Looking to create an OpenCL compute benchmark for MSc thesis!

Discussion created by rchoolun on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2010 by ryta1203

Hello all. I am currently looking to compare the Radeon Cypress architecture with the competitors GF100 in "typical" OpenCL compute calculations for my MSc thesis. I do need help defining "typical" OpenCL algorithms and am open to suggestions.

However I am new to this so would  really appreciate any pointers that the AMD GPU experts can give me.I know that the Radeon architecture as measured in FLOPS is superior to the competition and would like to leverage this power if possible.

I am familiar with Rahul Garg's MSc thesis on a compiler for Python on RV770 and am aware that Micah Villmow and Michael Chu of AMD assisted him. I would love any pointers that these leaders in their field could give me!

I would also be happy to submit a copy of my thesis to AMD for their review at some point. The thesis is due for September 2010 so I have some time yet to formulate my plans.

Kind Regards