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Discussion created by fir3ball on Mar 29, 2010
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I did some experiments with my current GPUs and I'm becoming more and more interested of the OpenCL platform.  I am in scientific computing (so: matrices, geometrical algorithms, etc.)

However, I'm yet to get my hands on a high powered ATI card (like 5870/5970).  I was intrigued by the incoming nVidia Fermi/Tesla.  But the relative pricing and the stats of the nvidia seems mismatched if we compare to the ATI option.

From stats gathered on the net, I get for Gflops

  • GTX280:  single=622  double=78
  • 5970: single=4600  double=928
  • (Current) tesla C1060:  single=933  double=78
  • (New) GTX480: single=1344 double=168              [EDIT]
  • (Future) tesla C2070:  single=N/A  double=630

Approx pricing:  GTX280=450, 5970=650, tesla=1700

In the past, I was kind of partial toward nVidia... but these number are totally ludicrous!

I know this is only theoretical throughtput and real-life OpenCL code will not touch those, but even then... I would simply say wow to the 5970 (and its way cheaper than any Tesla).


Am I missing anything obvious here? did I get a stat wrong?  is double-precision performance on ATI "that good" ?

Is there a catch? something like:  on ATI the memory accesses would need to be coalesced perfectly (whereas, on GT200, the coalesced restrictions were lowered, in comparison to G80)