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      I was reading the specification and I can't find the difference between DISCRETE_AMD and CONTINUOUS_AMD tesselation modes. Any help?

        • AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator

          1. Tessellation engine supports discrete, continuous, adaptive tessellation for triangle primitive types.  For other primitive types such as line, quad, prim_index_line, prim_index_tri, prim_index_quad, only continuous and adaptive tessellation is supported.

          2. Tessellation engine supports discrete tessellation only for triangle primitive type.   Upto 14 level of tessellation is supported.  

          3. The continuous tessellation for tri and quad primitive types , The maximum tessellation level supported is 14.99

          4. the topology is different in discrete and continous mode, I can email you a picture if you are interested in it. or you can write a simple demo to show it.