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    Annoying DVI driver issue with Radeon X850XT?



      last week I bought a 22 inch TFT display. But yesterday I noticed a really annoying issue: If the display goes to standby mode (either by pressing the power button or by windows powersaver) and I press the power button again there is just a message saying there's no video signal! I have to reboot my PC in order to get a signal again!

      This bug does only occur when I'm using the DVI connector of my MSI Radeon X850XT PE AGP. When I'm using the standard VGA connector there aren't any problems (except the image is a little blurry - not much but I think it's due to the analog signal of the VGA). I've booted Ubuntu Linux from a live cd - no issues. I'm using Windows without the Catalyst driver - no issues. I'm installing the Catalyst Legacy 10.2 - oh no, there it is!

      So I think it must be a driver related issue. I've googled a bit and found something on a problem with faulty EDIDs (display "firmware"?) but no working solution. I've replaced my Radeon by an old Geforce 4 Ti 4200 and there is nothing! No bug, everything works like a charm.

      Is this a known issue? Any chances this might be fixed in a future driver release? During my recherche, I found topics on the AMD Game Forums that even people with newer hardware like HD4870 have this issue!


      PS: I'm from Germany so please excuse any language mistakes I make )

        • Annoying DVI driver issue with Radeon X850XT?

          No ideas? That's a really annoying issue. Contacted AMD Support (German; don't know if this is "good/real" support): Install latest drivers and updates o0

          Well, I get this error everytime I install the latest catalyst drivers so that's not really helpful at all...

          • Annoying DVI driver issue with Radeon X850XT?


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              • Annoying DVI driver issue with Radeon X850XT?

                Okay, I'm really pissed off now...

                So far, that's what I know:

                • Linux (oss driver): works
                • Windows (no driver): works
                • Windows (Omega driver): works
                • Windows (Legacy Catalyst 8.1 - 10.2; yes, I've tested them all): fail!
                • Using a Radeon 9600SE: behaves exactly the same!
                • Using a Geforce 4 Ti 4200: No issues in every possible configuration!

                Because I have no erros in a lot of cases I suspect the official driver and not a hardware issue. I would use the Omega drivers but then I have display errors in some applications (they are based on an old Catalyst if I remember right). I'm almost down to writing my own driver but I must admit that I can't do this from scratch. AMD support wasn't helpful either ("Install the latest drivers.", "Use VGA", etc.)...

                Maybe I could fix it if I had access to the driver sources... I doubt that there will be a fix by AMD because the latest legacy driver is dated 2/24/2010 and now we have August

                I know that my HW is old but it should be capable of the basic features! And not losing DVI signal when the display is turned off (either manually or display power saver) is a basic feature!!! And by the way, when the Windows power saver turns off my display and I move the mouse the display wakes up again. But there won't be an image anymore ("No signal")?!

                If someone of the development staff reads this: I really need help on this and I'm willing to fix it on my own if this is possible, but I can't without knowing why the hell the driver disables the DVI port when the display is turned off!