AMD OpenCL Driver Installation on Display-less node

Discussion created by perhaad on Mar 16, 2010
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I wish to clarify if in the Catalyst 10.2 driver install step, is the aticonfig --initial step necessary? My usage configuration is of a 1U server system with two 5800 series GPUs connected for OpenCL development. A seperate display adapter is used for viewing. I am using CentOS 5.3 

When after installing catalyst, I call aticonfig and reboot the system, the system goes to a blank screen when I try and start the Xserver using "init 5", I assume this is because the aticonfig sets up a xorg that makes the 5800 as a display.

I have done the ICD stuff and the OpenCL works for CPU, The cal examples dont work and Findnumdevices returns 0.

I ask this because,  the cal runtime libraries are not present in /usr/lib 

Can some one please suggest a work-around that allows me to use the ati gpus without a display on them.

I already did the steps that describe running stream apps remotely,