Bringing AMD tools and libraries closer to Linux distributions

Discussion created by smoe on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by smoe
Linux distributions are open to external contributions, it is time for AMD to exploit that.

For distributing software that depends on AMD-specific libraries, one would prefer to ship  dynamically linked binaries and expect the user to have AMD-specific counterparts locally available. Similarly, for code that one releases the downstream developer shall find respective header files and libraries him/herself.

The way to  achieve this are (at least for the Linux world) the Linux distributions. While it would not be an ultimate requirement to become a part of the respective distribution, it seems straight forward to offer respective repositories - at least for the most common distributions.

For Debian/Ubuntu I could help myself, but you certainly have the folks also in-house. Hoping for AMD's skills to migrate to regular users more easily in some near future .... best wishes