3xxx-5xxx series problem with AVIVO on vista/7.

Discussion created by Akad on Mar 11, 2010
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I develop a DVB player (ProgDVB), and found a problems in 3xxx-5xxx card series. This problems depend on ccc option demo mode. When I set demo mode enhancements off, driver works correctly. But I have a problem if it is on or split screen.

First problem is following.  When user is watching TV on standard EVR or EVR custom mode with 2.5% border (border cutting is 2.5% of frame) on EVR video render, a green border appears on the frame perimeter.

Second problem. When custom EVR mode (manual frames output) is used  I have a crush deep in the driver  when I try to get a decoded frame second time (when IMFTransform:rocessOutput is doing) after restart graph.

It happens only on vista or seven with 3xxx-5xxx card series when enhancements on/split. All works fine on XP. ATI series less than 3xxx work fine. All nvidia cards work fine. And if AVIVO enhancements off on vista or seven it works fine too.