Installation breaks up on Windows 7 64-Bit

Discussion created by noxnet on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by noxnet

When I'm trying to install Stream SDK on Windows 7 64-Bit the installation process always breaks up.

The installer starts and the first window appears where i can select the prefered language, after selecting the desired language anohter window appears where i can choose between install and uninstall. When clicking on install a Windows window appears saying that installation has failed (This program might not have installed correctly).

I solved this by manually installing .msi files from packages folder (there were 3 of them).

The same problem occurs when i'm trying to install Catalyst Drivers.

I'm not sure if this problem is responsible for bad OpenCL performance on my HD5750, but i'm sure the OpenCL code is not responsible. It has to be a driver or stream sdk issue.

Has any body similar problems concerning installation?