openf95, OpenMP and dummy procedures

Discussion created by secretyv on Mar 18, 2010
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openf95 4.2.1 fails to compile code that passes on gcc, intel and sun

Hello all,

I am strugling with the attached  exemple code that I am not able to compile. Error message complains about dummy procedure F beeing not shared.

Compiler version 4.2.1 or

[secretyv@lachine bug]$ /opt/open64/open64- -c -mp a.F

         CALL F()
openf95-1041 openf95: ERROR S2, File = a.F, Line = 21, Column = 15
  Dummy procedure "F" is called within a parallel region and must be in the shared list if autoscope is not specified.

openf95: Open64 Fortran Version (f14) Thu Mar 18, 2010  16:04:34
openf95: 26 source lines
openf95: 1 Error(s), 0 Warning(s), 0 Other message(s), 0 ANSI(s)
openf95: "explain openf95-message number" gives more information about each message


The code exemple is reduced from a much larger code that does compile with OpenMP on gcc, intel and sun compilers on both Linux and windows platform.

Any help will be appreciated


SUBROUTINE S1(F) EXTERNAL F INTEGER L !$omp parallel shared(F) private(L) CALL S2(L, F) !$omp end parallel RETURN END C----------------------------------- SUBROUTINE S2(L, F) INTEGER L EXTERNAL F INTEGER I !$omp do DO I=1,L CALL F() ENDDO !$omp end do RETURN END