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    How  swap the primary and secondary displays?

      Use ADL SDK2.0 swap the primary and secondary displays

      I use ADL SDK2.0 swap the primary and secondary displays

      look sdk Documents find use ADL_Adapter_Primary_Set can set primary displays but not find usage in sdk demo

      I modify adl.cs to add

      internal delegate int ADL_Adapter_Primary_Set(int iAdapterIndex);

      and more,but when I call it , so it appears not work, please give me any hint thanks! 

        • How  swap the primary and secondary displays?

          Primary_Set is to set the given Display Adapter as “Primary” to the OS.

          “Swap primary and secondary displays” could mean any of several actions, such as:

          ·         Reposition the surfaces so that each surface is in the other’s original (world coordinate) space.

          ·         Swap the display-to-surface assignment so that the surface contents appear unaffected but now appear on different displays.

          ·         Re-designate the “Primary” (games tend to run on the display marked “Primary”, the OS beings by allocating the VGA display as Primary, but Users can change this anytime).

          ·         In a clone arrangement, the primary display of the (one and only) surface owns the overlay, and the secondary display on that same surface can see the overlay contents as full screen (XP only).

          Also you may be interested in using the API:

          int ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set (int iAdapterIndex, int iNumDisplayMap, ADLDisplayMap *lpDisplayMap, int iNumDisplayTarget, ADLDisplayTarget *lpDisplayTarget)  Function to set the current display configuration.

          The above API defines a set of surfaces (which may or may not already exist) and the displays to be mapped to each surface.