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    Bug Report for Stream SDK v2.0

      linux kernel oops with SDK v2.0

      I have encountered a linux issue that occurs with:
       - streams support V2.01.
       - both FirePro V8750 and FireStream 9270 cards
       - user-space environment RHEL 5.4
       - running and kernels
       - the ati fglx driver is ati catalyst 10-2
         (which is kernel module fglrx 8.70.3 [Feb  2 2010])

      ( This issue was posted as bugzilla #1781 in the Unofficial ATI
      Linux Driver Bugzilla database. )

      The linux kernel will oops with when trying to wakeup a task that has
      exited the system.  The fglrx KCL_WAIT_Wakeup() routine attempts to wakeup
      a task that is still in a KCL_WAIT_ObjectHandle/wait_queue_head_t list
      even though that task has long since exited the system.

      This issue occurs when running a Streams sdk sample test such as NBody, and
      then using <ctrl>c to terminate the test.  (Terminating other tests such
      as MonteCarloAsian with a <ctrl>c also causes the same issue to occur.)

      At this point, the fglrx driver fails to call KCL_WAIT_Remove() to remove
      this task from the wait queue when this terminated task exits the kernel.

      When another Streams test is executed, this same KCL_WAIT_ObjectHandle
      structure is used to wakeup all waiting tasks and we oops in the
      kernel attempting to wakeup an non-existent task.

      Adding code to detect and longer existing tasks in the
      KCL_WAIT_ObjectHandle wait queue, and then removing these KCL_WAIT_Handle
      entries from the wait queue before making the wake_up_interruptible()
      call gets around this oops issue, but later on when exiting the X session,
      the X server ends up looping forever in the fglrx driver (during exit
      close processing), appearently waiting for these terminated task(s)
      to terminate.