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    ATI Stream SDK linking problem



      I'm currently trying to install ATI Stream SDK 2.01 on my linux system.

      But I don't want to install it the way it's described in the instructions, because LD_LIBRARY_PATH is generally not a good idea and I'd like the libs to be in a standard location (i.e. /usr/include/, /usr/lib/). Because otherwise I'd have to specifiy a harcoded location of ATI Stream SDK in every OpenCL project that I wish to compile.

      So my installation now looks like this:

      • /usr/bin/clc
      • /usr/bin/llc
      • /usr/lib/libOpenCL.so
      • /usr/lib/OpenCL/vendors/libatiocl64.so
      • /usr/lib/bin/x86_64 -> symlink to /usr/bin
      • /usr/lib/lib/x86_64 -> symlink to /usr/lib
      • /usr/include/CL/cl*.h <- OpenCL header files
      • /usr/include/cal*.h <- CAL header files
      • /usr/share/amdstream/* <- the SDK


      I can compile all the samples OK, but when I run a sample, it cannot compile CL code due to a linking error (regretably I have no more info that that).

      Anyone knows what did I possibly miss?

      Any help much appreciated...