397.y, PV397.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV397.y, PV397.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 399 x: ADD_INT ____, PV398.w, T2.x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV398.z, R11.z z: AND_INT ____, T1.z, PV398.x 400 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV399.z, T3.y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.y, PV399.x 401 x: OR_INT ____, PV400.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV400.w, PV400.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV400.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV400.w, PV400.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 402 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV401.y, R1.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV401.w, T2.x VEC_021 w: AND_INT ____, T0.y, PV401.x 403 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV402.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV402.z 404 x: OR_INT ____, PV403.y, T1.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV403.y, T1.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV403.y, PV403.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV403.y, PV403.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 405 x: ADD_INT ____, PV404.w, T1.x y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV404.z, R12.z z: AND_INT ____, T0.z, PV404.x 406 x: OR_INT T1.x, PV405.z, T0.y w: ADD_INT ____, T2.y, PV405.x 407 x: OR_INT ____, PV406.w, T1.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV406.w, PV406.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T0.z, PV406.w, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV406.w, PV406.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 408 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV407.y, R3.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV407.w, T1.x VEC_021 w: AND_INT ____, T1.y, PV407.x 409 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV408.w, T0.z y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV408.z 410 x: OR_INT ____, PV409.y, T0.y y: AND_INT T1.y, PV409.y, T0.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV409.y, PV409.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV409.y, PV409.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 411 x: ADD_INT ____, PV410.w, T0.x y: ADD_INT R2.y, PV410.z, R5.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.z, PV410.x 412 x: OR_INT T0.x, PV411.z, T1.y w: ADD_INT ____, R7.y, PV411.x 413 x: OR_INT ____, PV412.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV412.w, PV412.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: AND_INT T1.z, PV412.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV412.w, PV412.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 414 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV413.y, R8.z z: ADD_INT ____, PV413.w, T0.x w: AND_INT ____, T0.y, PV413.x 415 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV414.w, T1.z y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV414.z 416 x: OR_INT ____, PV415.y, T1.y y: AND_INT T0.y, PV415.y, T1.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV415.y, PV415.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV415.y, PV415.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 417 x: ADD_INT ____, PV416.w, T2.x y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV416.z z: AND_INT ____, T0.z, PV416.x w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV416.z, R10.w 418 x: OR_INT T2.x, PV417.z, T0.y w: ADD_INT ____, T3.y, PV417.x 419 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV418.w, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV418.w, PV418.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV418.w, PV418.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 420 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV419.y, R15.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.z, PV419.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV419.w, T2.x 421 y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV420.z 422 x: XOR_INT R3.x, PV421.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.y, PV421.y, PV421.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV421.y, PV421.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 423 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV422.y, R9.z y: XOR_INT R7.y, T0.y, PV422.y z: ADD_INT R9.z, PV422.w, T0.x 19 ALU: ADDR(2104) CNT(121) 424 y: ADD_INT ____, R2.y, R9.z 425 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV424.y, R7.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV424.y, PV424.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV424.y, PV424.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 426 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV425.y, R11.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, R1.y, PV425.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV425.w, R3.x 427 y: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV426.z 428 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV427.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV427.y, PV427.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV427.y, PV427.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 429 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV428.y, R3.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV428.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV428.w, T0.x 430 y: ADD_INT ____, R10.w, PV429.z 431 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV430.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV430.y, PV430.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV430.y, PV430.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 432 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV431.y, R7.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV431.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV431.w, T1.x 433 y: ADD_INT ____, R5.x, PV432.z 434 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV433.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV433.y, PV433.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV433.y, PV433.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 435 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV434.y, R2.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV434.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV434.w, T0.x 436 y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV435.z 437 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV436.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV436.y, PV436.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV436.y, PV436.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 438 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV437.y, R17.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV437.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV437.w, T1.x 439 y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV438.z 440 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV439.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV439.y, PV439.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV439.y, PV439.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 441 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV440.y, R11.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV440.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV440.w, T0.x 442 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV441.z 443 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV442.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV442.y, PV442.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV442.y, PV442.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 444 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV443.y, R16.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV443.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV443.w, T2.x 445 y: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV444.z 446 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV445.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV445.y, PV445.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV445.y, PV445.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 447 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV446.y, R10.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV446.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV446.w, T3.x 448 y: ADD_INT ____, R5.x, PV447.z 449 x: XOR_INT T3.x, PV448.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV448.y, PV448.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV448.y, PV448.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 450 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV449.y, R4.y y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV449.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV449.w, T2.x 451 y: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV450.z 452 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV451.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV451.y, PV451.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV451.y, PV451.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 453 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV452.y, R14.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV452.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV452.w, T3.x 454 y: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV453.z 455 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV454.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV454.y, PV454.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV454.y, PV454.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 456 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV455.y, R3.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV455.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV455.w, T1.x 457 y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV456.z 458 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV457.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV457.y, PV457.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV457.y, PV457.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 459 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV458.y, R8.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV458.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV458.w, T0.x 460 y: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV459.z 461 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV460.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV460.y, PV460.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV460.y, PV460.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 462 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV461.y, R1.w y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.y, PV461.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV461.w, T1.x 463 y: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV462.z 464 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV463.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV463.y, PV463.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV463.y, PV463.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 465 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV464.y, R13.w y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV464.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV464.w, T0.x 466 y: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV465.z 467 x: XOR_INT R1.x, PV466.y, T1.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PV466.y, PV466.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV466.y, PV466.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 468 y: XOR_INT R4.y, T0.y, PV467.y z: ADD_INT ____, PV467.w, T2.x w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV467.y, R3.y 469 y: ADD_INT R3.y, R5.x, PV468.z 20 ALU: ADDR(2225) CNT(33) 470 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, R3.y, R3.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, R3.y, R4.y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R3.y, R3.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 471 x: ADD_INT R2.x, R41.y, PV470.x y: XOR_INT T0.y, R10.y, PV470.x VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV470.w, R1.x 472 x: XOR_INT R46.x, R46.x, PV471.x y: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV471.z VEC_120 473 x: XOR_INT ____, PV472.y, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV472.y, PV472.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV472.y, PV472.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y 474 x: ADD_INT R5.x, R41.x, PV473.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T2.x, PV473.y VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV473.w, T1.y w: ADD_INT T0.w, R3.x, PV473.x VEC_201 475 x: XOR_INT R45.x, R45.x, PV474.x y: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV474.z VEC_120 476 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV475.y, PV475.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV475.y, PV475.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV475.y, T1.y 477 x: ADD_INT R4.x, R38.w, PV476.y y: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV476.z VEC_120 478 x: ADD_INT R3.x, R38.z, PV477.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV477.y, PV477.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R40.x, R40.x, PV477.x 479 x: XOR_INT R44.x, R44.x, PV478.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV478.z, T1.w 480 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV479.z, R13.w 481 x: XOR_INT R12.x, R12.x, PV480.x 21 ENDLOOP i1 PASS_JUMP_ADDR(3) 22 TEX: ADDR(4424) CNT(1) VALID_PIX 482 SAMPLE R11, R0.xy0x, t4, s4 UNNORM(XYZW) 23 ALU: ADDR(2258) CNT(11) 483 x: MOV R3.x, R11.w y: MOV R0.y, R45.x z: MOV R14.z, R40.x VEC_120 t: MOV R17.y, R44.x 484 x: MOV R2.x, R11.z w: MOV R20.w, PV483.y t: MOV R18.x, R11.y 485 x: MOV R19.x, R40.w 486 x: MOV R0.x, PV485.x 487 x: MOV R4.x, R11.x 488 x: MOV R1.x, R18.x 24 LOOP_NO_AL i2 FAIL_JUMP_ADDR(44) VALID_PIX 25 ALU: ADDR(2269) CNT(123) 489 x: ADD_INT ____, R43.w, R4.x z: ADD_INT ____, R38.x, R0.x VEC_021 490 x: ADD_INT ____, R39.x, R42.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV489.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV489.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R43.z, R1.x VEC_021 491 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV490.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, R3.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, PV490.x, PV490.y t: XOR_INT T0.x, R4.x, R2.x 492 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV491.w, PV491.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: ADD_INT T2.y, R20.x, PV491.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.z, PV491.w, PV491.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: AND_INT ____, R28.x, PV491.w VEC_120 t: ADD_INT T0.w, R25.x, PV491.z 493 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R25.x, PV492.z y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV492.z, (0xDA827999, -1.836272250e16f).x z: XOR_INT T1.z, R20.x, PV492.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, R13.x, PV492.x VEC_201 494 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.x, T0.x, T0.x, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV493.w w: XOR_INT ____, R0.x, R1.x VEC_120 495 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV494.z, PV494.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV494.z, PV494.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV494.z, T1.x VEC_102 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, PV494.w, PV494.w, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R1.x, R3.x 496 x: ADD_INT ____, PV495.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, R25.x, PV495.z z: XOR_INT T1.z, T2.z, PV495.x w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV495.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: ADD_INT R1.y, PV495.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 497 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, (0x80000000, -0.0f).y z: ADD_INT R1.z, R4.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).z VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV496.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R5.z, R4.x, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x 498 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV497.w, PV497.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV497.w, PV497.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV497.w, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, PV497.x, PV497.x, 1 t: XOR_INT T2.x, R5.w, PV497.y 499 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T2.z, PV498.z y: ADD_INT R0.y, PV498.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: XOR_INT T2.z, T0.x, PV498.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV498.x, T1.y t: ADD_INT R2.z, PV498.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 500 x: XOR_INT T2.x, R6.w, (0x80000000, -0.0f).x y: XOR_INT T2.y, R3.x, R4.x z: ADD_INT ____, T2.y, PV499.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, T2.x, T2.x, 1 VEC_201 t: XOR_INT R6.z, R5.w, R6.w 501 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV500.z, PV500.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV500.z, T2.z z: ADD_INT R3.z, PV500.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV500.z, PV500.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT R7.z, R4.x, PV500.w 502 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV501.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, T0.y, PV501.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV501.w, T1.x w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV501.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 503 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, T2.y, T2.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV502.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.z, T2.x, T2.x, 1 w: ADD_INT T0.w, T3.y, PV502.x VEC_120 t: ADD_INT R10.x, R15.x, R16.x 504 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV503.y, PV503.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV503.y, T1.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV503.y, PV503.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R4.w, PV503.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R2.y, PV503.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 505 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.y, PV504.y y: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV504.z z: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV504.x w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV504.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R3.x, R6.x, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 506 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.x, PV505.y, PV505.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV505.y, PV505.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV505.y, PV505.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV505.x t: XOR_INT R4.z, R5.w, R10.z 507 x: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV506.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV506.w, PV506.z z: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV506.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV506.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R5.x, R10.z, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 508 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, PV507.y, PV507.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV507.y, PV507.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV507.y, PV507.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R0.y, PV507.x t: XOR_INT R8.z, R6.w, R6.x 509 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV508.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV508.w, PV508.z z: XOR_INT ____, R0.x, PV508.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV508.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R9.z, R7.w, R10.z 510 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, PV509.y, PV509.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT R0.y, PV509.y, PV509.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.z, PV509.y, PV509.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R0.w, T2.w, PV509.x 26 ALU: ADDR(2392) CNT(121) 511 x: XOR_INT ____, R0.x, R0.y y: ADD_INT ____, R0.w, R0.z z: XOR_INT ____, R1.x, R2.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T2.w, R2.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x VEC_201 512 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV511.y, PV511.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV511.y, PV511.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV511.y, PV511.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R1.w, PV511.x 513 x: XOR_INT ____, R1.x, PV512.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV512.w, PV512.z z: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, PV512.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV512.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 514 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV513.y, PV513.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV513.y, PV513.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV513.y, PV513.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R2.w, PV513.x 515 x: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, PV514.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV514.w, PV514.z z: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV514.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV514.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 516 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV515.y, PV515.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV515.y, PV515.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV515.y, PV515.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R3.w, PV515.x 517 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV516.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV516.w, PV516.z z: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV516.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV516.x, (0x5A827C39, 1.836416561e16f).x 518 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV517.y, PV517.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV517.y, PV517.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV517.y, PV517.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV517.x 519 x: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV518.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV518.w, PV518.z z: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV518.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV518.x, R1.y 520 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV519.y, PV519.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV519.y, PV519.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV519.y, PV519.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV519.x 521 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV520.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV520.w, PV520.z z: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV520.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV520.x, R1.z 522 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV521.y, PV521.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV521.y, PV521.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV521.y, PV521.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV521.x 523 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV522.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV522.w, PV522.z z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV522.x, R2.z w: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV522.x VEC_120 524 x: AND_INT ____, PV523.y, PV523.w y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV523.y, PV523.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV523.y, PV523.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV523.x 525 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV524.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV524.w, PV524.z z: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV524.y VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV524.y, R3.z 526 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV525.y, PV525.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, R7.w, R7.w, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.z, PV525.y, PV525.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: AND_INT ____, PV525.y, PV525.z 527 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.y, PV526.z y: ADD_INT R4.y, PV526.z, R4.w z: XOR_INT T2.z, T0.x, PV526.w w: ADD_INT ____, PV526.x, T3.x t: ADD_INT T2.x, PV526.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 528 x: XOR_INT T3.x, R4.x, R5.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.y, R4.z, R4.z, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV527.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, R3.x, R3.x, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R1.y, R5.w, R5.y 529 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV528.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV528.z, PV528.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV528.z, PV528.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z w: AND_INT ____, PV528.z, T0.x t: ADD_INT R4.x, PV528.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 530 x: ADD_INT ____, PV529.y, T2.z y: XOR_INT T0.y, T1.z, PV529.z z: XOR_INT T2.z, T0.y, PV529.w w: ADD_INT R6.w, PV529.z, R2.y t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, R4.w 531 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.x, T3.x, T3.x, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PS530, PS530, 1 z: XOR_INT R5.z, R7.w, R6.y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV530.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R0.y, R4.w, R5.z 532 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV531.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV531.w, PV531.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, PV531.w, PV531.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z w: AND_INT ____, PV531.w, T0.y t: ADD_INT R1.x, PV531.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 533 x: ADD_INT ____, PV532.y, T2.z y: XOR_INT R2.y, T0.z, PV532.z z: XOR_INT R4.z, T1.z, PV532.w VEC_201 w: ADD_INT R5.w, PV532.z, T2.x VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, R0.x 534 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, R5.z, R5.z, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.y, PS533, PS533, 1 z: XOR_INT R5.z, R7.y, R5.x w: ADD_INT R7.w, T3.z, PV533.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT R3.y, R6.y, R6.z 27 ALU: ADDR(2513) CNT(123) 535 x: XOR_INT T2.x, R7.w, R2.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, R7.w, R7.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, R7.w, R7.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT T2.w, R5.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT T1.x, R8.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 536 x: ADD_INT ____, PV535.y, R4.z y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV535.z, R3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, R5.z, R5.z, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, R3.z, PV535.z VEC_201 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, R1.y 537 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.x, PS536, PS536, 1 y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV536.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: XOR_INT T0.z, R8.y, R0.y VEC_021 w: ADD_INT ____, R3.w, PV536.x t: XOR_INT T3.x, PV536.z, R3.y 538 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV537.w, PV537.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R0.y, PV537.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y z: XOR_INT T1.z, PV537.w, T1.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV537.w, PV537.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R0.x, R7.z 539 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T3.z, PV538.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.y, T0.z, T0.z, 1 VEC_120 z: ADD_INT ____, PV538.w, T2.x w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV538.x, R4.x VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.x, PS538 540 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PS539, PS539, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R4.y, PV539.z z: ADD_INT R8.z, PV539.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, T3.x, T3.x, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R7.y, R8.z 541 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV540.y, T2.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV540.y, PV540.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV540.y, PV540.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV540.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R7.z, PV540.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 542 x: ADD_INT ____, PV541.y, T1.z VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.x, PV541.z z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV541.z, R2.x w: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, T0.y t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, R9.z 543 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, PV542.w, PV542.w, 1 y: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.w, PS542 z: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, R5.y w: ADD_INT ____, R6.w, PV542.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R10.z, R4.w 544 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV543.w, PV543.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV543.w, PV543.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV543.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV543.w, T0.y t: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, PV543.z 545 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV544.y, R1.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, T1.y, T1.y, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, T0.z, PV544.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV544.x, T2.x VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R7.x, PS544 546 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV545.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, T1.z z: ADD_INT ____, R5.w, PV545.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, PS545, PS545, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R5.y, R6.y 547 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV546.z, PV546.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, PV546.z, T0.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV546.z, PV546.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R6.w, PV546.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, PV546.y 548 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T0.y, PV547.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV547.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R9.z, PV547.x, T2.w VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.w, PS547, PS547, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.x, T1.z 549 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.y, PV548.y y: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, PS548 VEC_120 z: ADD_INT R2.z, PV548.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, R0.x VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T3.x, R0.x, R5.x 550 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV549.x, PV549.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV549.x, PV549.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.z, PV549.y, PV549.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV549.x, T2.x t: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, PV549.w 551 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV550.y, T1.x y: ADD_INT R5.y, PV550.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x z: XOR_INT T1.z, T0.x, PV550.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV550.x, T1.y t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, PS550 552 x: XOR_INT ____, R6.y, R7.y VEC_021 y: XOR_INT T1.y, R7.x, T3.x z: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV551.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, PS551, PS551, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R7.y, R8.y 553 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, PV552.z, PV552.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT R6.y, PV552.z, T1.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV552.z, PV552.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PV552.x t: ADD_INT R1.z, PV552.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 554 x: XOR_INT R0.x, T2.y, PV553.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV553.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV553.x, T3.y VEC_021 w: XOR_INT ____, R2.w, PV553.w t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, T1.y 555 x: ADD_INT R5.x, T3.z, PV554.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PS554, PS554, 1 z: XOR_INT R10.z, R8.x, T0.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PV554.w, PV554.w, 1 t: XOR_INT R6.x, R5.x, R3.z 28 ALU: ADDR(2636) CNT(123) 556 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, R5.x, R5.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, R5.x, R5.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: ADD_INT R0.z, R1.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z w: XOR_INT T1.w, R5.x, R0.x t: ADD_INT R0.x, R7.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z 557 x: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, R10.z y: ADD_INT T3.y, PV556.y, R0.y z: XOR_INT T0.z, R1.x, PV556.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV556.x, R6.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, R6.x 558 x: XOR_INT T3.x, R1.w, PS557 y: XOR_INT ____, R8.y, R3.x z: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV557.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.w, PV557.x, PV557.x, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.x, R3.z, R3.y 559 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV558.z, PV558.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T2.y, PV558.z, T0.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV558.z, PV558.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV558.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, PV558.y 560 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV559.x, R8.z y: ADD_INT ____, PV559.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.z, T3.x, T3.x, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, T1.y, PV559.x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, PS559 561 x: ADD_INT ____, R9.z, PV560.y y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV560.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R2.w, T0.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PS560, PS560, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R3.x, R7.w 562 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV561.x, PV561.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV561.x, PV561.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: XOR_INT T3.z, PV561.x, T1.w w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV561.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R0.w, PV561.z 563 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV562.y y: ADD_INT T2.y, PV562.y, R3.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, PS562, PS562, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV562.x, T2.y t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, T0.z 564 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV563.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, PS563 z: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV563.w w: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, R7.x VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R7.w, R8.x 565 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV564.z, PV564.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV564.z, PV564.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.z, PV564.y, PV564.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV564.z, T1.x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PV564.w 566 x: ADD_INT ____, PV565.y, T3.z y: XOR_INT T1.y, T1.y, PV565.x z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV565.x, R7.z VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R11.w, PV565.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PS565 567 x: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.y, PS566, PS566, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R7.x, R4.y w: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV566.x t: XOR_INT T3.z, R8.x, R5.w 568 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV567.w, PV567.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R6.y, PV567.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV567.w, PV567.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV567.w, T1.y t: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, PV567.x 569 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV568.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV568.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV568.x, R5.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, PS568, PS568, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, T0.z 570 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.y, PV569.y y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV569.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R10.z, PS569 w: XOR_INT ____, R0.w, T3.z t: XOR_INT T3.x, R4.y, R2.w 571 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PV570.x, PV570.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.y, PV570.z, PV570.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV570.x, PV570.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV570.x, T1.x t: XOR_INT T1.x, R3.y, PV570.w 572 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV571.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV571.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV571.x, R9.x VEC_021 w: ADD_INT R12.w, PV571.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, T3.x 573 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV572.y y: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, R6.z z: XOR_INT T3.z, R7.w, PS572 VEC_201 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, T1.x, T1.x, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R6.z, R1.w 574 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, PV573.x, PV573.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R2.y, PV573.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV573.x, PV573.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT R5.w, PV573.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.w, PV573.y 575 x: XOR_INT R7.x, R7.x, PV574.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV574.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R9.z, PV574.x, R6.w VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, T3.z, T3.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, PS574 576 x: ADD_INT R9.x, T2.y, PV575.y y: ADD_INT R9.y, PV575.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT R6.z, R2.w, R4.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.w, PS575, PS575, 1 t: XOR_INT R4.y, R10.z, T0.z 29 ALU: ADDR(2759) CNT(123) 577 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, R9.x, R9.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, R6.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, R9.x, R9.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, R9.x, R7.x t: ADD_INT R10.y, R2.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z 578 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R8.x, PV577.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV577.z, R5.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV577.x, R2.z w: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, PV577.y t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, R4.y 579 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, PV578.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.y, PV578.w, PV578.w, 1 z: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, R7.y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PS578, PS578, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R1.w, R0.w 580 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV579.x, PV579.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R11.y, PV579.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV579.x, PV579.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV579.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, PV579.z 581 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV580.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV580.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV580.x, R5.y w: ADD_INT R14.w, R1.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R2.w, PS580 582 x: ADD_INT ____, R5.z, PV581.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.y, PS581, PS581, 1 z: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, T0.z w: XOR_INT T1.w, R7.y, R8.z VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R0.w, R8.w 583 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV582.x, PV582.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R12.y, PV582.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV582.x, PV582.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV582.x, T1.x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, PV582.z 584 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV583.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV583.z, T3.w VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R1.z, PV583.x, R1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, PS583, PS583, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, T1.w 585 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV584.y y: ADD_INT R13.y, PV584.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, PS584 w: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, T0.z VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R8.w, R10.z 586 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV585.x, PV585.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, PV585.z, PV585.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV585.x, PV585.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV585.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT T0.x, R7.y, PV585.w 587 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV586.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV586.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R0.z, PV586.x, R0.z VEC_102 w: ADD_INT R16.w, PV586.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, R3.z 588 x: ADD_INT ____, R9.z, PV587.y y: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, PS587 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R2.w, T0.z VEC_210 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.w, T0.x, T0.x, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R3.z, R3.y 589 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV588.x, PV588.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R14.y, PV588.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV588.x, PV588.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV588.x, T1.x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PV588.y 590 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T2.x, PV589.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV589.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, PS589, PS589, 1 w: ADD_INT R0.w, PV589.x, R0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, T0.z 591 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV590.y y: ADD_INT R15.y, PV590.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.w, PS590, PS590, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R10.z, R7.w 592 x: XOR_INT T2.x, PV591.x, T2.x y: ADD_INT R16.y, PV591.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV591.x, PV591.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PV591.x, PV591.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, PV591.z 593 x: ADD_INT R9.x, PV592.w, R9.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV592.z, T2.w VEC_021 z: XOR_INT ____, R1.w, T1.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.w, PS592, PS592, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.y, R0.y 594 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV593.y y: XOR_INT T2.y, R3.z, PV593.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT R8.z, PV593.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R7.y, PS593 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R7.w, R3.w 595 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PV594.x, PV594.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV594.x, R8.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV594.x, PV594.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV594.x, R8.w t: XOR_INT T0.x, R13.w, PV594.w 596 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.x, T2.y, T2.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV595.z, T2.x z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV595.w w: ADD_INT R7.w, PV595.x, R8.y t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, T2.z 597 x: ADD_INT R0.x, R1.z, PV596.y y: OR_INT R8.y, PV596.z, T3.y z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV596.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, T0.x, T0.x, 1 t: XOR_INT R8.x, R9.w, PS596 30 ALU: ADDR(2882) CNT(121) 598 x: OR_INT ____, R0.x, R7.x y: AND_INT T3.y, R0.x, R7.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, R0.x, R0.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, R0.x, R0.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R5.z, R15.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 599 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV598.w, R10.w VEC_021 y: AND_INT ____, R8.w, PV598.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.z, R8.x, R8.x, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV598.z, R8.y t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, R6.w 600 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV599.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, PS599 z: ADD_INT ____, R0.z, PV599.w w: OR_INT T2.w, PV599.y, T3.y t: XOR_INT T2.z, R3.w, R2.w 601 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV600.z, PV600.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV600.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV600.z, PV600.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV600.z, T1.w t: XOR_INT ____, R3.x, PV600.y 602 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.x, PS601, PS601, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV601.z, T2.w z: AND_INT ____, R7.x, PV601.w w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV601.x, R4.x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, T2.z 603 x: ADD_INT ____, R0.w, PV602.y y: OR_INT T3.y, PV602.z, T3.y VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV602.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: XOR_INT T2.w, R15.w, PS602 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, R4.y 604 x: OR_INT ____, PV603.x, T0.x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV603.x, T0.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV603.x, PV603.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PV603.x, PV603.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, PS603 605 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV604.w, R11.w y: AND_INT ____, T1.w, PV604.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.z, T2.w, T2.w, 1 VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, PV604.z, T3.y t: XOR_INT ____, R10.z, PS604 606 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV605.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.y, PS605, PS605, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R9.x, PV605.w w: OR_INT T1.w, PV605.y, T2.y t: XOR_INT ____, R2.w, R1.w 607 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV606.z, PV606.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV606.z, T3.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV606.z, PV606.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV606.z, T3.w t: XOR_INT ____, R13.w, PS606 608 x: ADD_INT R6.x, R0.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV607.z, T1.w z: AND_INT ____, T0.x, PV607.w w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV607.x, R6.y t: XOR_INT ____, R0.x, PS607 609 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.w, PV608.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV608.z, T2.y z: XOR_INT ____, R4.y, R7.y VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, PS608, PS608, 1 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R1.w, R4.w 610 x: OR_INT ____, PV609.x, T2.x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV609.x, T2.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV609.x, PV609.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PV609.x, PV609.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R9.w, PV609.z 611 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV610.w, R1.y y: AND_INT ____, T3.w, PV610.x z: ADD_INT R2.z, R7.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, PV610.z, T2.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.z, PS610 612 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, PS611, PS611, 1 y: XOR_INT T3.y, R3.x, T2.z z: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV611.w VEC_120 w: OR_INT T3.w, PV611.y, T3.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R7.y, R5.y 613 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, PV612.z, PV612.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV612.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV612.z, PV612.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV612.z, T1.w t: ADD_INT R6.z, PV612.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 614 x: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, T3.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV613.z, T3.w z: AND_INT ____, T2.x, PV613.w w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV613.x, R12.w VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, T2.z 615 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV614.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV614.z, T2.y z: XOR_INT T2.z, R7.w, PS614 VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PV614.x, PV614.x, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R5.y, R3.z 616 x: OR_INT ____, PV615.x, R9.x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV615.x, R9.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV615.x, PV615.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R12.w, PV615.x, PV615.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R11.z, PV615.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 617 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV616.w, R2.y y: AND_INT ____, T1.w, PV616.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, T2.z, T2.z, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV616.z, T2.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, R5.w 618 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV617.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: XOR_INT R2.y, R10.z, PS617 z: ADD_INT R0.z, T3.x, PV617.w w: OR_INT R4.w, PV617.y, T3.y t: XOR_INT R5.y, R0.x, T1.z 31 ALU: ADDR(3003) CNT(121) 619 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, R0.z, R0.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, R0.z, R12.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, R0.z, R0.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, R0.z, R12.w t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, R2.y 620 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PS619, PS619, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV619.z, R4.w z: AND_INT ____, R9.x, PV619.w w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV619.x, R9.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, R5.y 621 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.w, PV620.y y: OR_INT T3.y, PV620.z, T3.y z: ADD_INT R0.z, PV620.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PS620, PS620, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.w, R13.w 622 x: OR_INT ____, PV621.x, T3.x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV621.x, T3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV621.x, PV621.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.w, PV621.x, PV621.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R1.z, PS621 623 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV622.w, R10.y y: AND_INT ____, R12.w, PV622.x z: ADD_INT R1.z, T3.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, PV622.z, T3.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PS622 624 x: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, R9.w y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PS623, PS623, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV623.w w: OR_INT T1.w, PV623.y, T2.y t: XOR_INT T1.z, R13.w, R3.x 625 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV624.z, PV624.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV624.z, T0.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV624.z, PV624.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV624.z, T0.w t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, PV624.x 626 x: ADD_INT R4.x, T1.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV625.z, T1.w z: AND_INT ____, T3.x, PV625.w w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV625.x, R11.y t: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PS625 627 x: ADD_INT ____, R1.w, PV626.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV626.z, T2.y z: XOR_INT T1.z, R7.w, T1.z VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PS626, PS626, 1 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R3.x, R10.z 628 x: OR_INT ____, PV627.x, T1.x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV627.x, T1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV627.x, PV627.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, PV627.x, PV627.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R10.z, PV627.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 629 x: ADD_INT R3.x, PV628.w, R14.w y: AND_INT ____, T0.w, PV628.x z: XOR_INT ____, T3.w, T1.z VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, PV628.z, T2.y 630 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV629.z, PV629.z, 1 y: XOR_INT ____, R9.w, R15.w z: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV629.w w: OR_INT T0.w, PV629.y, T3.y t: XOR_INT T2.y, R11.w, T2.z 631 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV630.z, PV630.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV630.z, R1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV630.z, PV630.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV630.z, R1.w t: XOR_INT ____, R8.x, PV630.y 632 x: ADD_INT R9.x, T2.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV631.z, T0.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV631.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV631.x, R12.y t: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.y, PS631 633 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV632.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV632.z, T3.y z: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, R0.x VEC_120 w: XOR_INT T1.w, T1.w, T2.y VEC_201 634 x: OR_INT ____, PV633.x, T3.x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV633.x, T3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV633.x, PV633.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV633.x, PV633.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PV633.z 635 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV634.w, R13.y y: AND_INT ____, R1.w, PV634.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, T1.x, T1.x, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV634.z, T2.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T1.x, T2.x, PS634 636 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, T1.w, T1.w, 1 y: ADD_INT R12.y, PV635.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV635.w w: OR_INT T1.w, PV635.y, T3.y 637 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.x, PV636.z, PV636.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV636.z, T2.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV636.z, PV636.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV636.z, T2.w t: ADD_INT R9.z, PV636.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 638 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, T1.x, T1.x, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV637.z, T1.w z: AND_INT ____, T3.x, PV637.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV637.x, R16.w VEC_021 639 x: ADD_INT ____, R13.w, PV638.y y: OR_INT T3.y, PV638.z, T3.y z: ADD_INT R3.z, R14.x, PV638.x 640 x: OR_INT ____, PV639.x, R0.x y: AND_INT R13.y, PV639.x, R0.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV639.x, PV639.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.w, PV639.x, PV639.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 641 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV640.w, R14.y y: AND_INT R14.y, T2.w, PV640.x w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV640.z, T3.y VEC_021 32 ALU: ADDR(3124) CNT(122) 642 z: ADD_INT ____, R3.x, R13.w w: OR_INT T2.w, R14.y, R13.y 643 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV642.z, PV642.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV642.z, R16.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV642.z, PV642.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV642.z, R16.w 644 y: ADD_INT ____, PV643.z, T2.w z: AND_INT ____, R0.x, PV643.w w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV643.x, R15.y 645 x: ADD_INT ____, R9.w, PV644.y y: OR_INT T3.y, PV644.z, T3.y 646 x: OR_INT ____, PV645.x, T1.x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV645.x, T1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV645.x, PV645.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PV645.x, PV645.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 647 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV646.w, R16.y y: AND_INT ____, R16.w, PV646.x w: ADD_INT ____, PV646.z, T3.y VEC_021 648 z: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV647.w w: OR_INT T2.w, PV647.y, T2.y 649 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV648.z, PV648.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV648.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV648.z, PV648.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV648.z, T1.w 650 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV649.x, R8.z y: ADD_INT ____, PV649.z, T2.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV649.w 651 x: ADD_INT ____, R1.w, PV650.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV650.z, T2.y 652 x: OR_INT ____, PV651.x, T3.x y: AND_INT T3.y, PV651.x, T3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV651.x, PV651.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV651.x, PV651.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 653 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV652.w y: AND_INT ____, T1.w, PV652.x z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV652.w, R4.z w: ADD_INT ____, PV652.z, T2.y 654 z: ADD_INT ____, R7.x, PV653.w w: OR_INT T1.w, PV653.y, T3.y 655 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV654.z, PV654.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV654.z, PV654.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV654.z, T3.x 656 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T2.w, PV655.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV655.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV655.x, R5.z 657 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV656.y 658 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV657.x, PV657.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV657.x, PV657.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV657.x, T3.x 659 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV658.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV658.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV658.x, R2.x 660 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV659.y 661 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV660.x, PV660.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV660.x, PV660.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV660.x, T1.x 662 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV661.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV661.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV661.x, R7.z 663 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV662.y 664 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV663.x, PV663.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV663.x, PV663.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV663.x, T3.x 665 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV664.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV664.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV664.x, R1.x 666 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV665.y 667 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV666.x, PV666.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV666.x, PV666.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV666.x, T1.x 668 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV667.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV667.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV667.x, R6.x 669 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV668.y 670 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV669.x, PV669.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV669.x, PV669.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV669.x, T3.x 671 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV670.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV670.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R2.z, PV670.x, R2.z 672 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV671.y 673 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV672.x, PV672.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV672.x, PV672.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV672.x, T1.x 674 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV673.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV673.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R6.z, PV673.x, R6.z 675 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV674.y 676 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV675.x, PV675.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV675.x, PV675.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV675.x, T3.x 677 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV676.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV676.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV676.x, R11.z 678 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, PV677.y 679 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV678.x, PV678.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV678.x, PV678.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV678.x, T1.x 680 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV679.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV679.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV679.x, R5.x 681 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV680.y 682 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, PV681.x, PV681.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV681.x, PV681.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT R1.w, PV681.x, T3.x 683 x: XOR_INT R5.x, T1.x, PV682.x y: ADD_INT R16.y, PV682.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R0.z, PV682.x, R0.z 33 ALU: ADDR(3246) CNT(123) 684 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.z, R16.y 685 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV684.x, PV684.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV684.x, PV684.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV684.x, R5.x 686 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R6.x, PV685.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV685.z, R1.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV685.x, R1.z 687 x: ADD_INT ____, R6.z, PV686.y 688 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV687.x, PV687.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV687.x, PV687.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV687.x, T1.x 689 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV688.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV688.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV688.x, R4.x 690 x: ADD_INT ____, R11.z, PV689.y 691 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV690.x, PV690.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV690.x, PV690.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV690.x, T3.x 692 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV691.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV691.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV691.x, R10.z 693 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, PV692.y 694 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV693.x, PV693.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV693.x, PV693.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV693.x, T1.x 695 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV694.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV694.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV694.x, R9.x 696 x: ADD_INT ____, R0.z, PV695.y 697 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV696.x, PV696.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV696.x, PV696.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV696.x, T3.x 698 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV697.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV697.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R0.z, PV697.x, R12.y 699 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV698.y 700 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV699.x, PV699.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV699.x, PV699.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV699.x, T1.x 701 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV700.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV700.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV700.x, R9.z 702 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV701.y 703 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV702.x, PV702.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV702.x, PV702.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV702.x, T3.x 704 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV703.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV703.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV703.x, R3.z 705 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV704.y 706 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV705.x, T1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV705.x, PV705.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.w, PV705.x, PV705.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 707 x: XOR_INT T3.x, T3.x, PV706.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV706.z, T3.w w: ADD_INT T3.w, R38.x, PV706.w VEC_120 708 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV707.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV707.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x 709 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV708.x, PV708.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R13.y, R27.x, PV708.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV708.x, PV708.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT ____, PV708.x, T3.x 710 x: ADD_INT T1.x, R43.w, PV709.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV709.z, T1.x z: ADD_INT T2.z, T2.z, PV709.w w: XOR_INT T0.w, T0.w, PV709.x VEC_120 711 x: ADD_INT ____, R0.z, PV710.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV710.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: XOR_INT T1.z, PV710.x, (0x80000000, -0.0f).y 712 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV711.x, PV711.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV711.x, PV711.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: XOR_INT ____, PV711.x, T0.w w: ADD_INT R9.w, R21.x, PV711.y 713 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV712.y y: ADD_INT T3.y, T0.z, PV712.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT T0.z, R43.z, PV712.x VEC_201 714 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV713.x, PV713.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: ADD_INT ____, R38.w, PV713.z z: XOR_INT ____, PV713.z, T3.w w: ADD_INT ____, R43.y, PV713.x 715 x: ADD_INT ____, PV714.x, T3.y y: ADD_INT R15.y, PV714.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: ADD_INT ____, R41.x, PV714.w w: XOR_INT ____, PV714.w, T1.x t: XOR_INT T1.x, PV714.z, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 716 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, PV715.w, PV715.w, 1 y: ADD_INT R12.y, PV715.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: ADD_INT ____, R41.y, PV715.x w: XOR_INT ____, PV715.x, T0.z 717 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV716.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV716.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, PV716.w, PV716.w, 1 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.w, T1.x, T1.x, 1 t: XOR_INT R16.y, T3.w, PV716.x 718 x: XOR_INT ____, PV717.z, T1.z y: ADD_INT R11.y, PV717.z, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV717.w, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R10.x, PV717.y t: XOR_INT R16.w, PV717.w, (0x80000000, -0.0f).y 719 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.x, PV718.w, PV718.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.y, PV718.x, PV718.x, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.z, PV718.w, PV718.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: AND_INT R1.w, R29.x, PV718.w t: XOR_INT R9.z, R9.x, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).z 34 ALU: ADDR(3369) CNT(121) 720 x: ADD_INT T2.x, R0.z, (0xDA827999, -1.836272250e16f).x y: ADD_INT R0.y, R14.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).y z: XOR_INT T1.z, R21.x, R1.w VEC_021 w: ADD_INT ____, R17.x, R10.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R3.z, R13.w 721 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.x, R16.y, R16.y, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R12.y, R16.w, R16.w, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R12.y, PV720.w VEC_201 w: XOR_INT ____, R27.x, R0.z t: XOR_INT T3.z, R9.x, R14.y 722 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV721.z, PV721.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV721.z, PV721.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV721.z, PV721.w w: ADD_INT R11.w, PV721.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R10.y, PV721.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 723 x: ADD_INT ____, PV722.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T3.y, R27.x, PV722.z z: XOR_INT T1.z, R0.z, PV722.x w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV722.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R4.x, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).y 724 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, PS723, PS723, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.y, R14.y, R14.y, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R3.z, R12.y VEC_021 w: ADD_INT ____, R15.y, PV723.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R10.x, R12.y, (0x000002A0, 9.416725680e-43f).x 725 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV724.w, PV724.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV724.w, PV724.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: AND_INT ____, PV724.w, T1.z w: ADD_INT R7.w, PV724.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R10.z, PV724.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 726 x: XOR_INT T1.x, R0.z, PV725.z y: ADD_INT T0.y, PV725.y, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x z: XOR_INT T1.z, T3.x, PV725.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV725.x, T3.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, R15.y 727 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R13.w, R5.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.y, T0.z, T0.z, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, R9.w, PV726.w VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, PS726, PS726, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.y, R3.z, R15.y 728 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, PV727.z, PV727.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV727.z, T1.z z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV727.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV727.z, PV727.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: ADD_INT R2.z, PV727.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y 729 x: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PV728.y y: XOR_INT T3.y, T2.y, PV728.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV728.w, T1.x w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV728.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R14.y, R16.y 730 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, T0.x, T0.x, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, R13.y, PV729.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.z, PS729, PS729, 1 w: ADD_INT T3.w, T2.x, PV729.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R0.z, R4.x, R15.w 731 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV730.y, PV730.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV730.y, T3.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV730.y, PV730.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R12.w, PV730.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R4.z, PV730.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 732 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.y, PV731.y y: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV731.z z: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, PV731.x w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV731.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R14.w, R7.x, R10.x 733 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV732.y, PV732.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV732.y, PV732.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV732.y, PV732.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV732.x t: XOR_INT R2.x, R5.z, T1.y 734 x: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, PV733.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV733.w, PV733.z z: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV733.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R9.w, PV733.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R13.y, R5.x, R9.z 735 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, PV734.y, PV734.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV734.y, PV734.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV734.y, PV734.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T0.y, PV734.x t: XOR_INT R5.y, R16.y, T2.z 736 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV735.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV735.w, PV735.z z: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV735.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R16.w, PV735.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R9.y, R15.w, T3.z 737 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.x, PV736.y, PV736.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV736.y, PV736.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV736.y, PV736.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV736.x t: XOR_INT ____, R13.w, R4.x 738 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV737.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV737.w, PV737.z z: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, PV737.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV737.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT R2.y, R7.x, PS737 739 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.x, PV738.y, PV738.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT R14.y, PV738.y, PV738.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, PV738.y, PV738.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R13.w, T3.w, PV738.x t: XOR_INT R3.z, R14.y, R12.y 35 ALU: ADDR(3490) CNT(125) 740 x: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, R14.y y: ADD_INT ____, R13.w, R9.z VEC_102 z: XOR_INT ____, R10.x, R6.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T3.w, R6.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT T2.y, R5.z, R3.z 741 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV740.y, PV740.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV740.y, PV740.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV740.y, PV740.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R9.w, PV740.x t: XOR_INT T3.z, R4.x, R15.y 742 x: XOR_INT ____, R10.x, PV741.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV741.w, PV741.z z: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, PV741.x VEC_201 w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV741.x, (0x5A827999, 1.836272250e16f).x t: XOR_INT T1.z, R12.y, R5.x 743 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV742.y, PV742.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV742.y, PV742.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV742.y, PV742.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R16.w, PV742.x t: XOR_INT R3.z, R15.y, R16.y 744 x: XOR_INT ____, R6.x, PV743.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV743.w, PV743.z z: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV743.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV743.x, (0x5A827C39, 1.836416561e16f).x t: XOR_INT R6.z, R5.x, R15.w 745 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV744.y, PV744.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV744.y, PV744.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV744.y, PV744.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, R1.w, PV744.x t: XOR_INT R1.z, R16.y, R7.x 746 x: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV745.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV745.w, PV745.z z: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV745.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV745.x, R11.y t: XOR_INT R5.x, R15.w, R5.z 747 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV746.y, PV746.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV746.y, PV746.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV746.y, PV746.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV746.x 748 x: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV747.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV747.w, PV747.z z: XOR_INT ____, T1.x, PV747.x VEC_120 w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV747.x, R1.x VEC_021 749 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV748.y, PV748.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT ____, PV748.y, PV748.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV748.y, PV748.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV748.x 750 x: XOR_INT ____, T1.x, PV749.y y: ADD_INT ____, PV749.w, PV749.z z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV749.x, R7.z w: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PV749.x VEC_120 751 x: AND_INT ____, PV750.y, PV750.w y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV750.y, PV750.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV750.y, PV750.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV750.x 752 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T2.x, PV751.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV751.w, PV751.z z: XOR_INT ____, T0.x, PV751.y VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R15.w, PV751.y, R0.y 753 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV752.y, PV752.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.y, R0.z, R0.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, PV752.y, PV752.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: AND_INT ____, PV752.y, PV752.z 754 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.y, PV753.z y: ADD_INT R0.y, PV753.z, R11.w z: XOR_INT T2.z, T0.x, PV753.w w: ADD_INT ____, PV753.x, T2.x t: ADD_INT R6.x, PV753.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 755 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, R14.w, R14.w, 1 y: XOR_INT T1.y, R11.y, R13.y z: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV754.w VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, R2.x, R2.x, 1 t: XOR_INT R13.y, R11.y, T3.z 756 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV755.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV755.z, PV755.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV755.z, PV755.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z w: AND_INT ____, PV755.z, T0.x t: ADD_INT R8.z, PV755.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 757 x: ADD_INT ____, PV756.y, T2.z y: XOR_INT T0.y, T0.z, PV756.z z: XOR_INT T2.z, T0.y, PV756.w w: ADD_INT R14.w, PV756.z, R10.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R1.x, R5.y 758 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.x, T1.y, T1.y, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.y, PS757, PS757, 1 z: XOR_INT T1.z, R11.w, R9.y w: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV757.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT R9.y, R1.x, T1.z 759 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV758.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV758.w, PV758.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, PV758.w, PV758.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z w: AND_INT ____, PV758.w, T0.y t: ADD_INT R12.z, PV758.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x 760 x: ADD_INT ____, PV759.y, T2.z y: XOR_INT T0.y, T3.z, PV759.z z: XOR_INT R0.z, T0.z, PV759.w VEC_201 w: ADD_INT R7.w, PV759.z, R7.w t: XOR_INT ____, R10.x, R2.y 761 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, T1.z, T1.z, 1 y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.y, PS760, PS760, 1 z: XOR_INT R3.z, R10.y, T2.y w: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, PV760.x VEC_201 t: XOR_INT R5.y, R11.w, R3.z 762 x: XOR_INT R2.x, PV761.w, T0.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PV761.w, PV761.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PV761.w, PV761.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R1.w, PV761.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: ADD_INT R13.z, PV761.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z 36 ALU: ADDR(3615) CNT(123) 763 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.y, R0.z y: XOR_INT ____, R9.x, R13.y VEC_021 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R9.x, R5.x w: XOR_INT T3.w, R9.z, R7.z VEC_021 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R7.x, R11.y 764 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.x, R3.z, R3.z, 1 y: ADD_INT T1.y, R7.z, R10.z VEC_120 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.z, PV763.y, PV763.y, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, R15.w, PV763.x t: XOR_INT T0.x, R16.y, R9.y 765 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV764.w, PV764.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R9.y, PV764.x, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y z: XOR_INT T1.z, PV764.w, T3.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, PV764.w, PV764.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z t: ADD_INT R10.z, PV764.z, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).y 766 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R7.z, PV765.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, T0.x, T0.x, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, PV765.w, R2.x w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV765.x, R11.z t: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, R5.y 767 x: XOR_INT ____, R10.x, R6.z VEC_021 y: ADD_INT ____, R0.y, PV766.z z: ADD_INT R1.z, PV766.y, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, PS766, PS766, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.y, R10.y, R1.z 768 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV767.y, T0.x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV767.y, PV767.y, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, PV767.y, PV767.y, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y w: ADD_INT R13.w, PV767.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, PV767.x 769 x: ADD_INT ____, PV768.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T0.y, T2.x, PV768.z z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV768.z, R2.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.w, PS768, PS768, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, T0.y 770 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PS769, PS769, 1 y: XOR_INT T2.y, R15.w, T0.z VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV769.w, (0x6ED9EBA1, 3.372155250e28f).x w: ADD_INT ____, R14.w, PV769.x VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R16.y, T2.z 771 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV770.w, PV770.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.y, PV770.w, PV770.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV770.x, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV770.w, T0.y t: XOR_INT T2.x, R16.w, PS770 772 x: ADD_INT R2.x, PV771.y, R12.w y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.y, T2.y, T2.y, 1 z: XOR_INT T3.z, T3.z, PV771.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV771.x, T0.x VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.z, R1.x 773 x: ADD_INT R0.x, PV772.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R5.x, PS772 z: ADD_INT ____, R7.w, PV772.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, T2.x, T2.x, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R11.y, R11.w 774 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV773.z, PV773.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T2.y, PV773.z, T3.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV773.z, PV773.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV773.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R7.x, PV773.y 775 x: XOR_INT T2.x, T0.y, PV774.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV774.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV774.x, R4.z VEC_102 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R12.w, PS774, PS774, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.z, T0.z 776 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.y, PV775.y y: ADD_INT R13.y, PV775.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, PS775 VEC_201 w: XOR_INT ____, R1.x, R10.x t: XOR_INT T0.z, R11.w, R10.y 777 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV776.x, PV776.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.y, PV776.x, PV776.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.z, PV776.z, PV776.z, 1 w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV776.x, T2.x t: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, PV776.w 778 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV777.y, R6.x y: ADD_INT R15.y, PV777.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT T3.z, T0.x, PV777.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV777.x, T2.y t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PS777 779 x: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, PS778, PS778, 1 z: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV778.w VEC_120 w: XOR_INT T2.w, R10.x, R9.x t: XOR_INT T0.z, R10.y, R16.y 780 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R10.x, PV779.z, PV779.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT R10.y, PV779.z, T3.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV779.z, PV779.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R5.w, PV779.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R12.w, PV779.x 781 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T1.y, PV780.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV780.z, T3.w VEC_102 z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV780.x, R4.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.w, PS780, PS780, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R16.w, T2.w 782 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV781.y y: ADD_INT R12.y, PV781.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, PS781 VEC_120 w: XOR_INT ____, R7.x, T0.z VEC_021 t: XOR_INT R4.x, R9.x, R5.x 783 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.x, PV782.x, PV782.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.y, PV782.x, PV782.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.z, PV782.z, PV782.z, 1 w: XOR_INT R11.w, PV782.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT R6.x, R2.y, PV782.w 37 ALU: ADDR(3738) CNT(124) 784 x: ADD_INT R4.x, R6.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: ADD_INT T0.y, R11.y, R8.z z: XOR_INT T0.z, R10.x, R11.y VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, R9.x, R10.y t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, R4.x 785 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R14.w, PS784 y: XOR_INT ____, R16.y, R3.z z: ADD_INT ____, R2.x, PV784.w w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.w, R6.x, R6.x, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T2.x, R5.x, R5.y 786 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV785.z, PV785.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, PV785.z, T0.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV785.z, PV785.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: ADD_INT R0.w, PV785.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, PV785.y 787 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV786.x, R8.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV786.z, R11.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.z, T0.x, T0.x, 1 w: XOR_INT T2.w, R11.y, PV786.x t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, PS786 788 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV787.y y: ADD_INT R16.y, PV787.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R12.w, T2.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PS787, PS787, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R3.z, R15.w 789 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV788.x, PV788.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.y, PV788.x, PV788.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y z: XOR_INT T1.z, PV788.x, T2.w w: ADD_INT R10.w, PV788.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).z t: XOR_INT ____, R9.w, PV788.z 790 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV789.y y: ADD_INT T1.y, PV789.y, R12.z VEC_102 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.z, PS789, PS789, 1 w: ADD_INT ____, PV789.x, T1.y t: XOR_INT ____, R2.z, T0.z 791 x: ADD_INT R5.x, PV790.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, PS790 z: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV790.w w: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, R16.w t: XOR_INT T0.z, R15.w, R7.x 792 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV791.z, PV791.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV791.z, PV791.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.z, PV791.y, PV791.y, 1 w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV791.z, T1.x t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PV791.w 793 x: ADD_INT ____, PV792.y, T1.z y: XOR_INT T2.y, T2.y, PV792.x z: ADD_INT R12.z, PV792.x, R1.w w: ADD_INT R17.w, PV792.z, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, PS792 794 x: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, T0.z y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.y, PS793, PS793, 1 z: XOR_INT T0.z, R16.w, R0.y VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, R5.z, PV793.x t: XOR_INT T1.z, R7.x, R7.w 795 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV794.w, PV794.w, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R10.y, PV794.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV794.w, PV794.w, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV794.w, T2.y t: XOR_INT ____, R0.z, PV794.x 796 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV795.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV795.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV795.x, R13.z VEC_102 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.w, PS795, PS795, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, T0.z 797 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.y, PV796.y y: ADD_INT R14.y, PV796.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, PS796 w: XOR_INT ____, R9.w, T1.z t: XOR_INT T0.x, R0.y, R12.w 798 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PV797.x, PV797.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R0.y, PV797.z, PV797.z, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV797.x, PV797.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV797.x, T1.x t: XOR_INT T1.x, R5.y, PV797.w 799 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T2.x, PV798.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV798.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R3.z, PV798.x, R9.y w: ADD_INT R18.w, PV798.y, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, T0.x 800 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV799.y y: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, R2.z z: XOR_INT T1.z, R16.w, PS799 VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.w, T1.x, T1.x, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T1.x, R12.w, R2.y 801 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, PV800.x, PV800.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R7.y, PV800.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV800.x, PV800.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT R7.w, PV800.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R11.w, PV800.y 802 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R7.x, PV801.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV801.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV801.x, R10.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R15.w, T1.z, T1.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, PS801 803 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.y, PV802.y y: ADD_INT R1.y, PV802.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x z: XOR_INT ____, R0.z, T1.x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R4.w, PS802, PS802, 1 t: XOR_INT R13.z, R2.z, R14.w 804 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PV803.x, PV803.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R4.y, PV803.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.z, PV803.x, PV803.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT R12.w, PV803.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT R10.z, R1.w, PV803.z 38 ALU: ADDR(3862) CNT(121) 805 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R1.x, R7.x y: ADD_INT ____, R2.z, R7.w VEC_102 z: ADD_INT T3.z, R7.x, R1.z VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.w, R10.z, R10.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, R9.w 806 x: ADD_INT ____, R12.z, PV805.y y: XOR_INT ____, R9.z, R13.z VEC_120 z: ADD_INT R12.z, PV805.w, (0x8F1BBCDC, -7.678463012e-30f).x w: XOR_INT T2.w, R16.w, PS805 t: XOR_INT T1.z, R9.w, R11.w 807 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV806.x, PV806.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, PV806.y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV806.x, PV806.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T3.w, PV806.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, R6.z 808 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R7.x, PV807.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV807.z, R12.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV807.x, R13.w VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R14.w, PV807.y, PV807.y, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, PS807 809 x: ADD_INT ____, R5.z, PV808.y y: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, PS808 z: ADD_INT R5.z, PV808.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: XOR_INT T2.w, R7.w, T2.w VEC_120 t: XOR_INT ____, R6.z, R8.z 810 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV809.x, PV809.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.y, PV809.y, PV809.y, 1 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV809.x, PV809.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV809.x, T0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, PS809 811 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV810.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV810.z, T3.w z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV810.x, R7.z w: ADD_INT R19.w, PV810.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x t: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, PS810 812 x: ADD_INT ____, R3.z, PV811.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.y, PS811, PS811, 1 z: XOR_INT T1.z, R1.w, T1.z VEC_021 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R6.w, T2.w, T2.w, 1 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R11.w, R9.z 813 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV812.x, PV812.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: ADD_INT R6.y, PV812.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).y z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV812.x, PV812.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).z w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV812.x, T1.x t: ADD_INT R3.z, PV812.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).y 814 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV813.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV813.z, T0.w z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV813.x, R11.z VEC_021 w: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, T1.z VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, T0.z 815 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV814.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, R11.y, PS814 z: XOR_INT ____, R8.z, R0.z VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PV814.w, PV814.w, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R0.z, R5.y 816 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV815.x, PV815.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, PV815.z z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV815.x, PV815.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T0.w, PV815.x, T0.x t: ADD_INT R0.z, PV815.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 817 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV816.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV816.z, T2.w z: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, PV816.y w: ADD_INT R12.w, PV816.x, R0.x t: XOR_INT ____, R7.w, T0.z 818 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV817.y y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.y, T1.y, T1.y, 1 z: XOR_INT T3.z, R3.w, PS817 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R9.w, PV817.z, PV817.z, 1 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R9.z, R16.w 819 x: XOR_INT T1.x, PV818.x, T1.x y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV818.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV818.x, PV818.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R11.w, PV818.x, PV818.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).z t: ADD_INT R9.z, PV818.y, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x 820 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV819.w, R2.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV819.z, T0.w VEC_021 z: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, T0.z w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R13.w, T3.z, T3.z, 1 t: XOR_INT ____, R5.y, R0.y 821 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV820.y y: XOR_INT T1.y, R9.w, PV820.z z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV820.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: XOR_INT ____, R9.y, PS820 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R16.w, R1.w 822 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, PV821.x, PV821.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV821.x, R11.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV821.x, PV821.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV821.x, R11.w t: XOR_INT T3.x, R2.y, PV821.w 823 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, T1.y, T1.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV822.z, T1.x z: AND_INT ____, T0.x, PV822.w w: ADD_INT R2.w, PV822.x, R13.y t: XOR_INT ____, R6.w, T2.z 824 x: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, PV823.y y: OR_INT R13.y, PV823.z, T0.y z: ADD_INT R8.z, PV823.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, T3.x, T3.x, 1 t: XOR_INT R7.x, R13.w, PS823 825 x: OR_INT R0.x, PV824.x, R1.x y: AND_INT R5.y, PV824.x, R1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.z, PV824.x, PV824.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R16.w, PV824.x, PV824.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R6.z, PV824.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 39 ALU: ADDR(3983) CNT(122) 826 x: ADD_INT T0.x, R16.w, R15.y y: AND_INT ____, R11.w, R0.x VEC_201 z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.z, R7.x, R7.x, 1 VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, R7.z, R13.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R0.y, R15.w 827 x: ADD_INT R0.x, PV826.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: XOR_INT ____, R11.y, PS826 z: ADD_INT ____, R11.z, PV826.w w: OR_INT T0.w, PV826.y, R5.y t: XOR_INT T2.z, R1.w, R4.w 828 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV827.z, PV827.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV827.z, R16.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV827.z, PV827.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV827.z, R16.w t: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, PV827.y 829 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PS828, PS828, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV828.z, T0.w z: AND_INT ____, R1.x, PV828.w w: ADD_INT T3.w, PV828.x, R5.w VEC_102 t: XOR_INT ____, R3.w, T2.z 830 x: ADD_INT ____, R12.w, PV829.y y: OR_INT T0.y, PV829.z, T0.y VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R7.z, PV829.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: XOR_INT T0.w, R8.w, PS829 VEC_120 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R7.w, R9.y 831 x: OR_INT ____, PV830.x, T3.x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV830.x, T3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV830.x, PV830.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV830.x, PV830.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT ____, R15.w, R7.w 832 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV831.w, R12.y y: AND_INT ____, R16.w, PV831.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.z, T0.w, T0.w, 1 VEC_120 w: ADD_INT ____, PV831.z, T0.y VEC_021 t: XOR_INT ____, R9.w, PS831 833 x: ADD_INT R7.x, PV832.z, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: XOR_INT T1.y, T3.z, PS832 z: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV832.w w: OR_INT T0.w, PV832.y, T1.y t: XOR_INT ____, R4.w, R14.w 834 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV833.z, PV833.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV833.z, T2.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV833.z, PV833.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV833.z, T2.w t: XOR_INT ____, R2.y, PS833 835 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, T1.y, T1.y, 1 y: ADD_INT ____, PV834.z, T0.w z: AND_INT ____, T3.x, PV834.w w: ADD_INT R4.w, PV834.x, R4.x t: XOR_INT ____, T2.x, PS834 836 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.w, PV835.y y: OR_INT T0.y, PV835.z, T0.y z: ADD_INT R13.z, PV835.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PS835, PS835, 1 t: XOR_INT T1.y, R13.w, T2.z 837 x: OR_INT ____, PV836.x, T1.x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV836.x, T1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV836.x, PV836.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.w, PV836.x, PV836.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R1.z, PV836.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 838 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV837.w, R0.w VEC_021 y: AND_INT ____, T2.w, PV837.x z: XOR_INT ____, T0.z, T1.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV837.z, T0.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT T0.z, R11.y, R9.w 839 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV838.z, PV838.z, 1 y: XOR_INT ____, R14.w, R6.w z: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV838.w w: OR_INT T2.w, PV838.y, T2.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT T2.z, R9.y, R11.y 840 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, PV839.z, PV839.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T2.y, PV839.z, T0.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV839.z, PV839.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV839.z, T0.w t: XOR_INT ____, R2.x, PV839.y 841 x: ADD_INT R6.x, T0.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x y: ADD_INT ____, PV840.z, T2.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV840.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R14.w, PV840.x, R16.y t: XOR_INT ____, T3.x, PS840 842 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.w, PV841.y y: OR_INT T2.y, PV841.z, T2.y z: XOR_INT T0.z, R6.w, R3.w VEC_120 w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PS841, PS841, 1 t: XOR_INT T3.y, T2.x, T0.z 843 x: OR_INT ____, PV842.x, R2.x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV842.x, R2.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV842.x, PV842.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.w, PV842.x, PV842.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: XOR_INT T1.y, R8.w, T2.z 844 x: ADD_INT R8.x, PV843.w, R10.w y: AND_INT ____, T0.w, PV843.x z: ADD_INT R2.z, T3.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, PV843.z, T2.y t: XOR_INT ____, T3.z, T0.z 845 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T1.w, T1.y VEC_021 y: XOR_INT R11.y, T0.x, PS844 z: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV844.w VEC_120 w: OR_INT T1.w, PV844.y, T0.y VEC_102 t: XOR_INT R10.w, T3.w, T3.y 846 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R1.x, PV845.z, PV845.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT R9.y, PV845.z, R8.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV845.z, PV845.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV845.z, R8.w 847 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R2.x, T0.x, T0.x, 1 y: ADD_INT R16.y, PV846.z, T1.w z: AND_INT R11.z, R2.x, PV846.w VEC_120 w: ADD_INT R3.w, PV846.x, R5.x VEC_021 40 ALU: ADDR(4105) CNT(124) 848 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.w, R16.y y: OR_INT T0.y, R11.z, R9.y VEC_021 z: ADD_INT R11.z, R2.x, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.w, R11.y, R11.y, 1 849 x: OR_INT ____, PV848.x, R1.x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV848.x, R1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV848.x, PV848.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PV848.x, PV848.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y t: ADD_INT R10.z, PV848.w, (0xCA62C1D6, -3715189.5f).z 850 x: ADD_INT T2.x, PV849.w, R17.w y: AND_INT ____, R8.w, PV849.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, R10.w, R10.w, 1 VEC_201 w: ADD_INT ____, PV849.z, T0.y 851 y: ADD_INT R9.y, R43.x, PV850.z z: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV850.w VEC_120 w: OR_INT T1.w, PV850.y, T1.y 852 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV851.z, PV851.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV851.z, T3.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV851.z, PV851.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV851.z, T3.w 853 y: ADD_INT ____, PV852.z, T1.w z: AND_INT ____, R1.x, PV852.w w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV852.x, R10.y 854 x: ADD_INT ____, R14.w, PV853.y y: OR_INT T1.y, PV853.z, T1.y 855 x: OR_INT ____, PV854.x, T0.x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV854.x, T0.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV854.x, PV854.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.w, PV854.x, PV854.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 856 x: ADD_INT T3.x, PV855.w, R14.y y: AND_INT ____, T3.w, PV855.x w: ADD_INT ____, PV855.z, T1.y VEC_021 857 z: ADD_INT ____, R8.x, PV856.w w: OR_INT T3.w, PV856.y, T0.y 858 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV857.z, PV857.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV857.z, T1.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV857.z, PV857.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV857.z, T1.w 859 y: ADD_INT ____, PV858.z, T3.w z: AND_INT ____, T0.x, PV858.w w: ADD_INT T2.w, PV858.x, R18.w VEC_021 860 x: ADD_INT ____, R3.w, PV859.y y: OR_INT T0.y, PV859.z, T0.y 861 x: OR_INT ____, PV860.x, T1.x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV860.x, T1.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV860.x, PV860.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.w, PV860.x, PV860.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 862 x: ADD_INT T0.x, PV861.w, R7.y y: AND_INT ____, T1.w, PV861.x w: ADD_INT ____, PV861.z, T0.y VEC_021 863 z: ADD_INT ____, T2.x, PV862.w w: OR_INT T1.w, PV862.y, T1.y 864 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.x, PV863.z, PV863.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV863.z, T3.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV863.z, PV863.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV863.z, T3.w 865 y: ADD_INT ____, PV864.z, T1.w z: AND_INT ____, T1.x, PV864.w w: ADD_INT T1.w, PV864.x, R1.y 866 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.w, PV865.y y: OR_INT T1.y, PV865.z, T1.y 867 x: OR_INT ____, PV866.x, T2.x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV866.x, T2.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV866.x, PV866.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.w, PV866.x, PV866.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 868 x: ADD_INT T1.x, PV867.w, R4.y y: AND_INT ____, T3.w, PV867.x w: ADD_INT ____, PV867.z, T1.y VEC_021 869 z: ADD_INT ____, T3.x, PV868.w w: OR_INT T3.w, PV868.y, T0.y 870 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T3.x, PV869.z, PV869.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV869.z, T0.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV869.z, PV869.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV869.z, T0.w 871 y: ADD_INT ____, PV870.z, T3.w z: AND_INT ____, T2.x, PV870.w w: ADD_INT R18.w, PV870.x, R12.z 872 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.w, PV871.y y: OR_INT T0.y, PV871.z, T0.y 873 x: OR_INT ____, PV872.x, T3.x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV872.x, T3.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV872.x, PV872.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV872.x, PV872.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 874 x: ADD_INT R1.x, PV873.w, R5.z y: AND_INT ____, T0.w, PV873.x w: ADD_INT ____, PV873.z, T0.y 875 z: ADD_INT ____, T0.x, PV874.w w: OR_INT T0.w, PV874.y, T1.y 876 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV875.z, PV875.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: AND_INT T1.y, PV875.z, T2.w z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV875.z, PV875.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: OR_INT ____, PV875.z, T2.w 877 x: ADD_INT R4.x, PV876.x, R19.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV876.z, T0.w VEC_021 z: AND_INT ____, T3.x, PV876.w 878 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.w, PV877.y y: OR_INT T1.y, PV877.z, T1.y 879 x: OR_INT ____, PV878.x, T0.x y: AND_INT T0.y, PV878.x, T0.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV878.x, PV878.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT R3.w, PV878.x, PV878.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 880 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV879.w y: AND_INT ____, T2.w, PV879.x z: ADD_INT R12.z, PV879.w, R6.y w: ADD_INT ____, PV879.z, T1.y VEC_021 881 z: ADD_INT ____, T1.x, PV880.w w: OR_INT R19.w, PV880.y, T0.y 882 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R8.x, PV881.z, PV881.z, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R5.z, PV881.z, PV881.z, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT R14.w, PV881.z, T0.x 41 ALU: ADDR(4229) CNT(123) 883 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R3.w, R8.x y: ADD_INT ____, R5.z, R19.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, R8.x, R3.z 884 x: ADD_INT ____, R18.w, PV883.y 885 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV884.x, PV884.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV884.x, PV884.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV884.x, T0.x 886 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R8.x, PV885.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV885.z, R14.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV885.x, R0.z 887 x: ADD_INT ____, R1.x, PV886.y 888 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV887.x, PV887.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV887.x, PV887.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV887.x, T0.x 889 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV888.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV888.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV888.x, R8.y 890 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.x, PV889.y 891 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV890.x, PV890.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV890.x, PV890.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV890.x, T1.x 892 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV891.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV891.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV891.x, R9.z 893 x: ADD_INT ____, R12.z, PV892.y 894 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV893.x, PV893.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV893.x, PV893.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV893.x, T0.x 895 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV894.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV894.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV894.x, R4.z 896 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV895.y 897 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV896.x, PV896.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV896.x, PV896.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV896.x, T1.x 898 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV897.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV897.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV897.x, R8.z 899 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV898.y 900 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV899.x, PV899.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV899.x, PV899.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV899.x, T0.x 901 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV900.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV900.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT T3.z, PV900.x, R6.z 902 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV901.y 903 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV902.x, PV902.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV902.x, PV902.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV902.x, T1.x 904 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV903.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV903.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT T2.z, PV903.x, R0.x 905 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV904.y 906 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV905.x, PV905.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV905.x, PV905.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV905.x, T0.x 907 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV906.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV906.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT T1.z, PV906.x, R7.z 908 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV907.y 909 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV908.x, PV908.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV908.x, PV908.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV908.x, T1.x 910 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV909.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV909.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R4.z, PV909.x, R7.x 911 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV910.y 912 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV911.x, PV911.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV911.x, PV911.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV911.x, T0.x 913 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV912.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV912.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT T0.z, PV912.x, R13.z 914 x: ADD_INT ____, T3.z, PV913.y 915 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV914.x, PV914.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV914.x, PV914.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV914.x, T1.x 916 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV915.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV915.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R1.z, PV915.x, R1.z 917 x: ADD_INT ____, T2.z, PV916.y 918 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV917.x, PV917.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV917.x, PV917.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV917.x, T0.x 919 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV918.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV918.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R13.z, PV918.x, R6.x 920 x: ADD_INT ____, T1.z, PV919.y 921 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV920.x, PV920.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV920.x, PV920.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV920.x, T1.x 922 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T0.x, PV921.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV921.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R2.z, PV921.x, R2.z 923 x: ADD_INT ____, R4.z, PV922.y 924 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T0.x, PV923.x, PV923.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV923.x, PV923.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV923.x, T0.x 925 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV924.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV924.z, T2.w z: ADD_INT R11.z, PV924.x, R11.z 926 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV925.y 927 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R7.x, PV926.x, PV926.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV926.x, PV926.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT R14.w, PV926.x, T1.x 928 x: XOR_INT R6.x, T0.x, PV927.x y: ADD_INT R8.y, PV927.z, T1.w z: ADD_INT R10.z, PV927.x, R10.z 42 ALU: ADDR(4352) CNT(40) 929 x: ADD_INT ____, R1.z, R8.y 930 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT T1.x, PV929.x, PV929.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV929.x, PV929.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T1.w, PV929.x, R6.x 931 x: XOR_INT T0.x, R7.x, PV930.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV930.z, R14.w w: ADD_INT T0.w, PV930.x, R9.y 932 x: ADD_INT ____, R13.z, PV931.y 933 x: XOR_INT T0.x, PV932.x, T0.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV932.x, PV932.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x w: BIT_ALIGN_INT T2.w, PV932.x, PV932.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).y 934 x: XOR_INT T1.x, T1.x, PV933.w y: ADD_INT ____, PV933.z, T1.w t: ADD_INT R3.x, R41.y, PV933.w 935 x: ADD_INT ____, R2.z, PV934.y 936 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV935.x, PV935.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV935.x, PV935.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT ____, PV935.x, T1.x 937 x: XOR_INT T0.x, T2.w, PV936.x y: ADD_INT ____, PV936.z, T0.x z: ADD_INT T0.z, R10.z, PV936.w t: ADD_INT R2.x, R41.x, PV936.x 938 x: ADD_INT ____, R11.z, PV937.y 939 x: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.x, PV938.x, PV938.x, (0x0000001E, 4.203895393e-44f).x y: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.y, PV938.x, PV938.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).y w: XOR_INT T2.w, PV938.x, T0.x 940 x: ADD_INT ____, T0.z, PV939.y t: ADD_INT R1.x, R38.w, PV939.x 941 x: ADD_INT R4.x, R38.z, PV940.x z: BIT_ALIGN_INT R123.z, PV940.x, PV940.x, (0x00000005, 7.006492322e-45f).x t: XOR_INT R18.x, R18.x, PS940 942 x: XOR_INT R11.x, R11.x, PV941.x z: ADD_INT ____, PV941.z, T2.w 943 x: ADD_INT R0.x, PV942.z, T0.w 944 x: XOR_INT R19.x, R19.x, PV943.x 43 ENDLOOP i2 PASS_JUMP_ADDR(25) 44 ALU: ADDR(4392) CNT(12) 945 y: MOV R0.y, R18.x z: MOV R0.z, R11.x VEC_120 t: MOV R1.y, R19.x 946 w: MOV R0.w, PV945.y 947 x: MOV R1.x, R46.x y: MOV R1.y, R1.y z: MOV R1.z, R0.z w: MOV R1.w, PV946.w 948 x: MOV R0.x, R12.x y: MOV R0.y, R17.y z: MOV R0.z, R14.z w: MOV R0.w, R20.w 45 EXP_DONE: PIX0, R0 BRSTCNT(1) END_OF_PROGRAM ; ----------------- PS Data ------------------------ ; Input Semantic Mappings IN PARAM0 = position0 V0.xxxx DefaultVal={0,0,0,0} NumTexStages = 0 TexCubeMaskBits = 0x00000000 GprPoolSize = 0 CodeLen = 35408;Bytes PGM_END_CF = 0; words(64 bit) PGM_END_ALU = 0; words(64 bit) PGM_END_FETCH = 0; words(64 bit) MaxScratchRegsNeeded = 0 ;AluPacking = 0.0 ;AluClauses = 0 ;PowerThrottleRate = 0.0 ; texResourceUsage[0] = 0x00000000 ; texResourceUsage[1] = 0x00000000 ; texResourceUsage[2] = 0x00000000 ; texResourceUsage[3] = 0x00000000 ; fetch4ResourceUsage[0] = 0x00000000 ; fetch4ResourceUsage[1] = 0x00000000 ; fetch4ResourceUsage[2] = 0x00000000 ; fetch4ResourceUsage[3] = 0x00000000 ; texSamplerUsage = 0x00000000 ; constBufUsage = 0x00000000 ResourcesAffectAlphaOutput[0] = 0x00000000 ResourcesAffectAlphaOutput[1] = 0x00000000 ResourcesAffectAlphaOutput[2] = 0x00000000 ResourcesAffectAlphaOutput[3] = 0x00000000 ;SQ_PGM_RESOURCES = 0x7000012F SQ_PGM_RESOURCES:NUM_GPRS = 47 SQ_PGM_RESOURCES:STACK_SIZE = 1 SQ_PGM_RESOURCES:PRIME_CACHE_ENABLE = 1 ;SQ_PGM_RESOURCES_2 = 0x000000C0 SQ_LDS_ALLOC_PS:SIZE = 0x00000000 ; SPI_PS_IN_CONTROL_0 = 0x00000100 SPI0:NUM_INTERP = 0 SPI0:POSITION_ENA = 1 SPI0:POSITION_CENTROID = 0 SPI0:POSITION_ADDR = 0 SPI0:PARAM_GEN = 0 SPI0:PERSP_GRADIENT_ENA = 0 SPI0:LINEAR_GRADIENT_ENA = 0 SPI0:POSITION_SAMPLE = 0 ; SPI_PS_IN_CONTROL_1 = 0x00000000 SPI1:GEN_INDEX_PIX = 0 SPI1:FIXED_PT_POSITION_ENA = 0 SPI1:FIXED_PT_POSITION_ADDR = 0 SPI1:FRONT_FACE_ENA = 0 SPI1:FRONT_FACE_ADDR = 0 SPI1:FOG_ADDR = 0 ; SPI_PS_IN_CONTROL_2 = 0x00000000 ; SPI_BARYC_CNTL = 0x00000001 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:PERSP_CENTER_ENA = 1 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:PERSP_CENTROID_ENA = 0 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:PERSP_SAMPLE_ENA = 0 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:PERSP_PULL_MODEL_ENA = 0 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:LINEAR_CENTER_ENA = 0 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:LINEAR_CENTROID_ENA = 0 SPI_BARYC_CNTL:LINEAR_SAMPLE_ENA = 0 ; SPI_INPUT_Z SPI:PROVIDE_Z_TO_SPI = 0 ; CB_SHADER_MASK = 0x000000FF CB:OUTPUT0_ENABLE = 15 CB:OUTPUT1_ENABLE = 15 ; DB_SHADER_CONTROL = 0x00004210 DB:Z_EXPORT_ENABLE = 0 DB:STENCIL_REF_EXPORT_ENABLE = 0 DB:MASK_EXPORT_ENABLE = 0 DB:ALPHA_TO_MASK_DISABLE = 0 DB:Z_ORDER = 1 DB:KILL_ENABLE = 0 DB:DB_SOURCE_FORMAT = 2 DB:CONSERVATIVE_Z_EXPORT = 0 DB:DEPTH_BEFORE_SHADER = 0 DB:EXEC_ON_HIER_FAIL = 0 ; SQ_PGM_EXPORTS_PS SQ_PGM_EXPORTS_PS:PS_EXPORT_MODE = 0x00000004 ; (2 colors) The following cores seem available... #1: 'CAL++ Device #1 'ATI CYPRESS'' #2: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)'

                        • CAL++ version of pyrit

                          Could you send full output to hazeman@aster.pl

                          Also with error code from benchmark.

                          Thank you for your help .

                            • CAL++ version of pyrit

                              I've updated CAL++ to version 0.86.2. I'm guessing it should fix the problem with pyrit benchmark.

                              The whole problem is quality of ATI's IL documentation. This time i've made changes assuming that info from ATI Evergreen ISA specification is correct. Previous version was based on IL docs.

                              As one can guess both docs have oppossing description of bitalign :/.


                                • CAL++ version of pyrit


                                  #1: CAL++ Device #1 'ATI CYPRESS'': 45651.9 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)


                                  Previously I had around 33000 PMK/s on my 5850 using opencl which is higher than 31000 PMKs/s reported but I guess I have newer driver (10.4 for lucid). So Calpp is around 40% faster than opencl and 5850 is faster than 2 GTX 295 which will make it likely that it will be faster than GTX 480.


                                  By the way I had some configuration issue so I can not say the older version not working was because of wrong ISA or my configuration. I sent you the old and new ISA files by e-mail.

                                    • CAL++ version of pyrit

                                      Thank you very much for your help . Those numbers look amazing

                                      PS. Looking at the ISA you've send me i can confirm that there is a bug in IL documentation and it caused pyrit benchmark to fail ( invalid results ).



                                        • CAL++ version of pyrit

                                          You are welcome but I think it still have a probelm look at the following result of test_pyrit

                                          Testing with filesystem-storage...
                                          testAnalyze (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ERROR
                                          testAttackBatch (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ERROR
                                          testAttackCowpatty (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ERROR
                                          testAttackDB (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ERROR
                                          testAttackPassthrough (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ERROR
                                          testBatch (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ok
                                          testBatchWithFile (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ok
                                          testBenchmark (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ok
                                          testCreateAndDeleteEssid (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... ok
                                          testEval (__main__.Pyrit_CLI_FS_TestFunctions) ... Segmentation fault (core dumped)

                                          Should I test with the old calpp-0.86-1 ?

                          • CAL++ version of pyrit

                            As always there is problem with how to use new instruction (bitalign) . Unfortunatelly IL documentation is piece of .... .

                            Could you test new version ?


                            with CAL++ version 0.86.1

                            Also if this wouldn't be too much work. Could you uncomment lines 86, 95 in file _cpyrit_calpp.cpp and post here result of 'pyrit list_cores' ( it will be quite long so use attach code ) ?


                            • CAL++ version of pyrit
                              Can you point me to what is the issue with the IL doc and i'll work on getting it fixed.
                                • CAL++ version of pyrit


                                  Originally posted by: MicahVillmow hazeman, Can you point me to what is the issue with the IL doc and i'll work on getting it fixed.

                                  IL docs: dst = (src0 << src2.x) | (src1 >> (32-src2.x));

                                  based on what is written in ISA docs it should be

                                  ISA: dst = (src1 >> src2.x) | (src0 << (32-src2.x)) or

                                         dst = (src0 << (32-src2.x)) | (src1 >> src2.x)


                                • CAL++ version of pyrit

                                  Yes. 0.86.1 and 0.86.2 differ only by direction of bitalign ( first is assuming it's left rotation, second is assuming it's right rotation ).If one works the other one will not .

                                  You could also comment in both versions line 42 in file /usr/local/include/cal/cal.hpp. It will disable non blocking waiting for event completion ( which is totally undocumented and could cause some problems ).

                                  • Re: CAL++ version of pyrit

                                    I have 2 HD5870s installed, running on Kali Linux but can't get the ATI Drivers 13.4 to install so i can't use oclhashcat-plus.


                                    However here are results using pyrit.


                                    root@kali:~# pyrit benchmark

                                    /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cpyrit/cpyrit.py:63: UserWarning: WARNING: Version mismatch between <module 'cpyrit._cpyrit_cpu' from '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cpyrit/_cpyrit_cpu.so'> ('0.4.1-dev (svn r308)') and <module 'cpyrit._cpyrit_calpp' from '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cpyrit/_cpyrit_calpp.so'> ('0.4.0-dev (svn r308)')


                                      "('%s')\n" % (_cpyrit_cpu, _cpyrit_cpu.VERSION, mod, ver))

                                    Pyrit 0.4.1-dev (svn r308) (C) 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg http://pyrit.googlecode.com

                                    This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+


                                    Running benchmark (85406.6 PMKs/s)... |


                                    Computed 85406.57 PMKs/s total.

                                    #1: 'CAL++ Device #1 'ATI CYPRESS'': 42251.6 PMKs/s (RTT 1.4)

                                    #2: 'CAL++ Device #2 'ATI CYPRESS'': 43569.2 PMKs/s (RTT 1.4)

                                    #3: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 540.8 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)

                                    #4: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 554.8 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)

                                    #5: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 562.4 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)

                                    #6: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 566.0 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)

                                    #7: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 565.5 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)

                                    #8: 'CPU-Core (SSE2)': 558.7 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)